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The investment will be used to further enhance scientific and clinical understanding of its bi-modal neuromodulation device, mutebutton®, and commence US clinical trials of the device.
This investment by Fountain Healthcare marks a significant milestone for Neuromod, which is headquartered at NexusUCD, and brings the total raised by the company to-date to over €8 million ($9 million). As part of the Series A financing, Dr Manus Rogan of Fountain Healthcare Partners will join the Board of Directors of Neuromod. Recent developments in international tinnitus research have uncovered many forms of tinnitus and bi-modal neuromodulation is emerging as one of the most promising therapies for certain forms of the condition. Neuromod has already generated promising clinical data with the mutebutton® in over 50 people suffering from chronic tinnitus thereby validating its approach. Neuromod received a medical device CE mark in Europe in October 2014 for the mutebutton® device and was granted a US Patent for its technology in September 2015. In the US alone, there are an estimated 15 million people with clinically significant tinnitus, with 2 to 3 million people experiencing debilitating symptoms. There are currently limited clinically validated treatments available in the market place for treating chronic tinnitus.
Dr Manus Rogan, co-founder and managing partner at Fountain Healthcare Partners added, "Neuromod is an exciting company, with the potential to offer a superior treatment to and improve the quality of life of the millions of patients suffering with chronic tinnitus. Neuromod, headquartered at NexusUCD, the Industry Partnership Centre at University College Dubin, is an emerging medical device company, specialising in the design and development of neuromodulation technologies, to address the clinical needs of underserved patient populations who live with chronic and debilitating conditions such as tinnitus.
Anyone who has ever been to a loud nightclub has probably experienced that ringing in the ears that comes home with you.
Tinnitus usually manifests as a ringing, hissing or sizzling, although it is possible for more complex sounds to arise, such as voices or music.
The causes for tinnitus are mostly unclear, but there are several risk factors known to be associated with its development.
Most commonly, therapeutic approaches are directed towards achieving habituation to the phantom sound. Another approach is cognitive-behavioral therapy, which uses psycho-education, relaxation training, and attention-control techniques, among others, to reduce the tinnitus-related distress by altering maladaptive cognitive, emotional, and behavioral responses. Our free guides are an easy and informative way to discuss hearing loss and its consequences with someone in your family. Our free informative offers are a way to learn more about (and take control of) hearing loss. Best choice for Audiologists, hearing aids, hearing loss testing and ear protection services, ear wax removal, batteries and more. Best choice for Audiology, hearing aids, hearing loss, hearing testing, ear protection services, ear wax removal, batteries, and more in Salem, OR. This simple technique recently discovered by scientists at leading medical universities is the best way to permanently silence the noise blaring inside your ears. As an emerging company we welcome the support and knowledge offered to us from partnering with an experienced international life sciences venture capital fund such as Fountain Healthcare Partners. The company has a proprietary neuromodulation technology, promising clinical results and a highly committed team.
The company was founded in 2010, by Dr Ross O’Neill, as a spin-out from Maynooth University. Within the life science sector, specific areas of interest to Fountain include specialty pharma, medical devices, biotechnology and diagnostics. The device simultaneously delivers sensory stimulation to the tongue via the tonguetip™ and auditory stimulation through headphones. Tinnitus can be transient, but after having lasted longer than 12 months it is considered chronic. Unlike auditory hallucinations associated with mental illnesses, voices or music heard as a form of tinnitus are indistinct and suggest no meaning.
The main risk factor is hearing loss, despite many people with tinnitus having otherwise normal hearing, and many people with hearing loss having no tinnitus. Tinnitus is most likely a disorder involving both peripheral and central pathways in the nervous system.
These approaches include counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, sound therapy, and brain stimulation.

Sound generators can also be used; these devices produce a sound less disturbing than the tinnitus sound, thereby reducing the perception of tinnitus. Advances in the neurobiology of hearing disorders: recent developments regarding the basis of tinnitus and hyperacusis. Neuromodulation is a key area of interest for Fountain Healthcare and chronic tinnitus is a poorly served global market opportunity with relatively little competition. The firm deploys the majority of its capital in Europe, with the balance in the United States. The mutebutton® device was awarded European regulatory approval with a medical device CE mark in 2014, by the British Standards Institute (BSI), certifying the product's safety and clinical efficacy.
Less fortunate are the 10-15% of people in the world that experience this continuously and, most likely, will experience it forever (and I am one of them). Although in rare cases a treatable source can be identified, in the majority of situations tinnitus is subjective and occurs as an idiopathic condition with unknown mechanisms. Tinnitus can be unilateral, bilateral, or be localized centrally within the head, although some patients describe an external point of origin. Although it can be triggered by peripheral mechanisms such as cochlear alterations, it usually persists after auditory nerve section, indicating that the brain plays a crucial role in its pathophysiology. Cochlear implants and hearing aids are frequently used for tinnitus associated with hearing loss. Tinnitus retraining therapy, for example, is a protocol that combines counseling and sound therapy, aimed at achieving habituation by psycho-education, allowing the neutralization and strength reduction of the tinnitus signal. Environmental sound generators play relaxing sounds such as sea waves, waterfalls, rain, or white noise. She has since been investigating the neurobiological mechanisms of pain at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto, in Portugal. Start today by taking Collier Otolaryngology Hearing Center’s free online hearing test! The sound can be continuous or intermittent, sometimes being a rhythmical or pulsatile sound.
High-intensity tinnitus is commonly accompanied by other symptoms such as frustration, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, inability to concentrate, and decreased sound tolerance (hyperacusis).
Other risk factors include smoking, alcohol consumption, history of head injuries, and hypertension.
Evidence exists for a tinnitus-associated brain network that includes sensory auditory areas and cortical regions involved in such functions as emotions, memory or attention. Custom sound generators produce a sound with an adjusted frequency and volume that allow the masking of the tinnitus sound. Pulsatile tinnitus can be synchronous with the heartbeat, in which case a vascular origin is likely. Alternatively, many individuals also resort to complementary and alternative medicine aimed at inducing relaxation and allowing them to cope with their distress. Hearing health information about types of hearing loss, tinnitus, ear health, hearing loss prevention and hearing loss solutions provided by audiologists in Arlington, Texas. To find out more about the hearing tests our audiologist uses to assess hearing loss, click here.
Making the decisions to have an hearing test, tinnitus evaluation, or invest in hearing devices to treat your hearing loss can be intimidating.
Sound Advice Hearing Aid Centers use the latest technology to find the best hearing solution for you with locations in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.
Add selecting an audiologist or hearing care professional, and many people find the process so overwhelming that they don’t know where to begin and often delay starting. If you do not purchase your hearing aids from an audiologist, check that the hearing aid dealer you choose is a member of the International Hearing Society (IHS). Tinnitus is a noise such as a ringing or buzzing that you can hear, but the noise does not come from outside your ear.
Each day you will share her joys (and frustrations) as she begins to hear again after 27 years of increasing deafness.
Recent developments in hearing aid technology will improve your hearing at Delmarva restaurants and noisy environments.

When I called to enquire what exactly the job was, and the man told me it involved testing people’s hearing and helping them hear properly again, it really struck a chord with me, and I decided to take up the offer.
This looks similar to a hearing aid but makes a pleasant sound which helps to mask the unpleasant tinnitus noise. Best choice for hearing aids, tinnitus treatment, hearing loss tests and ear protection with 1 location in Nashville. Hear Again Vernon has audiologists that will screen & find the perfect hearing aid for you.
That means carefully guiding you on how to choose the best style and technology to enhance your lifestyle. You don’t have to miss another sound, the solution to your hearing problems is right around the corner.
In a noisy, crowded room, your brain can pick up subtle parts of speech and automatically arrange them into useful thoughts.
Those with tinnitus and low-frequency hearing loss did not face the same risk of injury, but they were more likely to sustain injuries than those with normal hearing. When we hear fewer sounds due to a hearing loss, the whole auditory system has to work harder to make sense of what’s being said.
Hearing begins when sound waves enter the outer ear (the visible portion of the ear located on the outside of the head) and are channeled down the auditory canal, a tube-like passageway lined with tiny hairs and small glands that produce earwax. Like hearing aids, they may provide relief from the tinnitus, but will not enhance hearing and may interfere with understanding speech. General Hearing Instruments, Inc, offers an alternative hearing aid solution that does not require a prescription, or break the bank. Click Here For Matt Murphy’s Special Report For Guide To Better Hearing What Your NeighborsSay About Us. My wife is still getting used to talking softly again (like she used to do 20 years ago in our marriage). After we installed the TV system I can turn the TV sound down until it is almost inaudible, and use the telephone setting on my hearing aids which makes the sound clear for me to hear without disturbing my wife.
Superior Hearing Aid Service provides a variety of hearing healthcare services including hearing assessments balance, dizziness and rehabilitation, education, and counseling. Schedule a no-obligation appointment with one of our highly trained professionals to start your journey to better hearing. To get the most out of your visit today, start by watching our award-winning video on hearing loss and hearing aids, then download your free Guide to Better Hearing, and after that schedule an appointment with us to discuss your personal situation and how Superior Hearing Aid Service can help you.
We offer a large selection of Widex hearing aids with the latest hearing technology available in different styles to suit all of your hearing loss needs. DREAM can be easily combined with our DEX assistive listening devices, so you can enjoy watching echo-free television, listening to music or using your mobile phone – all wirelessly. Here, Tinnitus Terminator is a simple technique recently discovered by scientists at leading medical universities.
It shows you exactly what this sound therapy technique does how it turns your world so quiet and clear again.
Read verified information and hearing aid patient reviews for AAA Hearing Aids, 2143 Williamsbridge Rd, Bronx, New York, 10461. Here are three ways improving your hearing can strengthen your social, mental, and physical health. After Charlie began wearing hearing aids, he no longer had to speak so loudly, and he started hearing new sounds, like the sounds of birds on the golf course. The answer is yes, according to a survey performed by Hear The World Foundation, which discovered that 21 percent of those interviewed reported that they exercised more after acquiring hearing aids. Hearing professionals staff the Costco Hearing Aid Centers and there are three main providers for Costco’s hearing aids. We would love to hear your story, comments, and reviews (Good or Bad) about Costco Hearing Aids!

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