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The RingZen tinnitus relief formula contains only the highest quality ingredients in our formulas. Don't be fooled by scammy " tinnitus miracle cures ", look at the ingredients yourself and know the difference.a?“ HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS - We only use the highest quality ingredients manufactured with the strictest standards. Citrus bioflavonoids , ginkgo biloba extract , deodorized garlic , and magnesium are used to reduce ringing in the ears. Citrus bioflavonoids , ginkgo biloba extract , deodorized garlic , and magnesium are all included to stop ringing in the ears. Instead, RingZen provides solid & time tested ingredients shown to provide tinnitus relief for thousands of customers .

Our companion product (Tinnitivix) attacks tinnitus from a different pathway which includes internal nerve optimization and a reduction in inflammation , and essential vitamins and minerals shown to provide powerful results for many tinnitus sufferers.
Compare to competitors such as lipoflavonoid plus , sonavil , tinnifree , arches tinnitus formula , and ringstop tinnitis to actually see how little active ingredients their formulas contain.a?“ SAFE AND NATURAL - This isn't some harmful and ineffective " tinnitus medicine ". When taken properly for at least 3 months, AND especially when combined with the Tinnitivix tinnitus treatment , up to 85% of our customers receive some ear ringing relief.
RingZen provides ear ringing relief using natural ingredients to help reduce the hearing of ringing and buzzing over time.a?… COMBINE WITH TINNITIVIX FOR BEST RESULTS - We highly recommend that everyone take BOTH RingZen AND Tinnitivix together at the same time (Search Amazon for "Tinnitivix"). Tinnitus is complicated to control , and there are many different causes of tinnitus from person to person.

The tinnitus products are designed to amplify & compliment each other and always produce the best results out of any tinnitus remedy .
Some of our customers will quickly notice their ringing ears disappearing, most will slowly notice a steady decline in ear ringing over time, and a few will very unfortunately not get much relief ( tinnitus retraining therapy is then the recommended option).

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