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Sound Therapy International - Tinnitus treatment, relieve stress and get emotional relief. Sound Therapy International – Tinnitus treatment, relieve stress and get emotional relief.
Tinnitus results when your brain pathways become over-reactive after suffering damage to your hearing system. Tinnitus is common and most people have experienced the temporary buzzing or ringing in their ears at the at some time or other in their life. Tinnitus is a phantom sound, a sound that can be heard clearly by a sufferer but it has no external cause.
Physical ear or head injury, caused by a blow to the ear or head, or an ear infection may cause tinnitus. Earwax blockage can cause hearing loss or irritation of the eardrum, which can lead to tinnitus. For many, the real problem is not so much the sound of tinnitus, but the fear of what may be causing it.
If you develop tinnitus after an upper respiratory infection, such as a cold, and your tinnitus doesn’t improve within a week.
At Hear4U we offer Tinnitus Therapy that has been quite successful in bringing relief from tinnitus to many Patients. White noise machines – devices that produce environmental sounds such as falling rain or ocean waves.
If you have any questions about the products or services we offer, don't hesitate to contact us. Don't worry about the privacy of your details, we never share any of your data with anyone else.

The sound of tinnitus is generated by brain cells in your auditory pathways firing repetitively. Unlike a hearing aid which simply magnifies the volume of sound, Sound Therapy impacts the natural ear with sound waves that stimulate and enhance the responsiveness of the ear itself. Sound Therapy may help many dysfunctions of your ear that you’ve gotten used to over the years.
The theory is that because the brain is not being stimulated by normal levels of sound because of some physiological damage, the brain is in effect becoming stimulated by another source. Abnormal bone growth (called Otosclerosis) may cause stiffening of the bones in your middle ear, which can cause tinnitus.
For obvious reasons, they become worried about the ringing in their ears, and what is the cause of the problem.
We can provide a special device or you could try a fan, humidifier or air conditioner to help cover the sounds of tinnitus for better sleeping.
Worn in the ear and similar to hearing aids, these devices produce a continuous, low-level white noise that suppresses tinnitus symptoms. A wearable device delivers individually programmed music to mask the specific frequencies of the tinnitus you experience. However, in many cases, precautions can in fact both help ton prevent tinnitus and the underlying hearing loss that causes it. Long-term exposure to loud music, including through headphones will cause hearing loss and possibly tinnitus. Regular exercise, eating properly and other steps to keep your blood vessels healthy can help prevent tinnitus. Stress will make tinnitus worse, so stress management through therapy, exercise or other means can provide some relief.

They increase the force of your blood by dilating your blood vessels, causing greater blood flow, especially in the inner ear area possibly exacerbating your tinnitus. It’s a very stressful condition which causes sleeplessness, anxiety and stress as well as making it hard for you to hear. In addition, sound stimulation is provided to the whole auditory pathways from the ear to the brain. At Hear4U we can diagnose the underlying cause of your tinnitus and advise you on treatment options if you may need them. For instance, if earwax is the identified problem, removing excess ear wax should solve it. Musicians, machinists and anyone who works in a noisy environment should always wear hearing protection. Due to neural plasticity, this enables the brain to become a more efficient processor of sound. If we think that the underlying cause may be medication, we can refer you back to your GP. If the underlying problem is hearing loss we have some options that will help to manage the symptoms. The most important word here is manage, tinnitus is not currently curable, only treatable.

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