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Lifestyle Changes - tinnitus triggered or aggravated by stress, could be managed by seeking further support to deal with the cause of the stress. Hearing Aids - those with hearing impairment may find that wearing a hearing aid can help mask their tinnitus via additional amplification. Sound Therapy - deliberate use of sound to reduce the perception or awareness of tinnitus or alleviate the distress associated with it can be classed as sound therapy.
This heavy duty speaker can be placed under the pillow at night, and when combined with an external sound source, such as a radio, can create a relaxing atmosphere to aid sleep and relieve tinnitus. Bedside desktop sound generator features 12 natural sounds to sooth and relieve the symptoms of tinnitus at night. Looks and feels just like a normal pillow, but with built-in stereo speakers so that the sound from the bedside sound generator.
The Sound Oasis Sleep Sound Therapy System S-650-02 delivers unmatched therapeutic sound experience specifically developed for Tinnitus Relief. The S-650-02 incorporates the world's only "sound card" technology which enables you to change sound themes by simply inserting a new memory card containing 12 different sounds.

The Sound OasisĀ® Ear Therapy sound card provides advanced sound therapy to help tinnitus sufferers mask and manage their tinnitus at home or work. Each sound track has multiple high range frequencies built right into the music so it is more palatable to play-during the day or to sleep with at night. Your Sound OasisĀ® advances the science of sound therapy by incorporating clinically proven sound therapy sounds developed by Dr.
White noise, Ocean Surf, Rain, Stream, Woodlands, Thunderstorm, Energy Chimes, Tranquility, Alpha Clouds, Sleep Surf, Delta Voyage, and Dreams Echoes. I like this product, but I would like to see independent control for each speaker.I have tinnitus in my right ear, so when the volume is right for my right ear, it's too loud for the left. Sound therapy is one of the easiest things you can do for yourself if you don’t need professional help or are unable to access it.
Thompson's sounds represent the most advanced approach to tinnitus therapy sounds that anyone has ever attempted with fixed pre-recorded sound tracks. Bartel has helped millions of people sleep better, relax easier and think more effectively. The Sound Pillow® is fitted with a cable for plugging into a sound generator, personal stereo, radio etc.

Turn any pillow into a Sleep Tinnitus Therapy Pillow with our ultra-thin stereo speakers-now with inline volume control.
Simply plug into your device and the sound is transferred to the speaker built into the pillow.
There are a broad range of devices available on the market providing background noise to reduce the perception of tinnitus. Simply place under your existing pillow and enjoy your favorite music or sounds for optimal relaxation and comfort. Mild tinnitus is common - about 10 per cent of the population have it all the time and, in up to one per cent of adults, this may affect the quality of their life. If you would like to try this product before purchasing, please contact us for a demonstration at our office.

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