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The new album from German power metal kings Edguy will be in stores tomorrow and I talked to front man Tobias Sammet just before the release. TOWIU: The portrait of Jesus Christ on the cover of your new CD reminds one of Guns ‘n Roses singer Axl Rose’s t-shirt “Kill Your Idols”. Tobias Sammet: We were looking for a picture of Jesus and this one is a famous picture you run into a lot.
I want to go on making music for 30 more years and the rock fan that follows a band career for a long time will recognize if I only use selling phrases. Tobias Sammet: If I write a song for Avantasia I have different singers in my mind right from the beginning, for example Alice Cooper. Concerning Edguy the permanent touring left its mark and the songs have more of a kick-ass-attitude. Tobias Sammet: The contact to Bruce was organized by Eric Singer who’s the drummer of Kiss and who played drums in December 2006 on the latest Avantasia-CD „The Scarecrow“.

TOWIU: In January and February you go on a European tour and one of you support bands will be Andre Matos with his musicians. These covers are perfect for use in your mp3 player or if you want to print them for your CD's. Tobi not only talked about the new CD, but also told us about Edguy’s US-tour with Kamelot and his work with Bruce Kulick, ex-guitarist of Kiss. When it comes to a song like „Dead Or Rock“, I don’t know if I would have put it on an Avantasia-CD.
We shot the two Avantasia videos “Lost In Space” und “Carry Me Over” in Belgrade, simply because the video director is good. Furthermore this interview is about Jesus, Belgrade, honest metal musicians and kick-ass songs. There’s blood running out of Jesus’ ear, different than the Mother of God, where blood is running out of her eye.

But I’ve got things straightened out with God anyway, so I can make a little joke about him.
It’s the same distribution department that released the latest Avantasia-CD „The Scarecrow“.
When is a song a track for Edguy and when is it one for Avantasia, your second project besides Edguy? For the support bands it’s a question of money, that’s why they can’t join us for all concerts.
The quality standard in the US is lower, referred to the music a swell as the organisation.

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