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Registrierung, Beitragseinreichungund Programminfos">Fur Teilnehmer: Registrierung, Beitragseinreichungund ProgramminfosXI. Hearing Loss Signs and Symptoms – Learn to recognize the signs before they impact your life. Hearing Loss Prevention and Ear Protection – Learn how to protect you ears from harmful noise. Communication Strategies – This section provides strategies to improve communication for both individuals with hearing loss and for their family and friends. Action On Hearing Loss want a world where hearing loss doesn’t limit or label people, where tinnitus is silenced – and where people value and look after their hearing.
Action On Hearing Loss not only help those affected by hearing problems, but they also offer practical advice to help people protect their hearing. The team have once more been back in touch with us here at the National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) to highlight their latest campaign that involves celebrities and musicians who have been directly affected by the business they work in or who are actively taking measures to stop hearing loss because they work in the entertainment sector. If any of our members would like to make a donation to them by using their mobile, then they have set up a JustTextGiving code for them to use at our conference.
Our members can donate to us by texting NADJ05 followed by the amount they wish to donate, to 70070. We thought hard about the best way of doing this and thought that shaking tins in peoples faces was probably not the best way to get you all involved, so a better plan was devised that was both fun and would raise some funds for them. And this is where our good friend Mark Walsh (no, not that one) from Rock and Rock Bingo comes in, we’ll be playing a mass game of Rock and Roll Bingo at some point during the day with some great prizes up for grabs.
The Matrix from Acme features 256 Ultra Bright 5mm LEDs and has 8CH or 256CH modes to choose from.
The EL150-B projects lovely royal blue beams and tunnels, the Laserworld EL150-B is part of the Laserworld Ecoline which offers great value and great build quality for the money.
So please join in on the day and help us raise some money for this worthy cause and as an extra surprise, the NADJ will match any money raised on the day to give Action On Hearing Loss a double bonus! Prepare to be amazed and in awe when you see the fantastic range of services provided by LED Factory. DisclaimerHong Kong Society of Audiology is a limited company registered under the Companies Ordinance of Hong Kong. Emotionale Erfahrung und Intelligenzentwicklung Interview mit Joseph Chilton Pearce   Fast ein halbes Jahrhundert lang hat Joseph Chilton Pearce, der lieber nur Joe genannt werden mochte, die Geheimnisse des menschlichen Geistes erforscht.

The Matrix can deliver fabulous text patterns, geometric figures, dynamic scanning, rolling, rotating and awesome zooming effects, allowing it to fill an entire room with multi-coloured pin sharp beams.
The Division of Adult Audiology seeks to determine the cause of the hearing loss and the appropriate treatment options for each of our patients. It is estimated that, in Germany alone, more than eleven million people at least temporarily suffer from the irritating tinnitus noises.
Above and beyond that are the many innovative enterprises in the areas of biotechnology, medical technology and pharmaceutics.
It is in this spirit that I wish you not only a fruitful professional exchange within the framework of the XI International Tinnitus Seminar 2014, but also a thoroughly lovely stay in the German capitol city, from which may you take lots of new inspirations home with you. We look forward to the more than 500 world-leading scientists and scholars who deal with the causes, diagnosis and treatment of tinnitus.
You will all have the opportunity to get to know the metropolitan region Berlin-Brandenburg as a top European location for innovative medical technology, healthcare industry and health protection.
International Tinnitus Seminar 2014", mit der Botschafterin des Weltkongresses, US-Jazzsangerin Dianne Reeves nach der Pressekonferenz. HealthCapital extends its wishes to the German Tinnitus Foundation Charite and hopes that the interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and practice in Berlin may make a significant contribution to getting a step closer to finding a cure for tinnitus.Dr. Berlin is not only the biggest and greenest city in Europe; it also numbers among the most multifaceted European scientific and research regions.
At the four universities that make up the Charite Medical University, four universities of applied sciences, two church colleges, and 27 state-approved universities as well as more than 60 research centres, around 200,000 people from all over the world teach, research, work and study.
The congress venue will be the historic campus of the long-established Charite University Hospital.
As trade fair and congress location Berlin attracts high levels of visitors as well as revenue. It is thanks to the German Tinnitus Foundation Charite that the XI International Tinnitus Seminar will take place in the German centre of government next year.
From the 21st till the 24th of May 500 of the world’s leading tinnitus specialists are expected. It is estimated that, in Germany alone, more than eleven million people are suffering from it. This congress allows a unique international scientific exchange, in order to raise public awareness as well as to identify new methods for both prevention and treatment.

Kurt Anschutz, Geschaftsfuhrer der Deutschen Tinnitus-Stiftung Charite, wahrend der Pressekonferenz des "XI. I wish all the congress participants every success during this, also for Berlin, important event and a pleasant stay in our vibrant metropolis. Kurt Anschutz, Managing Director of the German Tinnitus Foundation ChariteDear congress participants,On behalf of the German Tinnitus Foundation Charite, I warmly welcome you to the International Tinnitus Seminar 2014.One of the chief concerns of our foundation is to promote international communication in the scientific community. It is our conviction that we can move forward in the highly complex field of tinnitus research and therapy only if you, the experts, share the knowledge and experience you have gained.
We therefore thank you for your specific contributions at this international congress.In your countries the situation may be different, but in Germany too little regard is still paid to the suffering tinnitus causes.
International Tinnitus Seminar will help focus German attention on the problem.Our Foundation was set up three years ago as a civil society initiative to provide enduring financial support for research. We are interested in cooperating internationally, and would welcome any proposals.We all know how important it is that figures in the public eye draw attention not only to the suffering, but also to our efforts in research and therapy. We therefore thank three-time Grammy winner Dianne Reeves and two-time Oscar winner Christoph Waltz for their selfless commitment in supporting this congress.
Both are authentic ambassadors for our cause.I wish you an enjoyable stay in our city and an enriching scientific exchange.
It is necessary to find strategies and therapies to prevent the emergence of tinnitus and mitigate the condition as effectively as possible for the people already affected by it – or, in the future, hopefully even find a cure for it.The Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region, with its award-winning science and research institutions, is the perfect location for such a significant congress. And that is why I am sure that you will feel at home in this environment marked by radical change and development.Also the Langenbeck-Virchow-Haus of Charite, where the congress is being held, has made history. Already 100 years ago, its builders had the vision that the building would promote scientific exchange among doctors – and that exactly has been the mission of the International Tinnitus Seminar since 1979.The auspices for a successful XI International Tinnitus seminar could therefore not be better. I wish us all an equally interesting and fruitful interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge.Prof.

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