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Clearly, putting together a car is a complex endeavor and the manufacturers need to strike an optimal balance between road handling, safety and comfort.
People often seem to assume that it is the hybrid technology that makes Lexus cars quieter than other makes. The story about the LS 600h and its holistic noise reduction measures is very impressive and I would like to share with you the details of what has been done to offer the world’s quietest passenger car.
Sound absorbing and isolating structures are added to the under floor parts to enhance quietness. To prevent cavity noise, consideration has been given to prevent the airflow from hitting the inner side of the lower grille bars.
Foam insulation has been optimally placed within the closed cross section of the side member pillars and front header. A lip is added to the base of the glass run, and low settling material is adopted to the main weather strip. Aero-stabilizing fins on the front door frame mouldings are also effective in reducing wind noise.
A power retractable unit is adopted to reduce motor noise when mirrors are being retracted.
A roof moulding with rectifying shape, aero-stabilizing fin at the base of the front pillar, and newly shaped outer door mirror are adopted to rectify the airflow over the windshield glass towards the rear, helping to reduce wind noise. Noise insulating type laminated glass with an infrared cut feature is available for the front door glass, rear door glass, and rear door quarter glass. Front pillar base width has been increased to rectify the air flowing sideways over the pillar, helping to reduce rustling noise.
The following changes have been implemented to the door inner weather strip, helping to reduce wind noise.
Sound absorbing material has been added to the rear door service hole cover, helping to reduce road noise. A rear wheelhouse liner with a resin coating is adopted on the inside of the rear wheelhouse. The rear wheelhouse liner contributes to quietness by insulating road noise, gravel noise, and splashing noise. Adopted a melamine material in the hood silencer to contribute to a more lightweight design and enhance sound absorption performance. Thickness of front fender liner sound absorbing material has been increased, helping to suppress engine noise. Rear liner sound absorbing shape and material have been changed, helping to suppress rear transmitted noise. An NV (Noise and Vibration) cover is installed on the outer area of the transmission to reduce noise generated from the powertrain. A dynamic damper is installed in the transfer to suppress the vibration transmission of the powertrain. Balance weights designed for weight reduction with hollow holes have been optimally arranged and the permissible unbalance has been reduced to lower vibration and noise. A dual mass type crank pulley equipped with a torsional damper and a bending damper is adopted to reduce vibration and noise. A Teflon shaft seal has been adopted for the cylinder internal pressure seal, and an insulator has been adopted for the areas that the injectors contact the head to reduce vibration and noise. A more lightweight design has been achieved and vibration and noise are reduced by adopting a no.
PUR (polyurethane) covers with high-level sound absorption are installed in each area to reduce engine vibration and noise.
A 4-point support structure is used for the fitting of the differential mount to the suspension member to reduce noise and vibration.

A low coercive force, cross-grooved constant velocity joint with excellent noise and vibration performance is adopted.
A 3-joint propeller shaft is adopted, which uses flexible coupling with excellent noise and vibration performance.
In addition to enhancing parts precision and balance performance, the mounting precision of the propeller shaft has also been enhanced to reduce noise and vibration.
The balance of the propeller shaft lengths has been optimized to reduce noise and vibration.
A low coercive force, tripod constant velocity joint with excellent noise performance is adopted on the differential side. I agree that there seems to be tremendous potential for anyone to obtain a substantially quieter ride by applying sound dampening materials throughout the car. I just published findings from a case study of reducing road noise in a Ford F-150 Pickup Truck using Dynamat. Most Popular Posts Error: cannot ajaxify WordPress Popular Posts on this theme.
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Hush Technology announced the availability of Hush, the first Smart Earplugs--a new kind of sleep wearable that combines noise isolation in the form of earplugs with access to 15 different soothing sound tracks to help tinnitus sufferers block out disturbing noises via a smartphone app. The ATA challenges the tinnitus community to “Make Some Noise” about tinnitus and hyperacusis during National Tinnitus Awareness Week, May 16-20, 2016. The HearUSA Hearing Care Network and Tinnitus Treatment Solutions (TTS) have announced a partnership that aims to provide broader customized sound therapy and expert clinical care to more tinnitus patients, who will benefit from TTS audiology care via telemedicine, combined with in-person care. According to a clinical study by Turtle Beach, its HyperSound Clear 500P directed audio system may help people with tinnitus. Tinnitus Treatment Solutions (TTS), a provider of tele-audiology solutions and care for people suffering from tinnitus, announced the expansion of its expert tinnitus care services into Canada. Researchers at the University of Illinois found that some patients who suffer from tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, use different brain regions when processing emotional information.
SoundCure Inc announced the receipt of a medical device license from Health Canada, a department of the Canadian government, for the SoundCure Serenade Tinnitus Treatment System. Otoharmonics Corporation announced the US patent approval for certain elements of its Levo tinnitus system. Otoharmonics Corporation, Portland, Ore, has announced that a new peer-reviewed study using its Levo System for tinnitus showed a reduction in tinnitus symptoms and improvement in daily outlook for many study participants. Previous tinnitus studies have demonstrated the benefits of fractal tones and Widex Zen Therapy (WZT) when used in conjunction with amplification, but there have been no studies on the use of fractal tones alone for tinnitus sufferers who do not require or wish to consider amplification.
More than half the participants who completed TMS sessions on 10 consecutive workdays found their tinnitus symptoms were alleviated for at least six months. Researchers at Yale University School of Medicine conducted a retrospective analysis and found that workers with a history of tinnitus in conjunction with high-frequency hearing loss are more likely to be injured. Tinnitus Treatment Solutions, which uses telemedicine to provide comprehensive nationwide tinnitus care and counseling, has announced an expanded range of products and accessories for relief of ringing ears. Starkey Hearing Technologies has introduced Relax, a mobile app designed to help provide personalized tinnitus relief and comprehensive tinnitus education. Choosing the correct sound to use in sound therapy can often have a significant impact on treatment outcomes.
This article provides a primer on sound therapy for tinnitus, including approaches to setting the sound therapy signal for patients with and without hearing loss. Dr Maurice Miller reminds us that tinnitus can be a sign of an "ear in distress" and that hearing care professionals have an obligation to keep this in mind, while offering a continuum of tinnitus solutions—not just hearing aids. Tinnitus Treatment Solutions (TTS), a provider of care and services for people suffering from tinnitus, has announced that it is now offering top-brand tinnitus hearing aids, and will soon be offering tinnitus accessories nationwide.

Our 8-piece Musical Instruments Sound Puzzle adds another dimension by enabling a child's musical talents and enhancing listening skills.
With our 8-piece Zoo Animals Sound Peg Puzzle, children also enhance their matching skills through the art of listening. With our Talking Shapes Peg Puzzle, children also enhance their matching skills through the art of listening. With our Talking Numbers Sound Puzzle, children begin to develop a basic understanding of numbers and counting through matching and listening skills. Items displaying this symbol are blind accessible.These items can be used without sighted assistance. The oil pan, cylinder block, and converter housing are fastened in one unit to significantly reduce noise and vibration and achieve a more lightweight design. So now you know that it took a lot of engineering excellence in order to make the world’s quietest passenger car a reality.
To further test its latest study findings, Turtle Beach will show a prototype of its new tinnitus feature at AudiologyNOW! While many tinnitus patients are forced to limit daily activities as a result of debilitating symptoms, others adapt to the condition.
Utilizing an FDA-cleared neuroscience-based approach, the Levo system offers a method for providing personalized sound therapy while sleeping. Relax has 12 relief sounds, and is the company's next step in providing tinnitus management strategies that are unique to each user’s tinnitus symptoms. Flexibility in today’s technology presents an array of sounds and tinnitus solutions for patients to choose from, allowing for true personalization. It also looks at therapy signal alternatives, including the new Ocean Waves Therapy Signals in the Sivantos binax devices. Puzzles increase vocabulary, develop hand-eye coordination, improve memory, and build literacy skills. This interview focuses on Dr Baguley's newest 2015 book, Tinnitus: Clinical and Research Perspectives, co-edited by Prof Marc Fagelson. With our Talking Alphabet Sound Puzzle, children begin to learn their letters and build their vocabulary through matching and listening skills. When a child places a piece in its correct spot on the board it triggers the sound of the instrument.
When a child places a piece in its correct spot on the board, it triggers the sound of the animal - a monkey, elephant, lion, or several other animals. When a child places a piece in its correct spot on the board, a clear voice announces the name of that specific shape.
What would you say are some of the differences between various sound dampening material brands such as Noisekiller, Dynamat, HushMat etc?
There are examples of hybrid cars that are fairly noisy at highway speeds due to lacking soundproofing, letting in both unwanted road noise and wind noise.
I see you have kits for a number of VW models; do you also have experience of treating the VW Phaeton even though it’s already a pretty well-isolated vehicle (yet more could probably be done to reduce road noise)? When a child places a piece in its correct spot on the board, a clear voice announces the name of that specific letter.
This is a wonderful, interactive puzzle sure to fascinate a child and facilitate language development.

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