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A) Tinnitus Treatment: The aim of the inquiry was to find out the patients subjective degree of long-term wellbeing after the treatment of different symptoms with LLLT. B) Tinnitus Treatment: The data was gained by forwarding 780 inquiry forms in October 1999 to the patients of Dr. C) Tinnitus Treatment: 204 (26,2%) filled out inquiry forms were sent back by 123 female and 81 male patients. I find your book is a great resource for patients and works well as an adjunct to group sessions. Your work in bringing together and selecting useful treatments is extremely valuable, and has long been needed.
Required reading…The author’s manner of stating what is happening and options on how to deal with what a person with tinnitus is experiencing is exceptional.
Example are loud music played by neighbors, barking sound of a dog and air craft sounds etc.

Some Homeopathic remedies have an over sensitivity to noise which may be increased during acute diseases and depressed in stressful conditions.
GuestAditi waghmare4 months 18 days agoIts indeed a great source of information about the remedies provided by Dr. Lutz Wilden, specialist in tinnitus treatment, Bad Fussing whose last treatment took place at least 6 months ago or more. They also confirm the close relation between the therapeutic success and the age of the patients and the duration of the disease. Information is based on evidence-based scientific research as well as the author’s personal and clinical experience. This may be because the user changed the password since the time the session was created or Facebook has changed the session for security reasons. Some times conversation between people which is unwanted to us may be a noise in our sense.

Subject of the inquiry were: symptoms and duration of the disease before the treatment with LLLT, age, sexe and the subjective effect of the treatment on a scale of four different degrees (1= no amelioration, 2= temporary amelioration, 3= lasting amelioration and 4 = no more symptoms of disease). 399 (86,9%) of them were inner ear diseases, 60 patients ( 13,1 %) named other diseases, mainly skin, joint and muscle complaints.
The improvement of the results by means of a supplementary home laser treatment allows the conclusion that LLLL can lead to further ameliorations if certain (high) doses are continuously being administered over a given period of time.
Audiologists, doctors, ear specialists and counselling therapists will also find this book a useful companion to their work with clients whether one-on-one or in group sessions.
Due to the subjective perception of the patients long-term amelioration or total freedom of complaints could be achieved through LLLT with 53,9% of all symptoms ( with addional home-laser-treatment even with 66,3%).

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