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Have you ever finished a concert or left a nightclub and heard a ringing, whistling or hissing noise in your ears. The sound can range from very quiet background noise to a disturbing loud noise. It can be intermittent or continuous, and can vary in loudness. It will usually go away after a day or so but sometimes, particularly if you are often in loud noise, it will not. If your tinnitus is related to noise exposure a simple way to avoid it is to have custom-fitted ear protection made to protect you from further damage.
Although there are no specific cures for tinnitus, anything that reduces stress can help, as many find their tinnitus gets worse when they are anxious or distressed. Calming body-based therapies, counselling and psychotherapy help restore well-being, which in turn allows tinnitus to settle. Quiet uneventful, relaxing music, a fan or a water feature at bedtime can help distract from the tinnitus sound. We can also help with inexpensive devices that produce environmental sounds, and these are particularly useful at bedtime. The majority of sufferers endure an acute phase of distress when the problem begins, followed by an improvement over time.  But for a minority of patients the distress is on-going, and they will require specialist support. If you are worried about your tinnitus, our hearing therapist can help you decide on the best course of action for you.
To see what DJ Eddie Temple-Morris says about us and how hearing protection helps his tinnitus click here.
Please feel free to contact us on 020 8455 6361 for an appointment or to discuss the impact that  tinnitus has on your life. All our staff are highly skilled audiological practitioners who are trained in healthcare provision.  As we are registered with the Health Professions Council, we can accept self-referrals, or referrals direct from your GP or from Ear, Nose and Throat specialists across the UK.
North London Hearing has been awarded the Phonak Premium Partner mark in recognition of the high level of service they provide to their clients.

Congratulations on taking the preliminary step toward better hearing by booking your hearing exam. But now that you’ve scheduled your hearing test, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for the appointment, especially if test results show that you might benefit from wearing hearing aids. To achieve the best hearing possible, remember to ask these five questions at your upcoming hearing test. Your hearing care professional will test your hearing using the latest technology, and the results of the test will be printed on a chart called an audiogram. If you’re fairly active, for instance, you may look into the latest hearing aid technology with wireless capabilities.
Several financing options are available that can help cover the cost, although not all options are available to every patient. After you’ve selected your preferred hearing aids and have had them professionally fit, you can go back home and instantly hear perfectly without any issues, right?
Make sure that your hearing professional offers advice on how to best adapt to your hearing aids, including how to control them and how to learn the features. Also, it’s a wise decision to have your hearing specialist professionally clean your hearing aids a couple of times a year. With the assistance of your community hearing care professional—and by asking the right questions—you can ensure the best results and a life of healthier hearing. Harley Street Hearing are proud to be the flagship Lyric clinic in the UK and are now the most successful Lyric Centre worldwide. Lyric is inserted deep inside the ear canal by our specially trained hearing healthcare professionals and can stay there for up to three months even in the shower and while you sleep. Bridging Hands Camps new Non-Profit to serve young deaf, hard of hearing, and KODA campers. Having tinnitus does not mean you will automatically have hearing loss but it is advisable to have your hearing checked.

You’re already ahead of the game, as many people delay having their hearing tested for several years—in some cases decades. Selecting hearing aids can be difficult, but if you ask the right questions, your hearing care specialist can help lead you to the right technology. High-frequency hearing loss is most common, and is further classified as mild, moderate, severe, or profound. Hearing loss in both ears is most effectively remedied with two hearing aids, and the audiogram will show the results for both ears. The more your hearing professional knows about your way of life, the better they can prescribe the suitable technology. If you don’t want all of the bells and whistles, on the other hand, a more affordable alternative is likely a better fit. Although you should bear in mind that the benefits of hearing aids far outnumber the cost (the monthly cost in most instances being less than the cable TV bill), the price can still seem high. You’ll be hearing sounds you haven’t noticed for some time, your voice may sound different, and the fit may feel unpleasant. Talk to your hearing professional about cleaning kits and practices, storage methods, accessories, and battery management. This is completely common and expected, and will take care of itself in a short amount of time.

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