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Many people who suffer from headaches, chronic neck or facial pain, or even ringing in the ears do not know that their bite may be to blame. Although it is not known exactly what causes TMD, there are many factors that can lead to TMJ-related problems. It is important to have this condition properly diagnosed by a trained TMJ specialist who can ensure patients receive the proper treatment. TMJ disorder (TMD) refers to a range of conditions that affect the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which is the point at which the jaw opens and closes. TMJ Dentistry to Relieve Headaches and Jaw Pain Fairfax VA“My headaches are gone, Dr. TMJ Dentistry Treatment to Relieve Severe Headaches, Jaw Pain, and ‘Popping’ along with Ringing in the Ears Fairfax VAKevin experienced a childhood accident which left his upper front teeth imbedded in his upper jaw. TMJ Dental Treatment Plan for Debilitating Headaches, Neck Pain and Teeth Grinding Fairfax VAKitty came to the office seeking minor corrections to her already pretty smile.

Smile Rejuvenation for a Non-surgical Dental Facelift“As always, I was treated with the warm courtesy which is constant in this office.
How Our Neuromuscular Dentist Can Help“It was my first time having my teeth cleaned by Dr. Only a trained neuromuscular dentist can tell if an incorrect bite is causing these problems. Stress, a misaligned bite, injury, arthritis, or a combination of these factors can lead to pain and discomfort associated with TMD. These conditions also affect the nerves and muscles of the face, and can lead to chronic pain and other problems.
The trauma also may have affected the development of his face, leaving him with a shortened upper jaw, hidden teeth, and over-closure of the lower third of the face. However, in her initial consult she described frequent debilitating headaches, neck pain, sensitive teeth, clenching and grinding – all symptoms consistent with Temporomandibular Disorder (DMD).

Our state-of-the-art application of neuromuscular techniques can help relieve such pain, and the results are often immediate, dramatic, and life-changing! Clenching or grinding of the teeth, called bruxism, can also cause muscle fatigue, spasms, and pain.
Over time, these problems can affect the joints, resulting in tissue damage and even more pain.
Rye has helped many patients throughout the years achieve the smiles they have always wanted.

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