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TweetTinnitus, and the longterm hearing damage that can follow, is one of the most common negative effects of being a musician or working in the music industry. The UT Dallas website states that research has already been done to test the VNS method on humans. “The translation from basic science to the clinic has been quite rapid,” Engineer said. As research for a waterproof, universal way of implementing VNS is still in progress, the jury is still out on whether this could be the definitive cure for tinnitus, but it does look like science is now closer than ever. Do you suffer from tinnitus or ringing in the ears?  Did your symptoms start within the last 3 months?  If so, you may be eligible to take part in a clinical research study testing an investigational drug in people with tinnitus. The non-medical, habituation-based treatment being studied is known as Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT).
Formby’s team at UA leads the clinical part of the NIH-sponsored study, funded by a $3.2 million award from the National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. Under the current standard of care, counselors typically try to help tinnitus sufferers manage the problem by suggesting coping strategies and by providing information about tinnitus. They are also taught about their auditory system and how it is believed to work together with parts of the brain and central nervous system to give rise to their debilitating tinnitus conditions.
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Sleep shortfalls can lead to a range of health problems, from being more likely to catch a cold or gain weight to increased risk of developing heart disease or diabetes. Although it might come as a surprise, tinnitus is not always completely subjective to the patient. Tinnitus symptoms include the hearing of sounds even though there are no audible stimuli occurring outside of the body. Issues with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ disorders) also cause tinnitus, though very infrequently. Other methods of treatment include attempts to quiet the sound through masking devices and noise machines. To prevent tinnitus from happening in the first place, people who work in loud environments should wear ear plugs. But perpetuated exposure to loud noises is starting to become increasingly problematic for regular club and festival goers too – the same goes for the countless people that listen to their music at too high a volume on headphones.
In many cases this means a ringing sound that has multiple underlying causes, although the most common is regular exposure to loud noises or music. Craig Formby, distinguished graduate research professor in the department of communicative disorders, is embarking on a $5.6 million phase-three, randomized, controlled clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness of an innovative treatment that uses a noise-generating device, along with counseling, to alleviate the debilitating effects of tinnitus – the ringing in the ears that drives some people to distraction.
1 service-connected disability among veterans returning from the Middle East conflicts. In 2008, compensation for tinnitus disability in the VA medical system alone exceeded $500 million.
As many as 50 million Americans experience tinnitus. For an estimated 2 to 5 million, the problem is incapacitating.
Formby will compare this standard with TRT and with a placebo condition that will control for the treatment effects of the noise-generator component of the TRT treatment.
Meniere’s disease is a disorder of the inside portion of the ear caused by a change in the fluid pressure. This is the joint on both sides of the human head where the bottom part of the jaw connects to the skull.
Most doctors attempt to remove earwax that might be rubbing against the eardrum, change the patient’s medications or medication regimen and treat the patient if they have a blood vessel disorder. Sometimes special types of hearing aids are capable of decreasing the volume of the ringing sound.
Those who attend loud sporting events and rock concerts on a frequent basis should also wear ear plugs. For the club and festival public, it is common knowledge that not wearing earplugs can easily result in tinnitus and irreversible hearing damage, and while it’s still highly advisable to wear hearing protection while attending dance events, there are some positive signs from the study that point towards a possible cure. Navzer Engineer from The University of Texas at Dallas and University-affiliated biotechnology firm MicroTransponder report that sounds paired with stimulation of the vagus nerve (VNS) eliminated tinnitus in rats.
Navy, Marines and Air Force, and will be conducted in Navy and Air Force flagship hospitals in California, Texas, Maryland and Virginia. Researchers expect to recruit 228 participants for the study.

After specialized TRT counseling to start the habituation process, each of the affected military personnel will use a pair of ear-worn devices produced by General Hearing Instruments that generate a “soft seashell-like noise,” which blends with the tinnitus.
Thirty-six million Americans have tinnitus, representing 17 percent of the total population. Common causes often include ear injuries, circulatory issues, blood vessel disorders, earwax blockages, allergies, the presence of a foreign object in the ear, fatigue, stress, depression, and hearing loss due to old age.
Oftentimes, the sound is so annoying that it prevents the individual from focusing for extended periods of time. Sometimes the bones in the center of the ear will stiffen over time, causing tinnitus to develop. Head and neck injuries can impact hearing nerves, the inside of the ear and also how the brain functions. Physicians have gone as far as attempting to reduce the noise by prescribing certain drugs like acamprosate, alprazolam and tricyclic antidepressants. Tinnitus retraining therapy works in about three quarters of situations where it is attempted.
Partaking in cardiovascular intensive exercise can also decrease the odds of tinnitus as it will keep the blood vessels working as designed. Medications like antibiotics, diuretics, quinine, chloroquine and those used to treat cancer can also cause tinnitus.
It is diagnosed by way of a physical examination, a review of the patient’s medical history and a series of tests like audiograms, computerized tomography (CT), auditory brainstem response (ABR) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This typically occurs when bones grow in an abnormal manner, a condition that is usually genetic. People should also avoid cleaning the ears with cotton swabs as they will press ear wax against the eardrum. Anyone can develop tinnitus though it is more common in Caucasians, men, the elderly and those who have been consistently exposed to loud noises. However, it could also be caused by more serious conditions like brain tumors and acoustic neuromas. Aside from causing tinnitus, these abnormal ear bones, called otosclerosis, will alter the individual’s ability to hear.

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