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Deaf people can spend up to 80% more on everyday living costs than those who are able to hear, a new study has suggested.
The report, conducted by the Centre for Research in Social Policy at Loughborough University, and University Campus Suffolk looked at the impacts of both hearing loss and sight loss and found that each of the impairments led to significant additional costs if a minimum acceptable standard of living was to be reached.
Researchers adopted a method aimed at calculating what is referred to as the Minimum Income Standards (MIS) – the basic cost of living for people with disabilities.
For the study focusing specifically on deaf people, researchers estimated the extra expenses incurred by deaf people inside and outside the home. As a result of the study, researchers found that the budget for a Deaf person of working-age and living alone is over 80% that that of a person who is able to hear. Other additional expenses reported came from a need to fund technological communication aids, including special computer equipment and mobile phones. If you or your loved one has suffered hearing loss as a result of your job then you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.
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Known as the Mutebutton, the device is used for just 30 minutes a day and is designed to help the brain turn down the volume of phantom noise of the condition.

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Latest instruments and workflow solutions showcased alongside AQP support knowledge to guide audiology industry to efficiency and competitiveness gains.Siemens Hearing Instruments has announced a successful British Academy of Audiology (BAA) Conference in Manchester with new and existing relationships bolstered by the showcasing of the latest hearing instruments, workflow solutions and delivery of best practice industry advice. Acute or chronic noise can damage the cochlea, initiating a series of plastic changes within the central auditory pathways that contribute to hearing loss and sometimes to the emergence of tinnitus, the perception of sound in the absence of acoustic stimulation.A  We are combining computational modelling, in vitro field potential and whole cell patch clamp recordings in the auditory brainstem dorsal cochlear nucleus with quantitative behavioural analyses to study cellular mechanisms associated to hearing loss and tinnitus. We developed a focal macromolecule delivery method in neuronal tissue (Barker al., 2009, Journal of Neuroscience Methods. Previous studies have shown that exposure to loud sound leads to abnormal electrical activity in the dorsal cochlear nucleus that could underlie tinnitus.A  In a collaborative study with Dr Charles Large (Autifony Therapeutics Ltd), we have shown that one of the changes in the central nervous system following exposure to loud sound is the reduced function of Kv3 K+ channels in the auditory brainstem leading to bursting activity in principal cells (Pilati et al.
A current MRC Industrial Case Studentship with Autifony Therapeutics Ltd aims at investigating some of Autifony's compounds on synaptic transmission and plasticity in the auditory brainstem dorsal cochlear nucleus.
We have shown that exposure to loud sound reduced the number of myelinated auditory nerve fibres in the cochlea and decreased the firing rate of principal within the dorsal cochlear nucleus.A  Effects on firing rates were reproduced using a Leaky Integrate and Fire model implemented in MATLAB (Mathworks) by Dr Matias Ison ( Engineering Department, University of Leicester) (Pilati et al. A PhD studentship granted by Action on Hearing Loss allowed further investigating how dysmyelination related to hearing loss affected synaptic transmission in the auditory brainstem dorsal cochlear nucleus (Tagoe et al., submitted for publication).

The research aimed to establish how this method can assist in both quantifying the additional costs of disability and pinpointing where and why they arise. The report found that the largest additional expense, accounting for over 75% of the additional budget, is funding for interpretation services. At work, your employer has a legal right to protect you and where work is being carried out in a noisy environment provide sufficient protection to prevent long-term hearing damage.
The original device has been kindly donated by Michael Kinder (Kinder Scientific) and useful technical advice were provided by Michael Kinder and Jeremy Turner.
If you would like to speak to us about your legal options should you or your loved one have suffered hearing loss, you can give us a call on 0800 122 3130 or contact us online here.
It illustrated a study of AutoFit, a solution to provide an efficient Real Ear Measurement (REM) process for hearing aid fittings by automatically adjusting the frequency response of a hearing instrument to match the prescriptive gain target, showing real life time savings. Presence at industry events such as this is one part of our partnership approach with the NHS.

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