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While NF2 Information and Services - Recent News section shares new news articles a few times a week, there are older news topics that including basic explanations on different NF2 issues, some differences between NF1 and NF2 as well as other topics also worth looking at. A battle everyone born with NF2 will face, some earlier than others, is Bilateral Vestibular Schwannoma. It is important to understand that while NF is rare, it is statistically unlikely to have more than one form of NF.
Fortunately the ADA and the Department of Justice, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, interpreter use during all hospital related visits is legally required and is not a cost to the patient. As many people with NF2 know, constant tumor development somehow can cause a short term lifespan, but many of the actual reasons for this can be prevented if understood. The NF2 Information and Services website contains a great deal of information about: Information and Services, NF2 News and Relevant Medical Updates.
This article explains how a Craniotomy method was done to remove some NF2 tumors and explains how an IV drain was put in place to drain the Cerebrospinal-Fluid (CSF), to prevent a CSF leak following surgery. Many with NF face anxiety and depression and many wonder if it is a health issue caused by NF, or an issue from simple constant concern.
A potential issue common to all forms of NF is Peripheral Neuropathy (PN), nerve death from tumor growth in the body that can cause inability to move well enough to walk, move hands and arms, or move at all.
Despite the generally benign nature of Neurofibromas and Schwannomas, individuals with Neurofibromatosis (NF); NF1, NF2, and Schwannomatosis are at risk for multiple tumors growing on nerves in their body premature mortality due to Central Nervous System Tumors, Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor, Glioma, Cardiovascular Disease, and Organ Compression.
Despite Neurofibromatosis (NF) being a known medical condition for many years, few doctors know enough about it to help people with NF.
Individuals with all forms of NF are at a higher risk of developing Epilepsy than the average person.
When an individual shows signs of having Neurofibromatosis (NF), proper follow up with a Neurologist is needed for the right tests to confirm or reject NF as a diagnosis, and then to determine what form of NF the individual might have.
One thing different from NF1, NF2 and Schwannomatosis is the level of severity that a child will inherit. About half the people with NF have few or no outside indication of a health issue, but have tumors that cause severe pain.

NF1, NF2 and Schwannomatosis can result in vision issues, some of which can cause complete blindness.
It can be hard to identify Neurofibromatosis, but sometimes it can be hard to miss seeing at all.
An issue common to all Neurofibromatosis forms is the need for regular MRIs to monitor tumor growth wherever tumors are or might be found as well as to monitor bone formation.
Diagnosis of each NF form can be made after several factors are or are not seen, to discuss one difference between NF Type 1 (NF1), NF Type 2 (NF2) and Schwannomatosis, topic here is Cafe-au-lait Macule (CALMs), flat discolorations of the skin that vary from light to dark brown. While NF tumors can metastasize to become Cancerous, tumors are all generally benign (non-cancerous).
NF is rare enough to not always be included on rare genetic disease listings, but NF might be more common than believed and affects more people around the world then currently guessed. NF is a rare genetic condition that causes neurological issues as a result of tumor growth in different parts of the body. New research of genetically engineered stem cells for Brain Cancer that kill tumor cells but nothing else. Development of a clinical trial of a dry eye treatment, that will not just coat the eye, but bind to the eye itself. Due to the magnets used for the imaging, facilities clearly state no metal is allowed to be on an individual walking into the room of an MRI. Some fabric includes silver or metal fibers, which might be seen on clothing labeled as Anti-Microbial. Be it chemotherapy or gene therapy, saving tumors after surgery may eventually be helpful in your own treatment needs. The three diseases are called; Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1), Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2) and Schwannomatosis. Once the organization raises enough in donations for free distribution of NF2 print material, we hope our newer news section will help with recent advancements to help people even more.
Some of us cannot go more than a few weeks without seeing a doctor or hospital, with issues that face us in the mirror and things we do each day after diagnosis and issues start to develop.

The knowledge of what NF is and what issues people face are not well understood by many in the medical field.
Epilepsy may only be a temporary issue lasting only a few years and controllable with medication. The medical description of NF has changed every few years since 1820 and as recently as 2013.
NF1 is often thought of as just a childhood disease that causes learning disabilities and tumors on the skin. This does not make them any less dangerous as they grow since growth of masses in the body puts a burden on the surrounding area and causes damage, even at slow rates. For all forms of NF, different types of tumors develop and grow at a generally slow rate for as long as a person with NF lives.
Due to how uncommon NF is, NF often goes undiagnosed even after symptoms occur that require surgery. Some of the items of interesting notice at the 2014 New York - Makers Faire were science and medical in nature. It is therefore important to know how to recover between treatments and to delay damage from tumor cell growth. Anxiety can be the result of both physical and emotional issues of NF and lead to depression.
Schwannomatosis, the disease that causes chronic pain because of tumors that grow, is still being inaccurately identified by medical professionals as NF1 or Mosaic, first generation NF2.

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