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It’s safe to say that my siblings and I divided our time equally between terrorizing each other and sitting in time out for our misdeeds. The younger kids seemed to skate for offenses that would have landed my older brother and me alone in our rooms or worse. Regardless, for a brief moment, my older brother and I became unlikely alliances in the greatest insult ever told. With our eyes on the prize, we went looking for Barbara and were pleased to find him minding his own business, playing with his cars. We had known it would come, but considering how clever the teasing had been, we expected we would at least be able to talk our way out of punishment. In a glorious twist of fate, my mother had affirmed our hour of teasing in the hopes of calming my younger brother.
After realizing that she had not, in fact, righted Barbara’s concerns my mom spent a good 30 minutes explaining that everyone has a brain. Me: Hey, would you be offended if I wrote about how sometimes marriage is like deranged version of Mother, May I? In my hands, however, WebMD’s Symptom Checker is like lighter fluid to an open flame.
I had always suspected WebMD was somehow conspiring to trick me out of my sanity, but the evidence become irrefutable a few years ago. Certain the noise was bass coming from a neighboring apartment, I was immediately incensed. At this time, the Mr and I were living in an apartment complex that was overrun with graduate students. Jackals that enjoyed playing loud, thumping music as the soundtrack to their evening gatherings.
Hourly calls to my leasing office proved useless, and around 7:00 the next morning, when I had to crawl out of bed for work I was plotting to find these people, duct tape them to the top of a rocket ship and expel them from the earth. The pure volume and intensity of my hatred for these inconsiderate hyenas blinded me as I dragged myself through my morning routine, to my car, across town and finally, to my office.
Of course, I held on to  the outside hope that someone was doing this to me on purpose, like as a joke or as a way to cause me to grow so distressed that I ate my own hair.

Since there didn’t seem to be any silence in sight, I anxiously decided to turn to the Internet for a diagnosis.
He told me he wasn’t sure what was wrong with me, which was extremely comforting, and then, he referred me to an ear, nose and throat doctor (ENT). And when THAT doctor didn’t know what was wrong with me, I was pretty sure my life was over. The next week, when I went to see the audiologist, I had, more or less, abandoned all hope.
The audiologist tested my hearing but still couldn’t figure out what was the source of my troubles.
By that time, I had gone about three weeks on minimal sleep because of the non-stop bumping, thumping bass sound. I was thinking all kinds of irrational thoughts about every diagnosis WebMD had offered, and I was so cranky and stressed out that even the sound of my own breathing made me angry. As a last resort, the Mr recommended I see an allergist, because his friends at school had been complaining about pollen.
I took my sad self and my last shred of hope across town for one more doctor’s appointment, and I did my best to put on a brave face.
I think it was around the part of our conversation where I mentioned to the doctor that I was questioning my sanity that he broke out every test he had. The order goes like: older brother (who just turned 30), me (28), younger sister (24), younger brother (almost 22). And if that gag had taught us anything, it was that the only way to tease without consequence would be to tell Barbara something about himself that was true but to make it sound repulsive and embarrassing. I can’t be certain why, but I like to think my mother was too impressed with our cunning scheme.
By denying him permission, I might actually be able to bamboozle him into hiding the performance of these mandane chores from me. We had thought nothing of the grad student infestation when we signed the lease, because the Mr was a grad student himself. Rap and pop music with bass lines turned up so loud and thumping so relentlessly that they could find you anywhere in a two mile radius and accost your ears.

I wanted to unleash on them a fury of pain and nail scratching, unmatched by anything they had ever felt or imagined. My life span would be shortened by about 65 years and I would die that very week due to the persistent torture of this noise.
I wasn’t even sure where to draw the line between the symptoms of my affliction and the side effects of being tortured by a bumping noise for nearly 18 hours straight.
But how can a person think clearly about her symptoms when someone’s hosting an all-night and all-day rave in her head? He thought maybe it was a hearing problem, but by that point, I was sure I had everything that WebMD had suggested I was also fairly certain I was going deaf. I could have been bitter that I had been sent down such a crazy rabbit hole, but I was just happy to get a good night sleep.
Growing up, we spent hours of our time chasing after each other, hitting each other, hiding each others’ toys. Maybe she just forgot to punish us, because she was in the middle of raising four kids under the age of 10. It quickly became clear, however, that not all grad students are like the Mr and, more importantly, that we were sharing walls with people who were slightly less well mannered than wild jackals.
WebMD, isn’t it a little odd to assume that I’ll be coming to you with a level head?
But it was WebMD’s fault that I immediately ran screaming to my doctor, because as far as I could tell, I would NOT be able to cure a brain tumor with rest and chicken noodle soup. We decided that the only way to pick on our younger siblings and escape the consequences would be to work together. You would think that pushing all three of these things together might create some kind of magical machine of wonder.

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