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The only consistency in 30 years has been the night bruxism.  The rest of my spine is happy and healthy, and symptoms have progressively radiated from the TMJ area down my head, neck and arms. I feel I am articulate (sorry, I know verbose fits this note as well) intelligent, patient, motivated, very healthy, active, self-aware, avoid any and all medications unless necessary, and find preventative care (such as healthful living, stress reduction, massage, chiropractic, etc) to be the best way to lead a healthy life. So, how can I share this succinctly with practitioners as we go forward in the process of discovering a cause and hopefully finding solutions for the cause vs. PS: Would you like me to post your health history and the problems that you had with previous doctors on my blog?  can keep your name confidential if you like, so no one will know who you are.
Wow, thank you so much for your prompt response!  I couldn’t agree more with your statement that fixing the cause usually resolves the symptoms, and that is my main mission now. I suppose it can’t be too terribly invasive to post my information after removing identity…please feel free to edit anything as you see fit if it will make it more relevant to other practitioners. I understand you cannot evaluate beyond the anecdotal information but I cannot tell you how absolutely grateful I am for your consideration and suggestions. Neck Decompressor will keep your IVD healthy and Posture Pump will help to keep cervical and lumbar lordosis in order.
When the blog post will go live you can continue the conversation via DISQUS, thus many other doctors can add value to your condition.
PS: If you are a health care practitioner and got to the end of this blog post feel free to add any recommendations for this patient. This one is truly looking just great source to know about Chiropractic non surgical method.

Type _ cells make up 97%.Type _________ cells make surfactantType _________ are stem cells for both1. Compared to Systemic, Pulmonary have _____vascular resistance, _____BF, ____arteriolar pressure1.Lower2. Transfused blood might decrease tissue oxygenation because of 1.____, which decreases ____. 1.Hypoxemia and cyanosis(Chroni Bronchitis=BB) is caused by what physiological situtation?2.
Eosinophilic Granuloma aka______aka___= Malignant proliferation of _____ and it can metastisize to lungs causing ____lung dz.1. Anaphylaxis, Hypotension, and seizure immediately after birth is due to ____ that causes a rxn to______1. This is a real case, real patient who is searching for a solution to his never ending pain. This will open a door to many other health care providers reading your story and possibly commenting and adding valuable advice to your health related problem. It is a very long post and if you are a health care practitioner feel free to add your professional advice in a comment area. You could see better what is going with the spine when you shoot X-Rays in a standing position.
If you are a reader, and also have health related problems without a solution from your current medical practitioner please contact me via AskDrBurt a Question?

Post surgical scar tissue formation is the main cause of excessive pain in your cervical spine.
Doctors of Chiropractic look at the health related problems from the causation point of view and not symptoms point of view. Every single subluxation and curve in a cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine must be taken into consideration in order to achieve the best results possible.
I would not expose myself a second time to an additional dose of radiation at this point and time. Intervertebral discs stop getting their nutrition the moment the two adjacent vertebraes stop moving – process called imbibition. Solution – life long manual cervical distraction and maintaining whatever is left of a cervical lordosis. Perhaps by helping to find the proper solution to your problem is going to be the first step, second would be to find the proper health care practitioners. The goal at this point is to keep the vertebraes and IVD (Intervertebral discs) from degenerating farther.

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