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If you or someone you know suffers from tinnitus this holistic system can help them to get permanently rid of ringing in the ears in two months time and regain their inner balance. The creator of this plan is Thomas Coleman who is a Nutrition Specialist, a Health Consultant and Medical Researcher and has himself suffered with Tinnitus.
The Tinnitus Miracle System is a rare intensely powerful Tinnitus healing system which few people even know that it exists. Many years ago Thomas Coleman had an evening out with friends where they sat in a noisy restaurant near the piano player. Tinnitus is caused by multiple inner factors and can only be treated by tackling all of the internal elements which are responsible for Tinnitus and can be cured by correctly diagnosing your condition and listening to what your body is saying. There is so much more to this system that you just have to get online and discover it all for yourself and banish Tinnitus from your life forever.
INTRODUCTION: Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI) was developed in English to quantify the handicap caused due to tinnitus.
OBJECTIVES: India being a multilingual country needs to develop and standardize THI in Indian languages. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Questions from English version of THI were translated and modified by two professionals who have a degree of MA Kannada. RESULTS: Analysis revealed 14% of the patients fall under the category of Slight, 38% under Mild, 26% under Moderate, 16% under Severe and 6% under Catastrophic group. CONCLUSION: Scores of Cronbach-alpha test shows that Kannada version of THI is a standard and reliable tool for measuring the handicap caused by tinnitus and can successfully classify individuals on a severity basis.
Recent interest has surfaced in symptom - specific handicap outcome measures for many audiological and otological diseases4.
A symptom specific assessment of many otological disorders will aid in understanding the severity of the symptom and effects of this on routine life.
The English version of THI which is shown in Appendix 1 was the only tool available for quantifying the handicap caused by tinnitus. The beta version of THI developed by Newman and Jacobson in 1996 consists of 25 questions under the 3 sub scales of emotional, functional and catastrophic. Individuals who were suffering from tinnitus with or without any otological diseases were selected for the study. Tinnitus questionnaire was administered on the participants using a structured interview by the clinician to have a record of the demographic details and to cognize the type, nature, and the lateralization of the tinnitus, factors that affect tinnitus, presence of hearing loss, and the concern about the tinnitus. Following the administration of the tinnitus questionnaire, the participants were instructed regarding the self - assessing Kannada version of THI, its importance and the system to grade it. Among all the participants, 94% of the participants had a minimum qualification of SSLC and a maximum qualification of a degree and could fill up the Kannada version of THI without the help of the clinician.
The results of the THI and the self assessing questionnaire were tabulated and are graphically represented below in Graph 1. After the complete analysis of the obtained data, the percentages of the patients coming under various severities were found out. The purpose of this study was to develop a handicap inventory in native language (Kannada), to obtain a standard measurement instrument for evaluating tinnitus in patients to apprehend the effects caused due to tinnitus. From the study, we could observe that the perception of tinnitus handicap differs drastically between subjects as demonstrated by high values of standard deviations, which may be due to effective coping starategies5. Related to the emotional aspects, the Kannada THI allows assessing the relation between tinnitus and manifestation of stress, depression, anxiety & frustration. The result of the current study shows good reliability and internal consistency as indicated by the Cronbach alpha test. Hence this inventory can serve as an effective tool to successfully classify the individuals into different grades according to the symptoms.
Since the main focus of this study was to develop and standardize the THI into Kannada language, and to be administered on all Kannada patients who complain of tinnitus. The main aim of this study was to develop and standardize the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory in Kannada; hence it can be administered on Kannada patients without difficulty. Paper submitted to the ITJ-SGP (Publishing Management System) on December 17, 2012; and accepted on January 17, 2013.
Shea Hearing Aid Center’s Connie Hooe and Paige Stromen work to help residents with hearing and tinnitus problems.
This Tinnitus Miracle System can eliminate your tinnitus in a short time and you begin to notice specific results in less than 7 days. Working hard for the past 14 years Coleman finally came up with a clinically researched system which has more than 45,000 hours of intense medical research supporting it and has been proven to eliminate Tinnitus for good. Those who have discovered this method sing praises about it because they’ve regained control of their lives and eliminated all the negative aspects of Tinnitus.

When he returned home his head continued aching and there was a ringing in his head for hours. So Coleman came up with a system to guide Tinnitus sufferers along and eliminate Tinnitus from their lives forever. Translated inventory was given to 50 native Kannada speakers for the familiarity check & the most familiar sentences were included in the study. According to the data obtained from the National Center for Health Statistics, tinnitus is more commonly seen in males than females and increases in prevalence with advancing age. There are two important aspects of symptom - specific evaluation that is generally done by a valid and reliable inventory5. A Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI) was developed in order to measure the handicap caused by tinnitus. India being a multilingual country with a multicultural background, there is no such inventory available in any of the Indian languages other than in Tamil.
For the present study, the English version of THI was translated to Kannada using the standard Translation-back-translation method (Bardley, 1994) by two professors who have a degree of MA in Kannada. Participants were interviewed briefly regarding tinnitus and those who complained tinnitus for more than 3 months were included for the further procedures, so that, they can quantify accurately the physical, emotional and catastrophic impacts of tinnitus on their daily acvtivities. Thereafter based on the subject's grading for all the questions, the total scores were calculated.
Rest percentages of participants were from a lower socio-economic status and could fill up the questionnaire only with the help of the clinician due to their inability to read and understand Kannada. Cronbach alpha test was administered to check for the internal consistency and reliability of the Kannada version of the THI and also an Item-Total Correlation was also carried out. Thus, according to the Cronbach alpha score, the Kannada version of THI has got a good internal consistency and reliability to administer on the tinnitus patients in the Kannada population. With the administration of Kannada THI it was found that, all the subjects could quantify the severity of tinnitus from slight degree to catastrophic degree, and thus fulfilled the aim of the study. Tinnitus assessment not only involves to match the tinnitus, ascertain the intensity of the tinnitus and to find out the intensity of wide band noise that can mask the tinnitus, but also involve administration of various inventories like THI to rate and assess the severity of tinnitus in order to help the clinician to counsel the patient as well as to know the level at which the management options should begin8. With respect to the functional aspect, the Kannada THI allows to identify the relationship between tinnitus and activities involving concentration, hearing acuity, attention & reading. This inventory could easily be understood to all the laymen and 94% of patients could fill the inventory without any help from the clinician.
Following all the analysis and standardization, the Kannada version of THI came out successfully for the evaluation of tinnitus and found to be reliable. The Kannada version will help the patients with tinnitus to comprehend the severity and intensity of their problem and also considered as a reliable instrument for the verification of the impairment in the quality of life due to tinnitus.
Department of Speech Language Pathology - All India Institute of Speech & Hearing - Mysore - India. In fact, certified audiologist Paige Stromen said, “we focus on managing your hearing and our service is more rehabilitative. Tinnitus questionnaire was then administered, followed by the Kannada version of THI on 140 patients and total scores were obtained. The diagnosis and rational management of tinnitus is one of the legacies of the past millennium, which the medical profession has carried unsolved to this century2. Initially, the self-assessment tool assesses the severity of symptoms and provides objective data about the severity of the symptomand later, the evaluation allows investigators to accurately assess and compare the pre-treatment and post-treatment periods. THI is a method of quantifying the impact that tinnitus has on an individual's daily living conditions. The translated form of the inventory was given to 50 native Kannada speakers who were exposed to Kannada language or had first language as Kannada, who were able to read and write Kannada, for the content validation. Individuals with any significant neurological history, history of psychiatric or psychological counseling with regard to their tinnitus were excluded from the study. Under the functional subscale, 30% of responses were for YES and 50% of responses were for NO and 20% of responses were for SOMETIMES. 38% of patients fall under the category of mild, 26% of patients fall under the category of Moderate, and 16% fall under the category of severe and 6% fall under the category of catastrophic group which is represented in Graph 2. Also a comparative study was carried out between the English version of THI and the Kannada version of THI.
The quality and intensity of tinnitus can affect daily routine of an individual which have an effect on the individual's psychological functioning7.
The catastrophic aspect of Kannada THI allows identification of negative sensations produced by the tinnitus in the patient's lives such as intolerance, loss of control of the sensation. The English version of THI is currently used by most of the audiologists and otorhinolaryngologist to find out the severity of the problem in different patient population and found to be difficult to administer on native speakers of Karnataka.

The recruited subjects for this research presented changes in their Quality of Life (QL) as regards to the functional, emotional and catastrophic aspects due to tinnitus. The functional neuroanatomy of tinnitus: evidence for limbic system links and neural plasticity. Validity of the Italian adaptation of the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory; focus on quality of life and psychological distress in tinnitus-sufferers. Brazilian Portuguese Language version of the "Tinnitus Handicap Inventory": validity and reproducibility. The hearing aids are simply a part of that rehabilitation.”The Brentwood store, is affiliated with the Shea Ear Clinic in Memphis, which Dr. It is a holistic Tinnitus system which guides you through it step-by-step and contains all the information you will ever need to get rid of Tinnitus forever without drugs, surgery or side effects. The THI was developed by the British Association of Otolaryngologist, Head and Neck surgeons, which consists of 50 questions6.
The speakers were given a five-point rating scale to grade the items from very familiar to non-familiar.
A score of 4 was given for YES and a score of 0 was given for NO and a score of 2 was given for SOMETIMES. The overall Cronbach alpha score of both the THI versions and the individual scores for all the three subscales in both the versions were compared.
From the current study, it is clear that the Kannada version of THI is readily available, easy to understand and is a reliable tool for measuring the handicap occurring due to tinnitus.
You will learn about the top eight best foods to eat and the top ten worst foods which you should never eat if you have Tinnitus.
Later, a modified beta version with 25 questions was developed by Newman et al.5 which is in the form of a self-assessment report that a person suffering from the condition can fill in. In such circumstance administering these inventories becomes difficult and sometimes impossible too. Later, all the 50 filled inventories were assessed to find out if all the words and the meaning of the questions were understood by the Kannada speakers. Once the subject finished rating the questions, they were grouped under 5 categories based on the severity that is Slight, Mild, Moderate, Severe and Catastrophic. At the Brentwood store, office manager Connie Hooe works side-by-side with Paige and Connie has more than 10 years experience in the hearing industry.“Because we have an association with Dr. The Tinnitus Miracle System will inform you of the most powerful homeopathic herb which can reverse most Tinnitus conditions and of a wondrous natural vitamin supplement which you should take daily. The self report has been developed subsequent to previous studies that have thrown up reliable data that can be used to classify tinnitus into different grades according to the degree to which the tinnitus has affected a subject. As this inventory quantified the alterations of the daily life of an individual due to tinnitus and due to the non capability of multilingual Speech & Hearing professionals to translate accurately the English version of THI to the regional languages and to avoid communication interpretation, there is a need to develop and standardize the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory in Indian languages. The questions which were rated as 1 or 2 were selected for the inventory and any questions with ratings over 3 were re-framed according to the familiarity of the speakers. All the participants underwent assessment by an otorhinolaryngologist and complete audiological evaluation prior to the administration of the inventory. Shea, we are very adamant of the service that our patients receive for their hearing loss and tinnitus management,” Paige said.
THI consists of 25 questions under the 3 sub-scales of emotional, functional and catastrophic. After agreeing to a four hour surgery, having the Tinnitus return worse than ever he finally took matters into his own hands and came up with a holistic system to cure Tinnitus. The THI beta version is one of the best and most standardized tinnitus measuring tools and has got a good reliability, validity and a good internal consistency to administer on tinnitus patients. They represent NuEar technology that specializes in noise reduction so that speech comes through the noise more clearly.
This is done with dual processors, two systems work together to reduce the noise and increasing the ability to understand the speech.Paige has come full circle with her career. She attended the University of Southern Mississippi and began her career at the Shea Ear Clinic in Memphis.The Shea Hearing Aid Center is located at 330 Franklin Road, Suite 234 in Brentwood.

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