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Have it done in a salon you trust with an experienced technician.I do it myself with excellent results. It's been around since I was in my teens.It does not thicken or lengthen your lashes, it merely puts color on the lashes.
It's NOT enough definition for when you wear eyemakeup and if you use foundation, it will slightly color over the lashes and reduce the effect. But, when I wake up, I have eyes and when I don't wear makeup, I look a bit more awake and finished.I am blonde and fair, my lashes are a very light ash blonde, at 50, they are thinner than they used to be.

If I use vaseline on my top lid skin, I do so sparingly, because even a small amount will prohibit color transfer on the lash. You do not want to leave it on as long as they state, but it's great for covering gray brows or light brows and there is more of a color choice over black or brown. I have naturally Blonde hair and my eyebrows are so light that you cannot see them with out some help.
I could never stand the made up look of using an eyebrow pencil to line my eyebrows and when I would try to use mascara  It would always show on my skin before the day is over and much to made up looking.

I tint my eyebrows and eye lashes about once every three weeks and do not have to use Eye brow pencils or mascara and my eyebrows and eye lashes look very natural.

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