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IKEA'n?n Sevgililer Gunu kampanyas? ciftlerin yasad?g? genel gecer problemlerin cozumunu sunuyor, hem de cok basit yontemlerle! Air France, ucakta izledikleri yar?m kalan filmlerin sonunu merak edenler icin bir kampanya haz?rlad?. Kangding Ray'in These Are My Rivers isimli parcas? icin about blank™ taraf?ndan haz?rlanan muzik videosu cagdas dijital bozulmalar? doga ve sehirle bulusturuyor. Telekom sirketi KT, Guney Kore’de yaln?z yasayan 65 yas ve uzeri insanlar?n hayat?n? kurtaran bir televizyon hizmeti sunuyor. Disney Arast?rma Merkezi'nin radyo frekanslar? kullanan deneysel oyuncaklar? teknolojik etkilesim kurabiliyor.
We missed a couple of Open Houses because of Regionals, but we are back at it this coming Saturday, Sept 1st. Scott Morris’ young stallion, Corleone, wowed everyone at our February montly open house.
Our First monthly Open Barn was a huge success and everyone that attended had a great time. We took a family trip to South Africa in November and Tinus and Francisca Strydom were kind enough to let Tiaan use one of their horses for his very first leadline class. Regional insurance provider FWD has launched the Get Ready to Live campaign as a form of long-term brand positioning. The Hong Kong campaign is part of a regional campaign also rolled out in Macau, Thailand and Indonesia.
FWD was formerly ING Groep NV’s business in Hong Kong, Macau and Thailand, acquired by Pacific Century Group in February.

The core concept behind the brand positioning campaign is to pitch FWD’s products as a safeguard for customers who can then take risks and live their lives. Main characters in the campaign are a father playing with his baby, an experimental rock band, a group of cyclists biking through the streets of Hong Kong, a dog trainer and his dog, and a project manager’s collections of accessories. The most recent part of the campaign is the Snap Your Passion Facebook photography contest, which will run until Monday. The contest asks users to photograph themselves doing an activity and upload it onto the FWD official Facebook page with a Chinese hashtag. The top five users whose posts are shared the most will win a cash coupon to an electronics store. The user deemed to show the most passion for life in his or her photograph by FWD will have their story featured on the Get Ready to Live campaign website. Since April, there has been an ongoing content push on the campaign website where FWD publishes interviews with the main characters of the campaign and others, such as a surfer. Previous Facebook contests in April and May asked users to write a short piece about an experience that excited them.
A TVC was also launched in mid-March and aired on TV channels, and television screens in buses and cinemas.
The series of videos - 'Man vs Network' was conceptualised in collaboration with Ogilvy Malaysia. The annual IKEA Catalogue launch has been a cornerstone of the Swedish furniture giant's marketing for a long time.
The IKEA catalogue is a sufficiently robust modern day icon to carry this off effortlessly.

Our Facebook contests engaged an audience active in online communities across social media and are willing to express themselves and interact with others,” said Chan. The social media campaigns were created to provide insights into our brand promise and create meaning for our customers, with our Facebook page driving engagement and dialogue,” he said.
But in a world where devices have largely replaced books, it's harder to get excited about a printed catalogue.
So for the 2015 edition, BBH Asia Pacific set out to launch the IKEA Catalogue in the manner usually reserved for much-anticipated tech devices. Obviously, we do not allow 'hate speech' or comments that are seen as a personal attack, defamatory, degrading or prejudicial to an individual or company. So be sure to attend the Des Fountaine Open house Sept 1st at Wildwood Farm in Oak Harbour.
The IKEA Catalogue campaign invites you to 'Experience the power of a book', and rediscover 'The Original Touch Interface.' Amazing features are celebrated, like 'Eternal Battery Life', and pages that 'load instantly, with zero lag'. On occasions we will be asking people to contribute work, opinions and views on various topics - you are free to disagree, so long as you observe the above rules and remain constructive.

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