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So if you are thinking about becoming a Christian but you don’t know where to start, this is meant to show you how to become a Christian and what to do after you have become a Christian.
Now we have to stop here for a minute and think about this: for the grace of God has appeared.
And this sovereign goodness was demonstrated through the death of Jesus Christ for our sins.
The grace of God must appear to us or come to us.  What does this appearing look like?  This appearing is the coming of Jesus Christ into the world.
Salvation is the work of God by which he rescues sinners from wrath and judgment and gives them His grace and righteousness. You might have an inherent standard of goodness in your mind and according to your calculations, you are a good person. So repentance is work of God.  Saying the magic words or the right formula cannot save you.
Some people assume that they are Christians because they prayed a prayer.  But many people pray throughout the world. And there is no application process.  God does not look at your resume to determine whether or not you qualify for salvation. Some of you were born in the church, were raised in the church and are now still in church. And in some ways, God is more glorified the greater the darkness He has overcome.    One of the greatest early leaders of the church 2,000 years ago was the Apostle Paul. Verse 12 says that the grace of God trains us “to renounce ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright, and godly lives in the present age…”  notice the order here.  You receive grace and you are saved. Let’s all close our eyes for a minute and I’m going to ask those who are contemplating being saved to say a prayer to God right now. Dear God, I know that I am sinner, I know that I deserve your wrath, and I know, that I cannot save myself, by faith, I am trusting, that Jesus has died for my sins,  by faith, I am trusting, that you will forgive me of my sins, by faith, I am trusting, that you will make me a new creation, in Christ, I turn from my sin right now, I renounce Satan and all his works, I declare Jesus, to be Lord of my life, thank you, for bringing me into your family, I am yours forever. The Bible says that there is no more condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.  If you have believed in the gospel and embraced Christ as your Lord, you are now a blameless son or daughter of God. The following links will take you to a cartoon that illustrates each letter and a brief overview of each letter. This website is the digital expression of my calling to continually explore God through pictures and words, and to share an educational experience with the world. I have called these steps the big 3.   Number 1 is Get saved, which we will be talking about today. What I mean by “get saved” is not to get yourself saved or to save yourself.  You do not get saved in the same way that you get money or get a job or a get a college degree. The Bible says that there are no good people in the world and that none seek God.  So the appearing of the grace of God comes to those who are not looking for it and who are not worthy of it.
Some of you were born in a crack house, raised in a crack house and are hopefully no longer living in a crack house. Growing up in home where the Bible is read and the family goes to church will give you a greater opportunity to be saved.

Perhaps you feel like your story is too dark and too atrocious or too sad for God to redeem. Last night I wanted to burn some paper and a few boxes so I told Melonie that Jude and I were gonna burn a few things.  So she said, “oh there’s a bunch of old papers in the hutch so I grabbed those and brought them outside.
Our purpose is a€?to encourage young wives and moms to grow in Christ and to love their husbands and children well,a€? in accordance with Titus 2:4-5. If you feel compelled to help me keep this site going, any gift you can offer would be appreciated.
And current events today will be forgotten tomorrow.  But the gospel is always good news and it is currently good news. I am better than other people around me.” You might have grown up in a family where you were the good boy or the good girl and you were the good student in your class. Those who have faith in God, do not have faith because they worked to earn it.  Paul says that “it is by grace you have been saved through faith and this is not your own doing.
If you look back to your salvation as a moment when you prayed a prayer, then you are missing it.
I’m going to guess that whatever you have done, you have probably never organized the systematic execution of Christians. It does not say, clean up your act, be more self-controlled and then you will receive grace. It cannot be “okay, God saved me by grace but now I need to change by my own power.” No, it is grace that empowers us to change and enables us to change.
The end result is eternal life with God.  Without salvation, you will die an eternal death in hell separated from God.
And then I decided to grab a few sticks in there so Jude and I went into the woods to get some sticks. That means that there is no moral ladder that humans need to climb to get to God.  It is not as though God says, “Just get to the 10th rung of the ladder and you can be saved. Grace is God loving us in our state of sin and what can be called “total depravity.” Grace is a choice that God makes to love us and to be good to us in spite of our sin. Inherently sinful people cannot please God or make themselves holy.  That is why salvation must come to us by the grace of God alone. As we looked at last week, all Isaiah could do was to say, “woe is me.” All he could do was to repent of his sin.
Repentance literally means to turn away from your sin.  It is to be going in one direction toward your sin and to turn and go toward Christ and obedience to God. Peter says in the book of Acts that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.  There are no limitations to salvation. Some of you had parents who were atheist and some of you may not have grown up with your parents at all.  Some of you have read the Bible front to back, some of you have never read more than few verses. And then I decided to get a few logs so I got those and pulled out the axe and cut up a bunch of wood.
Jesus said, “go into the world and make disciples” and this begins with people getting saved.

Either you have been saved but have not been baptized or you have been saved and baptized but you have not yet gotten connected to a church.  I hope that wherever you are in these steps, you would move forward to the next one. It was good news 2000 years ago and it is good news today.  And it will be good news tomorrow. So I am defining grace as the sovereign goodness of God being given to people who deserve death and judgment. Just stop drinking and smoking and swearing and sleeping around and then you can be saved.” Grace doesn’t work like that.
Or a pitcher will get a save if he comes in on the last inning and maintains the lead for his team. Jesus Christ came to save sinner of all ages, colors, races, backgrounds, habits and addictions and economic levels. Receive the grace of God and that grace will teach you and train you how to be a brand new person.  Grace will set you free and enable you to live free from the sin that will make your life miserable. And then Melonie brought out the graham crackers and chocolate and I rounded up a roasting stick. The cost for the year will be $20, and loving care for your children, ages birth – 6 years, will be provided. Or if you don’t spend more than you make, then you are saving money.” So salvation or being saved, involves rescue or preservation. And it would go on from there to ask about their faith and if they wanted to become a Christian. If you grew up in a Christian home it is because the grace of Christ has been poured out into your family, perhaps for generations.
He says this, “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost. That would be conditional grace and conditional grace, is not grace.  Grace has no conditions. Salvation is for everyone.  Blondes, brunettes, red-haired folks, white haired folks, baldies and everyone in between. But you will be given a new body that will never die or get sick or suffer diseases.  This is called a glorified body.
And then I pulled out the guitar and after the boys went to bed, Melonie and I went back out there for a Saturday night bonfire date. Baptism and getting connected to a church are a part of the Christian life but baptism and getting connected to a church do no save you.   God saves you and this happens as a free gift. People think that they need to clean up their act a bit before they can be worthy of grace.

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