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When I read in Bill Hull’s The Complete Book of Discipleship (2006) that there have recently been “three streams of thought regarding discipleship” (p.
To read Roy Gane's previous suggestions regarding the relationship between Genesis and science, click here. I have become aware of this approach when some individuals have taken offense to written or oral presentations in which I was simply presenting what the Bible unambiguously says. My last post overviewed the development of the doctrine of the Trinity, both in the early Christian centuries and in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and then addressed the paradox of three in one.
This self-characterization of the Bible has always been under attack because it makes an enduring system of divine principles, rather than human ideas, the guide for belief and lifestyle.
Memory, Meaning & Faith is a blog covering Christian history in light of contemporary issues.
Memory Meaning & Faith is sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University. The first he calls “Classic Discipleship.” The characteristics of this approach included mentoring, disciplined Bible study and memorization, and training in witnessing—personally and publically. While they were ostensibly objecting to what I said, it was obvious that their real quarrel was with the Bible.
In addition, some have misunderstood the close connection between predestination and foreknowledge in Paul’s writings. The first person he mentions is a woman, Phoebe, “who is a diakonon of the church which is at Cenchrea.” This Greek word used by Paul to refer to Phoebe is a familiar word in the Greek world.
I also suggested that there are soteriological ramifications of God being three persons with one nature.
Divine principles are to be interpreted and applied within cultural contexts, but they are not to be revised or manipulated to accommodate human desires for control or comfort. When I talk to different people in just my small world, I get at least three main streams of thought.

One of those ramifications is that our salvation is secured by the very God who is the creator and sustainer of all. For some discipleship means going out and winning more souls for baptism, for others it is fine-tuning their personal quiet time with God to an art form, and for still others it is a public push for revival and reformation.
A few months later, I received a letter from a woman who blasted me because I had insulted her by referring to the obesity of Eglon, the repulsive ancient king of Moab who oppressed Israel and was assassinated by Ehud, the Israelite deliverer (Judg 3). In contrast, I propose that according to Scripture, human freedom is facilitated by divine foreknowledge, predestination, and other kinds of divine knowledge.
Hence the group of seven men selected in Acts 6 are said to “serve tables” and the qualification for deacons in 1 Timothy include the ability to rule or manage well their own households (3:12). This is monumentally inconvenient for human compulsions, including pride and the desire to condone a huge array of sins.
It was clear that to her, mention of obesity was “off-limits” because it placed a pejorative value judgment on a person. My proposal is presented in terms of the different kinds of divine knowledge mentioned by Paul in the following text from Romans.
But according to the Bible, God directed the thoughts of these people, who were His co-workers (2 Pet 1:20-21). However, the weaknesses included a lack of addressing the disciple’s inner life and the tendency of the discipleship to last only as long as a program did. 34, where Ellen White describes Jesus Christ as “one in nature, character, and purpose” with God the Father.

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