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After adjusting for those two differences, though, the selections are remarkably similar.  I plan to make the necessary adjustments and integrate these scriptural studies into our existing unit studies. I can attest to how much effort goes into planning something like this out!  And this is so thorough! If you'd like to use my images on your blog, you are welcome to use a single image with attribution and a link back to my original post(as long as it isn't for derogatory, illegal, or directly commercial purposes). I joined my local homeschool association when my daughters were still toddlers, eager to meet experienced moms and begin learning all I could well before I had to make it “official.” As soon as I joined Facebook, I sought other homeschool moms there, and I found online homeschool communities, too. Join Our Newsletter!Sign up to receive FREE homeschool printables, homeschool curriculum deals, and the latest updates! Fast forward a few years and, though my daughters are now only 10 and 11, I find myself on the other side of the proverbial coin.
If you’ve been homeschooling for more than a year or two, I encourage you to consider taking up the mantle. Tina Hollenbeck and her husband Jeff are raising two daughters and have another waiting for them in the arms of Jesus. The term Pastoral Epistles has been applied to these three Epistles since the eighteenth century and were accepted and cited as genuinely Pauline by early Christian writers.
The Pastoral Epistles contain a large number of vocabulary words not found in other Pauline letters.
Because of the subject material, the Pastoral's syntax is generally smoother than that of Galatians and Romans.

If you are a Greek professor or instructor and desire more information about group discounts, please contact me.
Several Greek professors and instructors encourage their students to purchase the diagrams and use them as part of the class curriculum. The following screen shots are representative pages from the Epistles to Timothy & Titus.
I can’t really know what curricula to suggest since I don’t know the learning styles of the particular children in question or the day-to-day dynamics of their families. I’m not sure if the organizational strategies that work for my kids and me will help another family. I believe that the individualized, one-on-one tutoring inherent in home learning is the most effective way to help any child maximize his God-given potential.
And I’ll go out of my way to shore up a discouraged homeschooler in hopes of convincing her to keep her kids at home with her.
As with homeschooling itself, you needn’t be an “expert” to begin offering yourself as a mentor. Tina cherishes her role as at-home wife and mother and advocates passionately for homeschooling. I am finding myself more and more in this Titus 2 Homeschool situation… and I love it! In fact, I’m seeking new wisdom as I begin to think about my daughters’ impending high school years. The way I balance homeschooling and my other responsibilities may be totally irrelevant for a mom in a different season of life.

And I believe we stand the greatest chance of raising emotionally strong, spiritually mature children by keeping them home with their parents, who love them more than even the most dedicated classroom teacher ever will.
In fact, I’ve discovered that being a “Titus 2 homeschooler” is one of my favorite things to do. All you need is the knowledge you’ve gained from being a little further down the path than someone else and a willingness to share from your heart. She was trying to convince me to put my kids back in pre-school and daycare and come back to work full time.
I love helping new homeschoolers and seeing their eyes light up when they realize all their possibilities. But I’ve recently noticed that I’ve joined the ranks of “Titus 2 homeschoolers” – the “older women” of whom new and prospective homeschoolers solicit advice. In her spare time, Tina enjoys singing on her church’s worship team, exercising, and scrapbooking. It is daunting, and I think that is why so many homeschoolers don’t open themselves up to help others starting out.

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