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This site about modern home decorating ideas, modern furniture, modern interior design styles, interior design ideas and more here. Here’s our schedule for this Saturday, along with the workshops, speakers, lunch details and retreat sessions.
I’ve never been more thrilled with our line-up of retreat speakers than I am this year! As Christian women, we can (and should) be flourishing in our roles as daughters, wives, and mothers. Hang out with your friends and enjoy some “girl time” at your favorite restaurant! We’ll have some awesome door prizes to giveaway, plus you can browse our business tables for homemade goodies, candles, natural living and healthy products, etc!
We are anticipating a wonderful day of fellowship and encouragement on August 16, and can’t wait to see you there! If you haven’t already marked your calendars for August 16, you can register right here!
Faith Tabernacle has a great location with lots of surrounding restaurants, so take your pick and enjoy a fun lunch with your friends. If you’d like to receive information on upcoming events in 2013, please subscribe to Living Titus2 emails. Welcome to Living Titus2!Living Titus2 is a ministry with the vision of uniting and blessing women and girls in the DFW region and beyond. We eagerly invite you to join us in our quest to explore and restore the Biblical foundations of womanhood in our lives, homes, and churches. Check out our BFF #3 Digital Library that holds many rich resources for the growing Christian including the book above!

In this message, we will only focus on the one group: the older men, but each group has their own sphere of life in which they are involved. If you wonder how this applies to all those here that are not older men, say over thirty, think like this. On the other hand, if you are a younger man, a boy, start dreaming of how you can be a godly man full of good deeds. Or just order the printed copy or download of the Inductive Bible Study in Titus which comes with student handouts in pdf and .doc to edit. I always find it thoroughly amusing when I see my little children dressed up in adult clothes. There are two purposes as said in verse 14: (1) Redemption from every lawless deed and (2) Purifying for Himself a people for His own possession. Joanna Martin, founder of the Princess Conference, will be teaching a God’s Girls Workshop for girls ages first grade through eighth grade.
Carol Martin was amazing!  We were blessed with a tremendous team of speakers, wonderful fellowship, and encouraging, Biblical teaching aimed right at the hearts of Christian girls and ladies. Her devotion to God and burden for women has inspired her to share these Biblical insights. Older men are to be temperate, dignified, sensible, sound in faith, in love, in perseverancea€? (Titus 2:1-2).
When he tells Titus to a€?speak the things which are fitting for sound doctrine,a€™ we might think he is talking about those doctrines of a€?what we believe.a€™ He is but in a different way as has already been explained.
We would think that those who are dressed with ties are those great men, but this is far from the truth. Check out the great number of articles on the BFF Biblical Training Library all for one low cost. We stopped remembering the names of world political leaders and started remembering the names of movie stars' ex-boyfriends.
People no longer find fulfillment by being who they should be, for they do not know who they are, but by living for the moment. This is our first year to offer a class just for young girls, so we’re super excited about what God has in store for your first through eighth grade-aged daughters!
Meanwhile, here’s a quick peek at our speakers, workshop teachers, and service coordinator.

Paula€™s exhortations will help each group focus on how to do well despite these challenges. If you are a young woman looking forward to marrying, start shaping your expectations after this list.
Of course, if you are not a very young man any more, you might get a bit honest and see yourself in this category.
Great men, those that are shaped by the Gospel truths, are those that live for principles beyond themselves.
We stopped participating in fraternal service organizations and started playing video games. But when we say that we are followers of Christ but the clothes, the lives we wear, do not match, is there not something fundamentally wrong with our claim to know Christ? Cross off the rich, handsome and good family name and add on the qualifications mentioned here. We Boomers identified so strongly with being 'the younger generation' that now, paunchy and gray, we're bewildered. You might adhere intellectually to this and that doctrine, but it does not impact your life. If what you believe does not shape what you believe, then you should consider yourself as a nonbeliever.
But we noted, that though the elders must live according to this standard, everyone is responsible to live out these lives.
For example, a man might call himself a Christian, but if he is not faithful to his wife, then Christ calls him an adulterer. Paul will discuss instructions for four groups of people: older men, older women, young women, young men and then slaves. In the end, if we find the fruit of our lives does not match with the glorious gospel of Christ, then we should repent from our wicked ways.

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