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We are grateful for the opportunity to provide women with “fresh starts” and “new perspective”.
When they leave, as each eventually will, we know that we have been faithful to give them what we could, what God has equipped us to share- spiritually, financially, and in other ways.
We wish Heidi the very best in her return to her hometown and look forward to her future success. On a Sunday in March, 30 volunteers men, women, and children, gathered to make a significant dent in the “to do” list at Titus 2’s women’s ministry residence. It was a fun day and exciting to see how much a team can accomplish with a little planning and a lot of heart! They have had in depth lessons and discussions about the meaning of Christmas – past and present.
They have received a number of nice gifts- hand crochet edged blankets, jewelry, candies, makeup bags with assorted items for nails, skincare, and beauty, hair accessories, gift cards, clothing, books and devotionals, scarves, and other useful and lovely items.

She found that to be more difficult than she’d expected and found her way to Titus 2 through a series of what later she and others have described simply as a “God thing.” She was seeking a fresh start, a new perspective. But, in truth, all we do is share our lives in Christ and give these ladies the time, safely, and nurture in Christian discipleship to grow into a solid relationship with Christ themselves. And we pray that they will take what they have been given, use it fruitfully in their own lives, share it with others and have an impact on their world that glorifies God! We look forward, too, to seeing her again on future visits to Panama City, her second home.
They painted three bathrooms, floored one bath, hung light fixtures, cleaned out a shed and put new flooring in it, organized boxes of donated goods for an upcoming yard sale, cleaned out a closet, rescreened a porch, tore down an old dog pen, and more! They have enjoyed Christmas music programs, a party at First Church of God in downtown Panama City, gatherings in the home of friends, groups visiting and bringing meals, gifts, and supplies, several craft making activities, dinner out at Rodeo’s Restaurant, Christmas movies, great food, and more! She developed her plan for exiting and discussed her next steps with supportive mentors and friends.

She shared with me this weekend as I drove her back to her hometown and the waiting friends who will be helping her continue in her new life in Christ how this year past year has changed her.
Ben Lyles, Baypointe member and contractor Jonathan Fuqua, Nichole and Dan Magner, and all of the other members of Baypointe Church from Panama City Beach for their commitment to service in our community. The month of Advent activities has flown by and they are settling down into preparation for the quiet of Christmas Eve, including attending a Candlelight service, and the celebration of Christmas Day. Completing these tasks for Titus 2 has allowed us to move forward on several other improvements on the “to do” list!
The students will be at the residence for the day sleeping in and enjoying grilling steaks provided by the Ministry, a Christmas Day tradition.

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