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Solvil et Titus ambassador Karen Mok (???) is wearing the “butterfly watch”, which has a tonneau-shaped case in gold colour and a round black mother-of-pearl dial.
These watches are available in a rose gold-coloured steel model with a white mother-of-pearl dial (HK$1,350), and three stainless steel versions featuring white, pink or black mother-of-pearl dial (HK$1,250). Please confirm which model, if you have seen it on our site, why would you need us to email you photo?

These watches came out for Summer from Solvil et Titus but they still have a nice bouncy, colorful feel to them for those looking for something more bold going into Fall. All of them are presented on a croco-effect genuine leather strap in matching colour with a glossy and pearlised finish.
On the backside: ATM water resistant stainless steel case, Titus name and #s 08-0420 (maybe 06-0420) under Titus, under 08-0420 another #813666.

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