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They?d all cut their hair into long fringes, like his, and they would wear Moroccan clothes borrowed from his wardrobe. The theory had sounded faintly ludicrous, but I had been unable to deny the extraordinary sway Brian held over women. Under a tree in a Cheltenham cemetery there is a wooden bench, paid for by fan club members but sadly neglected by locals with bird droppings making it more of a health hazard than the original intent, a quiet retreat for visitors to Brian’s grave. There is a blue plaque at the entrance to ‘Rosemead’, Brian’s childhood home; again paid for by fan club members but, does a small plaque do justice to the young man from Cheltenham who moved on to London and, through his own tenacity and inspiration, formed the phenomenon that 45 years on, still tour the world as the Rolling Stones? Then there is the statue; or that was what fan club members donated many thousands of pounds for but ended up, despite all their efforts, with a small bust tucked away in the rear of a Cheltenham shopping mall. Finally we were given ‘Stoned’, which, according to producer Stephen Woolley, was the definitive portrayal of the hedonistic lifestyle of Brian Jones and the fictional account of his demise.
Over the past couple of years dwindling support for the Brian Jones Fan Club might be largely attributable to true fans apathy for the above low points and who can blame members for falling away? Over the last few months however there has been a significant development which, with your support, might change things for the better. However, on the 1st July, after meeting up at the cemetery BJFC members went on to the Wheatsheaf Inn, a mile or so from Cheltenham town centre in Leckhampton.
Part way through the evening somebody put a call in and out of the blue the Ramrods turned up, guitars in hand and their impromptu performance just made the night! It’s the late 1950’s, and nestling deep into the Cotswold hillsides genteel Cheltenham is experiencing a never-seen-before teenage revolution as American style coffee bars and basement jazz clubs start to cater for the increasing import of devil’s music from the United States.
Another establishment soon to catch onto this phenomena was the Wheatsheaf Inn out on the Old Bath Road, Leckhampton.
In 1958 and amongst this burgeoning music scene, sixteen year old Brian Jones, himself to go on to fame and fortune with the Stones started to experience the birth of popular music in the UK. It was at Club 66 that Dick Hattrell, an early influence on Brian, first met the youngster with an insatiable appetite for the Blues. Trumpeter John Keen remembers Brian’s devotion to the Blues music he so loved: “Back then it was incredible to see the energy that Brian put into, not only his music but more importantly his organisational skills.
Today, landlord Maurice Dominey has regular bookings for The Venue, once the pub’s skittle alley and for a brief period in the late 1950’s, ‘Club 66’.
So taken with The Venue, Pat Andrews, Brian’s Cheltenham girlfriend and mother to their son Mark who together with Brian were at the birth of the Stones commented, “What a great place this would be for the fans from all over the world who visit Cheltenham to see the places where Brian lived and hung out; to have a permanent living museum for Brian would be absolutely wonderful”.
An agreement between landlord Maurice Dominey and the BJFC has now established Club 66 at The Venue. Songwriter and guitarist Pat Townshend, whose 1960’s formative years in music were so influenced by Brian Jones later went on to design and manufacture the revolutionary Staccato drums that rock pundits might recall being played by sticks legends John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) and Keith Moon (The Who). Centrepiece of the museum will be a replica white VOX Teardrop guitar, designed to the exact specification as Brian’s own Teardrop by Pat Townshend. 12 months ago Pat Townshend joined the team from the BJFC researching the death of Brian Jones and contributed valuable information.
Getting back to Club 66, future plans for this living museum include gigs to fund the Brian Jones exhibition. Anybody from Cheltenham and the surrounding area who knew Brian personally back in the 50’s and 60’s, and who might want to come along as our guest is invited to contact the BJFC’s Trevor Hobley.
Alternatively take a look at the fan club’s website for news of progress, photographs and upcoming events and then, if you’d like to help in any way, please make contact and support the fan clubs efforts in keeping Cheltenham’s most infamous rock star’s light shining.
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As part of a season of programming marking Sir David Attenborough's 90th birthday, four of his favourite films are brought together as the renowned naturalist looks back on his personal highlights. First transmitted in 1971, A Blank on the Map is a unique record of a remarkable overland expedition into the heart of unknown territory in Papua New Guinea to make contact with a previously unknown tribe, the Biami. Women seemed compelled to look like Brian; it was as though they were worried that he was more beautiful than they.
And we all know what bad press resulted as a result of the appalling unveiling ceremony with guest of honour Tom Keylock leading the so called VIP’s banal praise for Brian!
Local historian John Appleby recorded this exciting time for the town’s youngsters in his rare booklet ’38 Priory Street’, one of the more infamous meeting places for the avant garde of Cheltenham. A family run pub on the main arterial route between London and the West Country, landlord Mr. A regular visitor to Club 66, Brian soon started to tote his guitar around, taking every and any opportunity to get up on stage with his older contemporaries, and to save himself the entrance fee he often sat on the door collecting admission money as well as issuing and signing Membership Cards.
Dick recalls: “My earliest recollection of Brian was when I visited a jazz venue known locally as Club 66.
I can’t think of many sixteen year olds these days who could run and organise a jazz club like he did. Recently, on July 1st the Brian Jones Fan Club held one of their bi-annual get-togethers with guests including The Ramrods, Pat Townshend (one time business partner of Mick Jagger and member of the Rolling Stones inner circle) and legendary 60’s trouser-splitting singer P J Proby.
The ex-skittle alley has been completely refurbished; exhibits and memorabilia have started to appear and are now being wall mounted for permanent display. Hutchins Guitars, a company specialising in replica guitars have agreed to produce a limited edition Brian Jones Teardrop and # 001 will be donated to the museum.
Representing the research team Trevor Hobley comments: “It’s been almost five years now that we’ve been investigating the suspicious death of Brian Jones.
It’s planned to have a grand opening night in late October with Brian’s good friend P J Proby doing the honours and sharing his own memories of ‘hanging out’ with Brian, John Lennon and many others in the swinging London of the 1960’s. A forest with a dark history of strange occurrences, ghost sightings and countless cases of missing people.
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All the negativity over recent years might just disillusion the strongest of supporters but be assured, the BJFC will never cease to exist, and we need to persuade people to come back, believing that we are the real deal for those who support Brian’s achievements and memory. Webley realised that giving an outlet for the local youngsters to ‘let their hair down’ might seriously increase his turnover. Brian was on the door collecting entrance fees and checking membership cards, he had this heady responsibility which included issuing membership cards and I guess this was his first tentative step on the ladder to fame and fortune. Artist Ben Riley has donated a number of his favourite paintings to add to the exhibition and approaches are being made to people who might want to loan and exhibit their own personal Brian Jones memorabilia. Teardrops # 010 thro 250 will be available exclusively through the BJFC and the Brian Jones museum.
Along the way people have come forward who’ve never been interviewed before, new evidence and discoveries have been made proving that Brian’s death was not accidental nor a death by misadventure. In Bristol, the police re-examine Mrs Hobbsa?™ murder case and Sergeant Forrest comes under pressure to reveal the whereabouts of the girls.
But as the details of her two old cases emerge, Maya is asked whether truth is a price worth paying.
3 Star Michelin Chef Clare Smyth from Gordon Ramsay Royal Hospital Road shares her wedding day memories of a very special wine and creates a beautiful dish to complement it. They want the house to be safe for their growing boys and utilize natural material wherever the can. From avatars and holograms, to androids and algorithms that can tweet on our behalf from beyond the grave.
Incredible harp player John O’Leary accompanied Pat also and showed his support for the fan club and visitors with some fine solo pieces.
The pub’s skittle alley soon became ‘Club 66’ and started to attract many local jazz, swing, jive and rock and roll bands including The Ramrods, still gigging today and others going onto national fame like the wacky Temperance Seven. I remember we chatted very briefly about the music on offer that evening but a few weeks later he sought me out at The Rotunda in Montpellier, another music venue quite near to the town centre.
The John Keen Jazz Band often included Brian Jones in their ‘Club 66’ line-up and, as the band progressed into the early 1960’s Brian stared to get more of his own Blues gigs and the four piece band, John Keen, Brian Jones, Graham Ride and Dick (Duck) Pond would, for these particular venues, perform under their alternate pseudonym, the Brian Jones Blues Band.
After searching for the film crew for two years Howard Redman, Rachels teacher, found the crews camera buried in the snow. And Gizzi Erskine visits the Napa Valley for a trip on the Wine Train, where shea?™s also put in charge of the stove to create lunch for two of Californiaa?™s best winemakers. In amongst everybody and enjoying the evening, chatting, signing autographs and having his photograph taken was P J Proby, Brian’s good friend from the mid 60's. He’d heard through the grapevine that I had a collection of Muddy Waters records and wanted to borrow a couple to get to know the lyrics as well as the music.
He was totally absorbed with Muddy’s unique version of Rhythm and Blues and after mentally absorbing everything from those few discs, he gradually went through the rest of my collection, which included the music of Elmore James, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and Howlin Wolf. I was extremely impressed with Brian’s retention and his almost obsessive interest in these artists, and their kind of music. When Brian died in 1969 I felt such an enormous loss and to this day remember with fondness the friendship we had all those years ago”.

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