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There's the menorah relief, showing a representation of the Golden Candelabra that Moses set in the Holy Place offering light and symbolism for the priests.
One only has to look at this relief and imagine it reversing like a film running backwards to see the dreadful death and destruction that was left behind by the invincible Roman Legion; the thousands that were slaughtered, the glorious city burning and in ruins, and those surviving banished to Europe in chains where their descendants will remain for almost 2,000 years until the miraculous events of 1948 brought Israel back into nationhood once again. Arches - Ancient Roman Monuments - Images and Illustrations - Illustration of the Arch of Titus at Rome.

The Antonia Fortress - Overview - Titus Vespasian attacked the city of Jerusalem from the north side in 70 A.D. Bible History Online - The Arch of Titus (Biblical Archaeology) - The Arch of Titus is one of Rome's most famous monuments. Bible History Online - Bust of Vespasian (Biblical Archaeology) - The face of the Roman Emperor, Vespasian.

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