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The Australian Tennis Magazine is Australia’s only tennis magazine and has been keeping players, coaches, parents and fans up to date with news on international players, events and issues since 1976. Note: The Times Union is not responsible for posts and comments written by non-staff members. Shoe Details: Building on the success of the 851, the 996 evolves into a more solid and supportive offering. Comments: I got lucky for this past testing period because I really like the strings and the sneakers.
Comments: After wearing and loving this shoe’s predecessor, the 851, I had high expectations for this shoe.
I have always found New Balance court shoes to fit great and require minimal break-in time. After several weeks of wear, playing two-three times a week, the shoes still dont feel broken in. I have a few foot issues going on - including an ankle that was sprained and can still easily roll and the tendency to develop callouses.
Signature ABZORB cushioning provides durable comfort and support in a breathable leather sneaker designed for quick movement on the court. This entry was posted in Brands, Color, Men, New Balance, Shoes, Sneakers, Trends and tagged athletic shoes, men sneakers, New Balance, tennis shoe on July 14, 2013 by yohii.
Rich’s Comments: New Balance is one of my favorite athletic shoe manufacturers, and the MC 851 is a great addition to their tennis line-up. Kristin’s Comments : I love this shoe!  New Balance has been a favorite of mine in the running shoe category because it is one of the few makers that sells shoes in two widths for women. Since January 2014 all Tennis World staff, coaching and administration, have been wearing New Balance branded uniforms. Maintaining the lightweight, low-profile design of its predecessor, New Balance introduces new technologies to make this shoe more stable than ever. What I thought was a great improvement over the 851 was the memory foam-like cushioning in the footbed and the depth of the outersole’s traction.

Upgrades to this already-stellar design include S-Curve technology, which offers unmatched lateral support and stability, as well as an NDURE forefoot cage and EVA foam footbed for ultimate lightweight comfort. I had bought my first pair of these at our local tennis shop and found the stability to be outstanding, so I had to go for another in a different color. I always wear my new shoes around for a day or so to get a feel for them and break them in a bit before playing. While they are a lower cut then I usually enjoy playing with and aren’t as supportive as I would have liked, I must say these are an excellent performing tennis shoe. New Balance tennis apparel and footwear is available to purchase in Tennis World’s Pro Shops [+]. Synthetic leather and mesh are re-enforced by an NDURE cage for lightweight support and comfort. In addition, the red and white zig-zags along the side where it attaches to the sole actually squeeze your toes and seem like they would create blisters on the court.
ProBank technology has also been inserted into the midsole to optimize foot position on lateral cuts, offering even more stability.
After wearing the shoes on carpet for about 15 minutes I realized they would have to go back. The player looking for speed and comfort will enjoy this offering as the weight combined with court gripping traction help provide an ultra-fast feel around the court.
They fit like a pair of socks and the next thing I noticed was they felt a bit “spongy” under the arch.
The shoes look sweet being all black with neon trim around the outside and matching color on the sole. On a tennis court, it is important to have a shoe that doesn’t weigh you down as you run for balls, and these shoes certainly were versatile.
I considered ordering a half size smaller and in a wide width, but ultimately decided to try another style. This is the perfect choice for the player looking for a lightweight, low-to-the-ground feel without sacrificing support and durability.

I would not purchase this style again but I think I can get a decent amount of wear out of them this time. In most shoes you stand on a wedge (your heel slightly higher than the ball of your foot) in these shoes you stand naturally flat on the ground. The Neon sole however will take on the color of whatever court you play on but it can be cleaned pretty easily. The only complaint I might have would be that the shoes are very flat and arch support is not great. Once you realize this you also realize that these shoes ride LOW and I mean wonderfully LOW, bare feet low. Overall, the thing these shoes having going for them besides the styling is that they are soooo comfortable, they sort of feel like bouncy pillows for your feet.
In conclusion, I think New Balance has found “the balance” of off court comfort and styling while providing excellent performance and durability on the court. A little splash of yellow in the shoe would have been a good balance with the other colors. I had the pleasure of playing on hard courts and red clay on several occasions with this shoe. This is the lightest pair of shoes I have ever put on, yet they stick to the hard courts like tape, and are rock solid on clay no real slips. After 20+ hours of hard court play I see no wear of any kind not even smoothing under the ball of the foot.
I will wear these until they are done and then I will get another pair and when those are gone, another.

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