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The tragus is the small piece of cartilage that sticks out in front of the entrance to the ear canal. We’ve put together a nice tragus piercing collection that includes many types of jewelry, one infection, anti-tragus piercings, and a few celebrities like Rihanna that sport the popular body modification. Below you'll find the name of the piercing, where it is located, how it is pierced and care insturctions. Tragus Piercing: The act of piercing the cartilage at the end of the ear so that you can insert jewelry.

Tragus Care Instructions: The best place to get a thorough cleaning of your piercing site is while in the shower each day.
Take a sterile cotton ball and soaked it in either disinfecting solution or saline solution, as guided by your professional piercer, and clean the piercing area regularly.Make sure that you clean the jewelry also, when cleaning the piercing area. Tragus piercings have become very popular and often accompany additional ear piercings, the most common being the ear lobe. This minor operation is done with a straight or curved small gauge hollow needle that is specifically for this kind of job only.

Gently twist the jewelry or ring to remove all the dirt formed inside the hole or on the jewelry. Unwashed hands provides harmful micro-organisms and bacteria, which cause tragus piercing infection.

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