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The interesting thing about hearing loss is that, statistically, if you have it, you probably won’t acknowledge it or seek out care for at least five to seven years—maybe longer.
20 percent of the United States population, or 48 million people, have some degree of hearing loss.
Of those who do seek out treatment, they’ll procrastinate 5 to 7 years before getting a hearing test. Of those that obtain a hearing test, they’ll hold out, on average, 10 years after the official diagnosis prior to buying hearing aids. That means, in this sample of 100 individuals, 16 people will go without better hearing indefinitely, while the 4 that do get help will have wasted 15 years of better hearing and a superior standard of living. Hearing loss normally develops in small increments over many years and isn’t detectable at any one particular moment in time.
High-frequency hearing loss (the most typical kind) mainly affects higher frequency sounds. Hearing loss is subjective: it can’t be discovered by visual evaluation and it’s not usually accompanied by any pain or uncomfortableness. If you have hearing loss, there are alternative methods to boost sounds: you can turn-up the volume of the TV or require people to shout or repeat themselves.
If individuals can overcome these hurdles, they still face the stigma of hearing loss (although it’s diminishing), the price of hearing aids (although it’s falling), and the perception that hearing aids simply don’t work (entirely erroneous). With so many barriers, it’s no surprise why so many people wait to treat their hearing loss, if they deal with it at all.
Understand the odds – hearing loss is one of the most widespread health issues in the US.
Learn about hearing aids – the latest hearing aids have been verified to be effective, and with so many models and styles, there’s a pair that’s ideal for you and your price range. The research shows that hearing aids are highly effective, but what do hearing aid users have to say?

To summarize, of those with hearing loss, only 20 percent will seek treatment, despite the fact that hearing aids are effective and the majority of people are satisfied with their performance. But what if the statistics were flipped, and 80 percent of those with hearing loss took action and sought treatment?
Hearing loss is currently a major public health issue that ranks third in line only after arthritis and heart disease as one of the most common physical maladies. The good news is, those same studies show that people who accepted treatment for their hearing loss reported significant improvement in their family relationships and have a better overall sense of safety and well being.  They are also more socially active, less likely to experience depression, and report a higher overall quality of life. Hearing loss may occur as a result of too much earwax, a viral infection, too much constant exposure to loud noises, or simply aging.
Most doctors believe that once it is gone, there is no way to get back your natural hearing because of the damaged nerve cells. Recent CommentsWeird Diet Tricks That Really Work - Anxiety Tips : Anxiety Tips on Learn About The Three Major Nutrients For An Effective Diet Weight Loss PlanWhat are the Different Uses of Advanced Health Products?
You’ve likely entered the industry to help people—and with contemporary technology you know you can—yet the vast majority of people won’t even attempt to improve their hearing, or for that matter, even acknowledge there’s a problem.
For instance, you’d recognize an instant 20-decibel hearing loss, but you wouldn’t necessarily notice a yearly loss of 1-2 decibels over 10 years.
That implies you may be able to hear low-frequency sounds normally, creating the impression that your hearing is healthy.
The only way to appropriately measure hearing loss is with a professional hearing test (audiometry). Your hearing loss will probably not be apparent in a quiet office atmosphere, so your doctor may have no reason at all to even suspect hearing loss—and they may not even be trained in its proper evaluation. But not only does this method work poorly, it also transmits the stress of your hearing loss onto other people.
20 percent of the population has hearing loss, so it’s not improbable that you may, as well.

As reported by the MarkeTrak consumer satisfaction survey, 78.6% were satisfied with their hearing aid performance.
That would mean an extra 28 million people in the US could enjoy all of the physical, mental, and social benefits of better hearing. Miller currently serves on the national audiology advisory council for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and is active at the local, national, and international levels in the Special Olympics Healthy Hearing program. Age-related hearing loss affects about 40 percent of people over 65 years old in the United States. However, many alternative doctors and ENT (ear, nose, and throat) specialists say there are significant ways that can help reverse hearing loss and improve hearing. And those 4 individuals will wait 5 to 7 years before getting a test, after which they’ll wait an additional 10 years before acquiring a hearing aid.
The trouble is, speech is high-frequency, so you may suspect that the speaker is mumbling when, the truth is, hearing loss is to blame. It is so pleasant to be able to participate in conversations when I can hear what is being said. It is unfortunate that becoming hard of hearing is a standard part and one of the earliest detectable sensory changes in aging. He has been on the faculty of three universities and has owned private practices in Oklahoma City and Dallas.

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