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One of the initial steps in the ARC System 2 calibration involves setting the volume level for your studio monitor system so that it is sufficiently higher than the ambient noise in your studio, and there is a simple visual indicator which helps you make the studio monitor system volume level adjustment, as well as a text indicator which activates when the studio monitor system volume is within the required sound pressure level (SPL) range . Productivity in an office environment is a factor that is significantly affected by the acoustics of the space.
In the open plan office, the acoustical performance of panels, ceilings, floors and walls must be controlled if speech privacy is to be maintained, and the overall noise level is compatible with the intended use of the space. An upgrade of Coolangatta’s Ambulance Station to modernise its facilities also came with the mandate to provide a noise reduction solution for the Ambulance Officers sleeping quarters. My ears adapt to this so it doesn't affect my mixing, but when calibrating the speakers, will the ARC measurement software account for that noise? An acoustician needs to consider the needs of a range of audiences, including first time office occupiers, clients, specialist contractors, suppliers, designers, architects and acousticians.
As leaders of noise abatement solutions, Modular Wall Systems™ was immediately contacted to look at ways to provide a noise buffer surrounding the sleeping quarters.

Or will it regard it as an acoustic error and adjust the frequency curve of the speakers according to that?
All the mentioned types of office occupiers have different requirements and different needs in regards with what is considered as good office acoustics. Complaints in the office often involve the lack of speech privacy, high noise levels and the distraction of, overheard extraneous conversations. Any solution needed to seamlessly link into the overall newly refurbished design aesthetics. Given SlimWall™ has no good or bad side and can be painted in any colour swatch, it was able to seamlessly integrate into the stations overall refurbishment. These complaints risk becoming more pronounced when traditional office walls are replaced by partial height panels, which allow sound to circulate more freely throughout a space. THOUGHTS ON ACOUSTIC ROOM TREATMENTSOver the long run I think it makes sense to devise a strategy for dealing with the real problem--which is the noise coming from the outside air conditioning system--since while I am comfortable with the idea that the ARC System 2 will be able to make the necessary adjustments, I think there is an important caveat which travels with the calibration .

Specifically, when the noise from the outside air conditioning system is treated as ambient noise, I think this requires the volume level for the studio monitor system to be set to the same playback sound pressure level that was used to do the ARC System 2 calibration .
You can measure the sound pressure level (SPL) reasonably accurately with a Nady DSM-1 Digital SPL Meter, and you might be able to do it simply by observing where the volume slider for your computer or external digital audio interface was set, although using an SPL Meter will be more accurate .
Yet another factor to consider is the constancy of the noise from the outside air conditioning system, where intuition suggests that the noise being the same all the time probably is best . If the outside air conditioning system is mounted in a window of your studio, then doing an acoustic room treatment is more difficult, but if it is outside sitting on a concrete pad and there is sufficient space between the unit and the outside wall for a deflector panel, this is not so difficult to do, and if there is enough room you also can build some Helmholtz absorbers on the other side of the unit, although doing the Helmholtz absorbers is a bit more work and costs more .

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