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There have been ongoing debates as to whether Intra-Tympanic Steroid Injections would be the most effective medical intervention in treating Sudden Hearing Loss or if the widely practiced evidence-based medical management of oral steroids would be a safer choice. When seeking the different options for tinnitus treatment, there are a couple of options that one can consider. Stay up to date with the latest news on treatments for sudden hearing loss and tinnitus by visiting frequently. Having my story out there will hopefully help others fight the battle against sudden hearing loss, or at least help them learn to cope.
Losing your hearing is very common in people these days, so I think it`s important to have information like this one!
Sudden hearing loss, also known as sudden sensorineural hearing loss, is a medical emergency that is extremely frightening for the person experiencing it. Central hearing loss: Is a rare condition having to do with a problem in the brain, usually a brain tumor. Cochlear implantation is a surgical procedure that involves implanting a device under the skin behind the ear. Some people may choose to wait for the symptoms of sudden hearing loss to clear up on their own. Sudden hearing loss is classified as hearing loss that occurs immediately or within a three-day period and is characterized by a loss of three or more decibels in a range of three frequencies. Each case of sudden hearing loss is unique, and the condition can manifest different symptoms.

The most conservative treatment for sudden hearing loss is to not intervene at all and hope the symptoms clear up on their own.
Very few people ever learn what caused their sudden hearing loss, as there are more than a hundred known possible causes. Despite the fact that steroids are considered and prescribed as the most used treatment for sudden hearing loss, there is little of scientific evidence to suggest their use or that of any other therapies for this condition, as per a systematic review and meta-analysis both published in the June issue of Archives of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery.
All randomized clinical trials that were published between 1966 and 2006 and evaluated treatments for sudden hearing loss were searched by Anne Elizabeth Conlin, B.A.
It was concluded that systemic steroids cannot be considered the gold standard of treatment for treating sudden sensorineural hearing loss, given the severe limitations of the landmark study supporting their use.
It is ideal for people who need a device that is not visible and one that can facilitate their hearing.
It occurs over a period of a few hours and you just don't notice it until it becomes severe. People with this type of loss have problems interpreting speech, even though hearing may be normal.
This is why diagnosis must be made first before treatment can begin, and the appropriate elimination procedure can be administered. After healing has taken place the patient will wear an external behind the ear device that send signals to the implanted piece, which then stimulates the auditory nerve.
Some people afflicted with suddenly losing their hearing state for instance, that they went to bed with perfectly normal hearing only to wake up to find their hearing greatly diminished.

Functional hearing loss: Is not easily recognized and is a result of psychological or emotional problems. You can rise above the problems associated with hearing loss by getting an early diagnosis and treatment.
Sensorineural is the most prevalent, while central is quite rare usually caused by a brain tumor.
Have your hearing checked regularly so that early signs can be addressed and properly treated. If you or someone you know are having signs and symptoms of hearing loss, make an appointment with your health care professional as soon as possible.
If perforation is due to infection, the correct antibiotic will be prescribed by your physician. Ototoxicity is treated by discontinuing the medication and possibly prescribing a different one will help. Should it be found that a tumor, such as an acoustic neuroma, is the cause, surgery performed by a neurosurgeon or ENT physician is the course of treatment. If permanent hearing loss is the diagnosis there are treatments than can help to improve this as well.

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