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07-Apr-2016 3:01 amGo0m3r619 says:How are these games going to blow our minds when most of us can't afford the VR gear required to play them? 01-May-2016 3:36 ambastanley11 says:yoooo i just got this VR racing game its crazy real!!!! Virtual Reality Freak der vorletzten Stunde, zu Hause in den zwiebelformig Schichten der Matrix_en des Lebens und immer auf der Suche nach der roten Pille.

It allows for different head tracking modes so games that support Freetrack or Track IR will work perfectly.
I've heard it's not very immersive as a VR headset and feels more like you're watching a 3D film on a TV in front of you (rather than the wraparound experience of Google Cardboard). I pay more than double the amount on beer in a given year.PS, this list needs Hover Junkers for the Vive.

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