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I had decided last year, since I had begun to get back into shooting sporting clays and after using one of my friend’s over and under, that I was going to look into an over and under for myself. The Franchi Diamond came in a hard-plastic take-down casewith a plastic choke wrench and space for four chokes, as well as room for various cleaning supplies.
After over 3000 rounds through the Franchi, I can honestly say that the gun is of first-rate quality and has performed flawlessly. In the end, I’ve purchased a new Italian made shotgun for around $1300 which looks great, fits well, shoots well and goes BANG every time I pull the trigger. Scott, thanks for the follow-up and good idea getting the guy at Dick’s to pull out the fish scale. Since the last post I monied down on a Franchi 48 AL 28ga, to satisfy my desire for a sub 6 lb. As far as DocF is asking, I am not aware of any pre-fit recoil pads for the Diamond, so permanent installation of an aftermarket pad is going to be a grind to fit operation. I just bought a diamond elite from dicks and the price was great a $500 off the regular price, a $75 and a 10% discount clearance sale because they are moving. Is there any specific action I can use to disable the ejectors and simply use the extractors without a gun smith or risk damage ? After doing a fair amount of research online, and convincing my wife to let me make the purchase, I decided to stop by Dick’s Sporting Goods on my way home from work. After shooting several time, I noticed indentations in the stock near where my collar would rest against it. They’re really dirty and require soaking in solvent and hard brushing with a stiff nylon brush to get clean. Cleaning is as easy (with the exception of the after-market ported chokes) as any other over and under I am aware of, and the tightness of the new gun wore off after firing about 500 rounds and the frequent application of gun grease to the block. Not only is it a nice looking, well made Italian shotgun, but it was also on one hell of a sale. Shortly after that I went used it for sporting clays and absolutely loved it, only problem was I determined I needed an aftermarket recoil pad. I just purchased the identical model to the review above, however I am still uncertain if it’s a Diamond or Diamond Elite. I bought my Franchi Diamond 20 gage, 26″ barrels in 2009 and have enjoyed shooting the gun. Mywife and I agreed to a maximum spend of $1000 and, given my research, I knew I was basically limited to Mossberg, Savage or Stoeger, from a new model price point perspective. Reviews on various blogs were mixed, as they often are, but seemingly more positive than negative.

The gun itself is simple to assemble and disassemble with one lever for removing the forearm. The metal work on the gun is very attractive, with scrolling all around the receiver and in-laid gold pheasants; one each side. I fully expect that this gun will continue to serve me well in my frequent skeet engagements and in field use. I stopped at Dicks today and looked at a Stoeger 3000, a Savage 512 and the Franchi Diamond. I wanted something that I could cost justify at the time, and that would last for the duration.
I’ve been trying to find out what stock is on it and whether or not they make a factory recoil pad that can be fitted without modification.
The 20 Diamond now has grown on me, and I plan on taking it next week when the turkey season starts. I have only been shooting for a year or so and can not figure out if there is something I am doing wrong.
The Franchi Diamond is a field gun, as as such, the safety is automatically deployed when you open the breach. I’m a dove hunter and after shooting a Winchester 101, 12 ga for many years I wanted a smaller gage that would offer more of a challenge and be lighter in the field. I had the clerk open several new-in-box until I found a very nicely grained stock and no rust (some had some rust spots).
I saw a 12 with 26″ barrels in Myrtle Beach and regretted passing it by because of the short barrels. So I quickly come to the decision that I’m going to renegotiate my budget with my wife. If I do end up purchasing the Brileys and they pattern any differently, I’ll post a comment with the new information. I was really impressed with the weight, fit and detailing, but the price of $749 had me rushing home to do some on line checking.
Even if you go the grind to fit path, you will probably have to cut some off the stock so the gun still fits you, as you said you were of smaller construction. So, when you reload and close the breach again, you have to turn the safety off before shooting again. My point is that you can probably get the problem fixed and the auto safety disabled for around $100. I had to seriously support the stock and apply a fair amount of strength to break the action.

The top lever, which breaks the action is attractively cut out in a scroll design and the trigger is gold plated.
Cash acheter cialis and very exfoliating straighteners synthroid online without prescription has adjust room this buy tetracycline online australia coat your – keep. Now most of my gun club fans are all telling me to buy a Browning Citori…sure I would, if I’d just won the lottery! I have reservations about the straight stock, however I have a Citori 12 that has one , and had a CZ Bobwhite 20 that had one, and shot that well.
When I shoot out of the top barrel then want to shoot out of the bottom barrel, I need to turn the safety on, switch the selection then turn the safety back off.
But, if I understand correctly about your situation, the safety is automatically deploying after firing a round, which should not be the case.
For some, a lighter weight shotgun for clays or skeet is more difficult to swing smoothly, which is a problem I don’t have.
I have no idea where I am now with the number of rounds through this gun, but it breaks open easily and smoothly. I told her it is easier to have a few marks right from the start vs putting the first ones in yourself. I have my briley extended chokes coming any day I the mail and can’t wait to get out again. Similar rust spots as some have mentioned, but stock is exceptional and the rust cleaned up nicely with a little steel wool.
I have been trying to get a weight on the Diamond 20 but guy at Dicks and ,Beretta and anyone else I have talked to can’t give me an answer. I’m trying to figure the optimum set up for a pheasant hunt as we booked a hunt for next week week. I also knew that the Renaissance had different engraving, a different butt pad, a different forearm and a different stock. The Diamond has a barrel selector integrated into the safety on the top of the receiver: left for the top barrel, right for the bottom barrel.
I’ve read several posts on the Franchi Diamond from back in 2006 -2008 and there were folks who had problems.

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