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Difficulty hearing in background noise, such as restaurants, is a typical sign of hearing loss. When the hair cells become damaged a€“ by age, genetics or noise a€“ they cannot be replaced.
If we identify that your hearing loss is conductive in nature, we will refer you to one of the ENT's (Ear, Nose & Throat) Specialists that are located close to you. The onset of hearing loss is often a gradual process, so people are sometimes not aware that their hearing is deteriorating.
Other symptoms that may accompany hearing loss include ringing tinnitus, dizziness or balance disturbances.

The inner ear is made up of rows of hair cells (see to the right) which provide clarity and sharpness to sounds, particularly in background noise. Symptoms that result from hair cell damage include loss of loudness, loss of clarity, particularly in background noise, and tinnitus. Hearing loss often affects the high pitch sounds first, so loudness is often normal, but clarity is impaired. They are also designed to make soft sounds audible, and loud sounds comfortable, as they are your personal amplification system. If more permanent it can be attributed to a number of things, the most common being the ageing process, followed by damage caused by exposure to excessive noise.

Other contributors to hearing loss can be hereditary factors, disease, middle ear problems such as perforated eardrums, certain drugs, injury and infections.How common is hearing loss?In the UK there are around 9 million people suffering some level of hearing loss, of those around about two thirds are over the age of 60. It can affect one or both ears.The sounds you hear if you suffer from tinnitus vary in severity and tone from person to person.

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