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If you suspect a hearing loss on one side please see a professional to diagnose your hearing loss and treat the loss.
Sometimes the unilateral hearing loss is from noise occurring on one side of your head and sometimes it can be from trauma to the ear. Would you notice if you have normal hearing in one ear and a hearing loss in the other ear? For children with unilateral hearing loss the consequences of a mild loss are much greater and have been documented with poorer articulation and speech and language development. As your hearing loss gets more significant there are more significant difficulties in hearing. Again, for children with more significant degrees of hearing loss, they present with more difficulties in academic settings and with learning. Some symptoms that are medical might present with Pain, Dizziness, tinnitus and distorted speech.
Again if you notice any of these symptoms come see a hearing health care professional as many of these symptoms can impact your life. A surgeon can sometimes fix a unilateral hearing loss if it is conductive (not permanent) in nature. If your hearing loss is permanent in nature some type of amplification system would be best for you.
A successful evening with a full-house at Chears Audiology listening to Katherine Bouton discuss living with hearing loss and being an advocate. Anyone who has a child understands the frustration that occurs when a child does not reach a milestone, whether it be hitting the growth chart at the appropriate level, saying his first word, or running across the hall.
Deafness is a medical condition or state where a person is unable to hear, or in simple words, it is a loss of hearing. Conductive: Conducting hearing loss is a type of deafness in which sound is unable to conduct through the outer or middle ear.
Perceptive: Perceptive hearing loss is a type of deafness in which sound waves may reach the inner ear but the person unable to sense the sound because of injured nerves that lead to the brain. Deafness due to Genetic Factors: If there are signs of prevailing deafness gene in the family, one can expect to see the cases of deafness in the coming generations as well. Deafness caused due to Diseases: There are many diseases which can cause deafness in a person such as meningitis, measles, mumps and otosclerosis.

Unilateral Hearing Loss: Unilateral hearing loss is a kind of deafness where a person can hear normally from one ear and having difficulty hearing from other. He who doesn’t differentiate between the amplitudes and frequencies of sound waves is one suffering from any of the kinds of deafness. This entry was posted in Conditions & Diseases and tagged Conductive, Deafness, Types of Deafness, unilateral hearing loss on February 28, 2011 by Zaheer. For example, the audiogram on the left depicts a symmetrical hearing loss and the audiogram on the right depicts an assymetrical hearing loss. Send Home Our method Usage examples Index Contact StatisticsWe do not evaluate or guarantee the accuracy of any content in this site. It has been on my mind as so many more people walking into Chears report having difficulty hearing in only one ear. Medical issues could be an Acoustic Neuroma, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Ear infections, Ear drum perforation, Hardening of Middle Ear Bones, Meniere’s, Autoimmune disorder, certain types of medications, Neurofibromatosis type 2, Shingles, Inner ear infection and even impacted wax to mention a few. It will be harder for you to hear soft speech, hear in background noise, hear out of that ear, locate where sounds are coming from, and can even distort sound in severe cases. I know without my hearing aid I have trouble understanding what my daughter is saying, hear in background noise or distant speech. Sometimes debris or bugs can get into your ear and once that is removed the sound can travel freely and the hearing loss is gone. An example of this type of loss would be a perforation in an eardrum from trauma, fluid in the middle ear space but venting the eardrum with a ventilation tube, or broken or stiff middle ear bones. Depending on the degree of your hearing loss the options can be a hearing aid, a bone anchored hearing aid, a CROS hearing device, or even a cochlear implant (although not normal option if your other ear has normal hearing).
It just makes sense that both ears would do the same thing but instead one ear does its own thing. The intention of the microphone is to bring the source of speech closer to the person who is using the hearing aid. It is the mild form of hearing loss and in majority of the cases the sound quality remains unaffected if amplified. The sensorineural hearing loss is a hearing loss in which the inner ear, the cochlea or the auditory nervous system is dysfunctional.
There are certain other medical factors that can cause impairment in the auditory system such as premature births and AIDS.

When a person suffers from deafness somewhere after the acquisition of speech and language, it is called post-lingual deafness. Unilateral means hearing loss in one ear, with normal hearing sensitvity in the other ear. If your hearing loss is very mild in the hearing loss ear then you may not notice until you are on the phone or when you have blocked your good ear.
Children with even a mild unilateral hearing loss present with some behavior that is not desirable. Think about it, if you can’t hear the teacher at the front of the room you would get bored too and start doing something else than listening. If you suspect a conductive hearing loss with very little permanent nerve loss seeing an Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon is something you ought to do.
There can be different factors causing deafness due to noise such as car stereos, noises produced by vehicles on the roads, air traffic, or noise produced by industrial facilities. Just in March, 2016 alone we saw 4 people out of 35 people with a single sided hearing loss.
Still it is important to rule out any big medical issue like multiple sclerosis, diabetes, etc. I noticed my hearing loss years ago when I was laying on the good ear and couldn’t hear the TV well. I hope that you all take care of your unilateral hearing loss as it is NOT something to laugh at.
Another common reason behind this type of deafness is the increased usage of headphones by the people.
Is this a changing statistic as more people are coming forward with hearing loss or are more people really getting unilateral hearing loss? And the world is becoming a more noisy place not to mention habits of listening to loud music is dangerous.

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