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Seattle-based artist Valerie Lloyd created a unique geometric  illustration of an owl sitting on a wooden dowel branch using fine thread in red, orange and yellow stretched across a field of small brass nails.
In the Neruda series, artist Caroline Attans combines text and imagery to create emotion-filled artworks. Artist Ben Foster creates life-size forms of animals in minimalist geometric form which are photographed against New Zealand's beautiful sceneries. Aled Lewis, known for his Threadless shirt illustration, superimposes 8-bit figures of your favorite video games on real-life photographs and the result is pure awesome.
We have seen artworks from carved wood, ice and even books, but have you seen hand-carved eggs? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
When you have imagination and a little bit of creativity, you can make a little Christmas tree almost from anything: from branches, from cardboard, from Christmas decorations, from ladders. Enter your email address to subscribe to Praktic Ideas and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Originally Posted by Malaise View Post How to Speak with a Boston Accent (Pt 2), by Jodi Fodor (SAT Word Slam) - YouTube That was great.
A dear lovely friend sent me some cashola so that I would be able to afford Thanksgiving Dinner. She was trying to convince me last night to order a premade dinner from the grocery store like she's going to do.
I was talking about the meatloaf I made recently, and how it was pretty good, but not quite moist enough, so I'm looking forward to trying a different recipe. Re: Unique Thread Barbra Streisand - Happy Days Are Here Again - YouTube Share Share this post on Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Stumble this Post! I sometimes put frozen veggies in with the meat and make a little trench on top and put ketchup in the trench. Originally Posted by Caribbean Man View Post Whenever I think Canada , Niagra falls The wine country and St Catherine's west of the falls is beautiful. You may need a moment of silence just to endure the sheer beauty that is about to leave you speechless and then after you pick your jaw up off the ground, you will know what couture dreams are made of.

I've never been clean shaven since high school, New years eve i will shave and see if I like it . I was born blonde and curly the color of like corn-silk and remained that way until middle school when it started turning more red and darker brownish. I am the only child (all my siblings went to church regularly and were christened when they were babies) who wasn't taken to church and am not baptized. No one makes pie like my mother can't buy the whole wheat flaky crust she made from scratch. When we walked in the homeowners warned everyone that the two dogs don't like people and will bite. Be sure that on the bottom the loops of the ribbon are a little more bigger than the ones from the top.

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