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Reining Ladies’ Champion Serena Williams will don the Nike Heathered V-Neck Dress in red during the day, and dark blue at night.
Likewise Maria Sharapova’s Day Dress, equally pairing runway good looks with lightweight, breathable performance. Moving on to the gentlemen, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will dip into their signature lines.
And finally, Juan Martin Del Potro will sport the Nike Advantage UV Crew and Nike Gladiator 10-inch Plaid Shorts.

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The dress ideally blends sartorial style with performance features like Dri-FIT jersey and taffeta fabric. Vika sports the Nike Strappy Knit Tank with Dri-FIT fabric and built-in bra, doing so along with a high-waisted skirt. Federer mixes the Nike Premier RF Jacket, Nike Premier RF Polo and Nike Premier Twill Shorts.

Rafa meanwhile dons the Nike Premier Rafa Jacket en route to the court, followed by the Nike Premier Rafa Crew and Nike Premier Woven Shorts.

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