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January 26, 2011 by Benjamin Krause 104 Comments Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Print EmailHere is a sample of the first two pages of my application for disability compensation to the Dept of Veterans Affairs. For that reason, I took it upon myself to ensure that they had the correct disability documentation the second time around. I wrote this and include a copy of the first two pages of my disability claims letter to give you an idea of how to format your own summary letter. Before drafting your letter, be sure to look through your service medical records to get your dates right.
He is also featured regularly in national publications as an authority on Department of Veterans Affairs policy such as Bloomberg News, Foreign Policy Magazine, Washington Times, Fox News, CBS, NBC, Star Tribune and more. The law clearly indicates VA is required to consider layperson statements so long as the statement is something a non-doctor can comment on.
This is not the first time I’ve heard this erroneous claim from a veteran service officer who is not educated in the law but instead shilling for the agency by spreading dysinfo myths. LOL, this John B sounds like the same F**ktard spewing his hatred of veterans all over facebook. I am trying to have have my depression which is currently at 30% increased (been getting worse for the past 3 years) and my Post Traumatic Migraines secondary to a Traumatic Brain injury (both are at 0%) upgraded. My question is should I put in the dates of future appointments or just my past appointments and since I have already been classified at a percentage do I write my letter from just the point from the first percentage rating.
James, the only idea that I can give you is too possibly contact someone who was in your unit at the time of your fall.If possible get more than one statement. It took them 9 months to approve my request and that ended up been $13,000 in one payment direct deposit into my bank account. I need an updated award disability letter since the bank i am applying for a loan doestn want to work with my original one i need help. Hi worked as a computer faculty in before some time, now i want to salary compensation from That computer institute, in previous i took salary through cash. I have sinutits, had surgery where they reamed out my nasal canal with a high speed reamer, I looke like Michael Jackson, no shit!
I have a claim in with the VA from injuries while in the Army WTC program for prior service folks. Hey Danny, one can get a lawyer from American Legion, for free, how, is this to help with our claims???
Boy, our stories sound pretty much alike: The USA should be ashamed of the way they treat veterans in general, and the out-and-out lies the government puts out.
It took Me over 8 years to finally get 20% service connected , but the thing is obama and the democrats are gonna take Our compensation and pensions and use the money to help the illegal aliens they are bringing in to food , homes , cars , etc . Notice: Due to an unexpected increase in volume, the processing time for Access Pass Applications is approximately 15 business days. A 100% VA Disability Rating is the highest VA Disability Rating that can be given for VA Disability. Serious conditions, like tuberculosis or cancer, also warrant a 100% VA Disability Rating as long as they are ACTIVE.
A veteran with a 100% VA Disability Rating will receive all the VA Disability Benefits the VA can give. Many veterans with a 100% VA Disability Rating also qualify for additional compensation from the VA called Special Monthly Compensation. Last month, the more than four million Veterans and survivors who receive compensation benefits from VA saw an increase of 1.7 percent in their total monthly payment.
By law, COLA’s amount of increase is the same percentage as that of Social Security benefits. The new VA compensation rates range from $129 monthly for a disabled Veteran rated at 10 percent to $2,816 monthly for a Veteran without dependents rated 100-percent.  The increase also applies to amounts for additional dependents, Veterans and survivors pension, Dependency and Indemnity Compensation, and clothing allowances paid to certain disabled Veterans.

The largest category of Veterans on the compensation scale is at 10-percent disability ($129 per month), with 782,000 Veterans at this rate at the beginning of fiscal year 2013 among the total 2.9 million Veterans receiving disability compensation. The largest category of service-connected disabilities for Veterans receiving VA compensation is musculoskeletal problems, accounting for about 40 percent of all disabilities. VA has not done anything for me Each and every time they just ignore me I am going to the News this is lies you tell. DIC is a benefit for widows (and in some cases parent) of veterans who died of service connected conditions.
Just went to the hadit site and tried to register but the app form had some registration question at the bottom of it with absolutely no explanation and rejected the app. Does anyone know if the bills passed that gives medical retirees with less than 20 yrs va pay an retirment. I did read something on the VA site some where there are some cases depending on your amount of disability % and age you can request retirement pay conversion. I worked with Jet Aircraft for 15 years in the Navy, the VA finally passed allowing a claim for tinniness depending on rating. Doesn’t do any good to complain, the only thing us Veterans can do is get out there with our wheelchairs and canes and March in the streets until they start seeing that we are suffering with the way they are treating us.
Hey am ready willing and able to work, with any veteran or group of vets willing to effect change in the way we are slowly but surely being pushed aside.
Patience,patience after denials which I rebutted I finally got after 4 years which is retro upon date of application. It is really worrying me about how my claim will go just seeing the nightmares others are dealing with here. At the appointment, the VA’s ENT (ear, nose and throat) examiner told me the VA had conceded service-connection for the sinusitis before even beginning his exam. This format was borrowed from a NOVA conference on VA disability compensation primarily for Veterans Law attorneys.
He is author of the guide Voc Rehab Survival Guide for Veterans and writes every weekday on DisabledVeterans.org.
Instead, it sounds like you are spreading the dysinfo many regional offices put out there to discourage veterans. There is a court of appeals to remedy cases where VA ignores the law, which VA does on a regular basis. When it comes to free meals on veterans day he gowns himself with stolen valor uniforms cause he has no documentation of being a veteran just to feed his fat self.
I have been seeing a VA psychologist and psychotherapist for the past 4 months and I know that has to be included into the documentation they have requested for me. Im 30% for PTSD and trying to get a claim for my seizures, which really hasn’t gone anywhere as of yet. I could only prove to the VA(lost medical records, of course) that what occurred, did occur, be submitting my letters sent home to my mother and sisters, with copies of letters, with Vietnam(APO)postmarks and details consistent with servie in a wartime setting.
The veteran will no longer receive the 100% VA Disability Rating once the condition is in remission or healed, but the VA will reinstate the 100% VA Disability Rating if the condition ever becomes active again.
The exact monetary amount of compensation given for a 100% VA Disability Rating is the same for every veteran, but does change for factors like children, spouses, etc. Find all the answers you need to maximize your Military Disability Benefits and VA Disability Benefits today! COLA) that ensures compensation benefits for Veterans and survivors keep pace with inflation. The Social Security increase is based on a Bureau of Labor Statistics calculation of the rise in the consumer price index for urban wage earners and clerical workers.
I’m still at risk of homelessness because the social workers at Pettis-Loma Linda VAMC are too lazy or don’t understand the McKinney-Vento, HEARTH Acts and refuse to get me on the HUD-VASH vouchers unless I sleep in my car for a year!

The VA Regional Office ignores regulations and information in your service medical records.
I usually suggest that disabled veterans keep their disability claims summary to no more than 5 pages. Rather than trusting the VA to their own lack of due diligence  I took action and wrote a thorough summary.
That guide has helped veterans receive millions in retraining and small business support by teaching them how to easily blasting through bureaucratic roadblocks to get their benefits.
I used a layperson statement in my own disability claim on numerous occasions and successfully fought VA on my own case before I became a lawyer. Here is what I have done, I ask my VFW rep to provide me with a letter specifically what to state on her letter for my claim, he told me he would give IRON CLAD, evidence to win my case. Our VA Disability Chart details the current monetary amounts give for a 100% VA Disability Rating.
Online access to your VA and DOD benefits information is just a click away and signing up takes just a few minutes. He received his Bachelors from Northwestern University and Law Degree from the University of Minnesota, both using VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment. On July 2015, I received an evaluation letter from the C&P stating that they are dropping my evaluation to 90% . I am also having those close to me and those who I have worked with write letters as well stating how these have had an affect on me.
I requested my other doctor to write a letter for the VA but he requested that I give him a sample letter that would be sufficient in wording for the VA, and he would be more than willing to help me out. When get this form I will share with you the form’s # and what specically needs stated.Good luck to all of you, Have A Nice Turkey Day! Hopefully you saved some letters, your family saved some, or you have some evidence of in country service. They don’t use the internet so when they alone were trying to get answers, they just got so frustrated that about gave up. My perfect hearing was destroyed by wearing the high frequency squelch radio communication head sets for 3 years. I was told in October when I called My VA rep about my claim to see what was going on that I would need a hearing test. What I find particularly interesting is that VA has the time to do blogs praising the VA but almost every comment is about how veterans are finding themselves getting the short end of the stick with no answers for years, FOR YEARS! He went on to receive funding to support his law firm that focuses solely on representing veterans against the VA.
In fact, this post was written based on that experience during my first year of law school.
There are Navy records, they had to issue me the glasses and they verified my hearing loss. Ask for your military medical record if you do not have any copies of ir (i hope you do) and go to the nearest VA place to submit the claim. By the time you have the results of your illnesses they should be in the step where they are asking for your documents to support your request. I figured i would get maybe 70% and then apeal and get th 100%, but the government decided that i was still employable even thogh the doctor said i wasn’t. I hope it can help you and I hope you have some better luck in getting the answers you need.

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