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I have one in each ear, and can hear better than I've been able to hear for at least 15 years.
Voz Femenina: Yo quiero recomendar la utilizacion de un buen audifono, porque durante dos anos tuve un par de audifonos que me ayudaban a oir mas pero no entender.
Hi, I have been wearing hearing aids for 17 years, and this is the best experience I've had. The experience has been very good and I like the hearing aids much better than my last ones and the service has been excellent.
Y desde que estoy en los Estados Unidos, tuve problemas con mi familia, porque no estaba oyendo y estaba preguntando todo el tiempo que han dicho. I find that everyone is very attentive and they check me carefully, and they make sure I'm comfortable.

My children and principally my older daughter, would often mention that I was missing a lot of things because I wasn't hearing what was being said.
Entonces, ellos insistieron en que cambiaramos audifonos y que encontrara algunos que me ayudaran a entender. It has been, as I say, the best experience that I've had, and I'm very satisfied with the hearing aids.
Particularly with young grandchildren I wasn't able to hear all that they wanted to tell me. It's kind of fun, because I was really the first customer here, and I've been coming back ever since, and I can't say enough about how terrific it is. Y la verdad fue que la Doctora Ansola me soluciono el problema de la comprension, porque los audifonos que estoy usando ahora me ayudan mucho a comprender lo que esta diciendo la gente.

Eso es muy importante, porque yo creo que de lo contrario uno se aisla y no vuelve a hacer ningun esfuerzo para estar con la gente, y entonces crea problemas en la familia. De manera que yo sugiero que las personas que tengan alguna deficiencia auditiva busquen la ayuda de un doctor que les recomiende el audifono apropiado para ellos.

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