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We received semi-sad word this morning from one of our peeps on this whole Verizon 4G LTE Android handset situation. Most of us had been hearing that the Incredible HD (Mecha?) would see a November or December release at the latest, but our sources have informed us that there are currently no plans to release any major LTE devices this year. Now remember, release dates, planned devices and anything else that comes along with a wireless carrier are subject to change on a dime, so take this as rumor for now. I currently work for Verizon and they have told me no phone handsets until will hit until first quarter of next year, for now they are going to have the mobile hotspot. Verizon is constantly doing special early upgrade promotions for devices usually if you finished your first year and still have a year left you just have to check. Completely off subject, but is anyone else completely disappointed in their rooted droid 2? I also agree if VZW wanted to pimp this as hard as humanly possible-an LTE iPhone would make them insane amounts of money.

I hope they get Netflix for Android when this comes out because then all the Phones will belong to ANDROID!!! I hope that when the I-Phone comes to Verizon it isn't the only phone that can do Netflix streaming.
About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. HTC merge or the HD Incredible is likely to be the first offered but specific details as of yet.
3G service will be here for a few more years but Verizon says by 2015 they will have coast to coast coverage of 4G, even more coverage then they have now with 3G. They are still currently working on price plan changes that will happen when 4G hits handsets. A Verizon salesman told me that I live in one of the last areas that they will switch to LTE.

I expect some LTE Handsets to be unveiled at CES in January, but they wont be available for retail till May. They've seen all the negative backlash that Sprint has gotten when they launched the Evo-for only having 4G in like, one city. Verizon wants its 4G network to have a pretty decent footprint-before it starts throwing phones out there.

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