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Nystagmus is a rhythmic oscillatory movement of the eyeballs , which normally occurs after vestibular stimulation or abnormal  in a wide variety of diseases. Saccadic nystagmus is characterized by a slow removal from the target, followed by a rapidly corrected secusa (fast motion). Vestibular nystagmus occurs due to labyrinthine dysfunction (Meniere’s disease), vestibular nerve or vestibular nucleus dysfunction from the brainstem.
Nystagmus oriented downwards occurs consecutive to neighboring lesions of craniocervical junction (Chiari malformation, basilar intussusception). Risk Groups: Abattoir workers, meat inspectors, animal handlers, veterinarians, and laboratorians. Environmental Emergencies Part 1 Wilderness Emergencies Emergency Medicine Clerkship Series Author: Todd A. Older –Males > Females Except during water retaining phase of cycle (premenses" title="Who is at risk? Types of illness Altitude-exacerbated conditions –NOT the focus of this talk, but be aware! Hyperbaric therapy Greatest benefit in HACE –Use highest PSI available HAPE – likely beneficial –Cost – benefit vs.

Hypothermia Treatment Large Bore IV(s) – Bolus with warm fluids Intubate if indicated Immediate Actions – ACLS! Hypothermia Treatment Intravenous drugs –May be ineffective below 30 0 C –Give at longer intervals above 30 0 C Amiodarone drug of choice for V. The blindness caused by earlier diseases of visual pathways produces a complex nystagmus, of search with pendulum oscillations (sinusoidal ) which are irregular and saccadic. Others will report a subjective movement of go forth of the environment (oscillopsia), corresponding to nystagmus . Observing the nistagmoide movements of the optic disc at ophthalmoscopy is a sensitive method to detect subtle degrees of nystagmus.
When the eyes are held in an eccentric position of the orbits, they have a normal tendency to return to primary position. Exaggerated nystagmus evoked by fixation of eyesight can be induced by drugs (sedatives, anticonvulsants, alcohol), muscle paresis, myasthenia, demyelinating diseases and injuries of brainstem and cerebellum. Peripheral vestibular nystagmus occurs frequently in discrete attacks with symptoms of nausea and vertigo.
It was also reported in the brainstem or cerebellum stroke, lithium or anticonvulsant intoxication and multiple sclerosis.

With rest and oxygen, your significant other has recovered at base camp Now armed with more knowledge –Begin ascent again –Youre at camp 4000 ft from the summit again, and a storm hits – youre stuck! This nystagmus is usually called congenital nystagmus, misnomer, since nystagmus is frequently acquired in the early childhood. Saccadic nystagmus can be oriented superior, inferior, horizontally (left or right) and torsional. The subject compensates making a correction  secusa to maintain the deviated eye position . Upward oriented nystagmus is associated with damage of the pontin tegmentum, demyelinating diseases or tumors.
4 days into the climb, you are at camp 4000 ft from the summit, and she complains of a headache and is confused…..

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