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GOFAR Services, LLC - Appliance Repair Houston, TX - Chapter 4COMPRESSOR IS RUNNINGBUT REFRIGERATOR IS NOT COLDCOMPRESSOR IS RUNNING BUT REFRIGERATOR IS NOT COLDBefore you perform any of the other tests in this chapter, make sure that the compressor is running.
Gig over, band paid, one local musician stumbled out gasping for breath and said 'Thankyou, thankyou.
Finally met Rozzie and many of th' former Faithful, who still showed a lot of faith in the band, who didn't disappoint. As for the music, I'm still kind of lost for words, so you may want to check out Chris Marling's review until I get around to write something proper.
A selection from the pictures that I took at the concert can be found on the Pictures page. Have probably listened to one of the albums at least once a month since, the band being one of my favorites but seemingly lost to the ages. I yelled out Jesus Freak toward the end to which Roxanne replied, "awww, we didnt rehearse that one". Great relaxed atmosphere, everybody, especially the band, seemed to really enjoy themselves. I was lucky enough to be in a band that supported them at the Adelphi in Hull, in about '92.
It was a great gig, we played frizbee with the guys before hand, and I tried to chat-up Roxanne too. I still have the 'pop-song 'oldman' t-shirt, a lido t-shirt and a limited edition th' t-shirt. I was just obsessed with them from the first time gorgeous blue flower was played on John Peel. Anyone remember the first peel sessions - Jesus Freek, coffee commercial couples and bobby cop?
They drew big black XX's on our hands at the door, but there were probably no more than twelve people in the club (I think that was probably the maximum occupancy anyway).
Matty went bonkers when they played "Heart Fog" which he had been listening to ten times a day on average for the week leading up to the show.
Their guitarist looked like a slightly more wholesome version of Keith Richards and the singer had a lot of hair.
I think it was Pheonix 93, not sure but I wanted to see them but the tent they were in was too full and I couldn't be arsed. Then I bought the 'Pop-Do we not like that?' comp a while back and was too lazy to look around for Faith Healer albums. I have just played all of my Faith Healer's vinyl after at least half a decade, and had forgotten how amazing they were. Joe and Ben once stayed at my house in Middlesbrough (about Autumn 1991) after a gig at the Middlesbrough Empire one Monday night.
Until this evening, I was almost sure that I was the only person who not only knows of, but absolutely loves this amazing music. I guess I'm spoilt - and very very lucky - being a music-obsessed Brit I managed to see th'Healers five times, each time better than the previous one. 1992, at college in Oxford, reeling from an incredible, caustic Silverfish gig and repeat plays of their 'Fat Axl' album. The last time I saw them was in November, at The Garage in London, and something had changed.
I still miss them, for two years they were the most exciting band I knew of, soundtracking my leaving college and getting a job.
During the spring of '90, i studied abroad in London for a semester through the University of Delaware.
I feel honoured to have seen Th' Faith Healers twice live, once when they supported Carter USM at Sheffield University years ago (just after the release of 'Pop Song'), and once when they toured to promote Imaginary Friend at Sheffield Leadmill. I saw them open for the Breeders and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, two years ago in Columbia, Missouri at the Blue Note.
If it is not running, see Chapter 5.Some refrigerators are very quiet and smooth when they operate. If you were at a gig or want to tell people about any other musical encounter with them, just and I'll add your input to this page.
Th' Faith Healers bounced on stage as first act with me thinking 'who's this shower o' shite then?'.
I was determined to find out if I was the only lost soul in my town, or if I could actually indoctrinate other Essex boys and girls into the cult of noise. That's the best damn gig I've ever been to!' with a tear in his eye and 3 girls far too young accompanying him. Let me assure you that it was fast and energetic, and didn't fail to excite the audience, many of which (judging from their age) hadn't seen th' Healers back in the old times.
I asked if it was going to be another 12 years before we'd see them again and she said that "this was just a one-off that took alot of nagging" (from Dan of Ba Da Bing Records).
Joe was drumming like a madman, Tom and Roxanne seemed to be pretty out of breath at some point and saying something to the effect of needing to exercise more.
Roxanne recalled afterwards how the audience at their first gig in Berlin many years back had just stood there stone-faced, not getting into the music at all - well, things were certainly different this time.
I was just a teenager living a fair way out of London when a friend of mine played me 'Imaginary Friend'.
I love the pure simplicity of the bassline in 'The People', the mixture of the straight hypnotic repetition and the sweet little melodic interplay.
Because I began as a bedroom guitarist, it was bands like Th' Faith Healers when I was 16 that made me want to play. They played "Don't Jones Me" for about a half an hour and the t-shirt featured a green cat and a green spider. I went to see them twice in 1991, first in Leicester at the Princess Charlotte, and then a week later in Stoke at the Wheatsheaf.
I LOVE Th' Faith Healers, I was lucky enough to see them twice (in Bath of all places!) and they were just amazing. They were very charming and I made them peanut butter on toast and cups of tea the next morning. PLAY IT PLEASE!" and they did!; and noting to my friends the obvious tension between the bandmates, i remember them exchanging dirty looks at each other, totally unaware of their imminent demise.
I was a late-comer, discovering them in late 94 after hearing Heartfog on the University of Minnesota's student run radio station.
Litnanski' came out and became my record of the year (I still think it's the best thing they did, the concentrated essence of what they were seems to be in that record).
The last Tavern gig was so joyful, so packed, so damn fine that I'd have sworn their magic was way too big to be contained in tiny cult venues. The place (a medium-sized and very popular venue) wasn't full, but there was a relaxed feeling, which the band seemed to enjoy, Roxanne announcing she liked the "mellow vibe tonight". Throughout the three or four months, i used to see th' faith healers name listed for gigs, but i never made it to see them. One night i went with a few friends, and friends of friends, to a pub, with the intention of drinking a bit, and then seeing (i think) the band Kepone, who were playing at the Garage, across the street. For me, they made the show, the Breeders and Jon Spencer just didn't seem to measure up since th' Faith Healers put on such an amazing set. Behind-the-ear design to make sure that earbuds stay firmly in your ears,so that you will feel there is not anything wear when you are in sports and workouts. After a couple of minutes of my guts vibrating to the swirling, thumping beat of 'Slag' I was sold - like an over-emotional adolescent being lured into a right-wing religious cult, Th' Faith Healers had my soul. Chelmsford is Essex's Black Hole of Calcutta, but gig wise it was looking more and more like the centre of all things good and sexy in loud sounds.
Still, Tom had a problem with his guitar -- he had taken it apart after the US tour and there were some parts missing, so they had to get the guitar of Joe's nephew (?) in time for the concert, which they just about managed to do. I'm saddened to know that this is a one-off tour, but optimistic that a decade down the road, another label might coax them into another tour, and they will still sound as breathtaking.
Roxanne plugged the Peel Sessions disc in a coy, tongue-in-cheek way everytime they played a track from the cd.
There was so much talk and advanced sales for this night that the promoter had reserved a 2nd show for latecomers.
They looked at the playlist for the 2nd show, scratched out all the repeat tracks and played an encore set of 8 different songs for the audience.
Roxanne sneered, stuck up her middle finger and cracked, "we got a smart ass in the front row".
Dan from Ba Da Bing Records was selling tour posters and Peel cd's and telling everyone "Thank You" for coming. In those days we wouldn't venture into London for gigs unless more than one of us were really big fans of a band.
In their case, the discipline of playing along to a four-note bassline for 20 minutes was always strangely inspirational.
I remember one 'secret' gig at the brilliant Camden Falcon and the ever present 'Faithful' were on stage. My brother and I chatted to them after the Leicester show, and they were so nice that they even put me on the guest list for the gig in Stoke a week later!
I'd heard the name, a snatch of 'Reptile Smile' somewhere, meant to check 'em out because they were always mentioned with Silverfish and the Camden thing but never got round to it.
Come October '92 they were back at the Tavern on stunning form, 'Oh Baby' and 'Moona Inna Joona' even more alive and crackling than on the EP. Yet none of my other music fan friends liked them - I've even met people who thought they'd sold out with 'Lido', for fuck's sake. We were all sitting at quite a large table, so i didn't get a chance to get into much detail with those who weren't sitting in my immediate vicinity.
Technical ergonomics design Technical Ergonomics Design with medical earmuffs makes you feel more comfortable and stable. I listen to my books on mp3 through my iPad and I listen to music when my headphones are synced with my Galaxy S4 phone and for me they are perfect.I Love the sky blue color and the teardrop shape ear pieces. In a population of some 200,000 I wasn't alone after all - maybe I was seen as being a little wierd for not actually liking the Wonderstuff or the Mission or some other pants like that, but I wasn't balmy.
So we got a bonus encore from the band with songs we wouldnt have heard had there been a separate show. On themes I've got to say the 'monster munch' theme at the bull and gate was one of my favourites! He thought the record was okay but I taped it and it just made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.
The drummer, Joe, is tkinetic guy i'c drummer I've ever seen, yet still looks totally laid back the whole time.

I have until now been a bit lonely in my passion for this music, but I am relieved to know that there are others who have recognized it. They were on late in the afternoon, in one of the tents, after a slew of frazzled noise merchants like Mint 400 and Skyscraper.
Anyway, it was great, they played that song again (which I now knew was 'Heart Fog') and this time it seemed beautifully melancholy, unlike the wired, supertense Phoenix version.
They still pop up and cause shivers - I found the 'Go Abba' single last year, which brought memories of that first gig flooding back.
I have this lasting memory of standing at Colombo Airport in Sri Lanka on the way back to Austrailia (the Royal Jordanian plane had broken down). Roxanne seemed quite tall to me, I don't remember seeing her face because the whole time she had her long, dark brown locks hanging over her face. They stay in my ears no matter how active I get.The headset is light weight you don't even notice that you have them in your ears. Managed to stand front of Tom, against the stage, but distressed by clueless drunk french girl who danced all night while swinging her lit cigarette for over an hour. They played Mother Sky next and the same guy made a sarcastic crack about playing their own material. Jokingly, she said that "they could live off the royalties now" and "will come back out if they can scrape up some more unreleased material" (also in a very joking manner). I still have all my records, posters, news cuttings, flyers and stage-filthy, sequined faithful t-shirts (thanks to Nicki for the art! I remember he had a function on his stereo which meant if the album was longer than a 45-minute tape it would fade it and as a result my version of 'Everything All At Once Forever' was only about twelve minutes long. Tom Cullinan was one of the few guitarists I really respected - he really did sound like he was playing two guitar parts at once. Kind of a shame that they weren't more successful, but in a strange way it made it all the more special when you did meet someone who was a fan.
No, I'm nothing to do with them, but they're pretty damn good, especially for a bunch of Ozzies!!! I had been wondering about the band for quite some time, and am disappointed to hear about their end.
This gig was even better, packed to the hilt, sweaty as hell, people trying to dance and collapsing in waves on the front of the tiny stage, forcing Tom and Ben to play standing right back against the amps. The big riff-outs were soothing and trancey, and they even sneaked 'Pop Song' in as an encore to bounce up and down to. A couple of nights later, someone was talking about 'faith healer' roxanne, and i realized that that was who i was introduced to a few nights earlier. I was extremely tired and stood gazing out of the huge window watching helicopters taking off to "sort out" the Tamil Tigers. I love that I can adjust the volume on the ear piece so my phone can stay in my running pouch.
Apparently he became some sort of groupie or something and followed Th' Faith Healers all over the place. And who decided to pop out and make a phone call when the support act was on, just a few weeks before she went super nova? After 'Moona Inna Joona' had detonated, I was frantically searching for a tape to catch the other three. And I've finally seen Quickspace (the latest incarnation with Nina), and that night they had the guitars whacked up loud and heavy, and recalled th'Healers quite a bit. I wished i had known, for i would have said something like, 'i really like the band you used to be in'.
The USB charging port is also on the right earpiece.The charge lasts a long time I get almost a full 6 hours of play time. I have many many tales to tell too many to write here so we'll have to all just hook up at the next show and have a good ole natter! I still have the final Peel Session on tape too, with the usual snippets of John back-announcing the songs.
I was wearing my t-shirt one day walking round Euston in London, and a guy was walking towards me with a healers T on as well. Maybe it's good that they split, it would be sad if they were still schlepping around with the magic gone. NFC & Multi-Point Connectivity design It support NFC with your phone,and connect your two bluetooth services at the same time and free switch.
I thought 'Ooh La La' was amazing - it was kick start tune for me, the kind of song I'd put on first thing in the morning. Someone later told me that the Jericho Tavern was th'Healers' favourite venue outside London, but even if that's not true, it was still the perfect place to have seen them! I was totally upset by the crowd because everyone was just either standing there talking or talking shit on the band, just because they had never heard of "these healer people." I don't really remember the rest of the band because I just stared in awe of Roxanne. Support APT-X Technology Bluetooth 4.0 Headset support Apt-X technology,you can enjoy high-fidelity stereo music and clear speech within 10 meters.
If you are still unsure and you own an ammeter, test the current draw of the compressor at the compressor leads. And I learnt that version of 'Without You' to play on an acoustic guitar to my friends at college.
Then they came up on the gig list for Oxford's best venue, the Jericho Tavern, a tiny sweatbox above a tatty pub that attracted a good and dedicated crowd of students and locals alike.
Customized Earbud We provides extra ear tips to make it stable for different ear structures. It was one of those odd gigs that felt flat and emotionless for the first half, then for no apparent reason went into meltdown halfway through. Maybe I'd wound myself up for it too much, maybe they were having an off night (but they weren't shambolic). Tom building the most incredible wall of noise, getting denser and denser as the riff spiralled up, and that final vocal, Roxanne's strangled cry. Then Abba's 'SOS' went through the mincer, rational thought went out of the window and the place went mental and the energy and adrenaline blasted in. Oh, well, here goes." So after a rather boring experience in Virgin I headed for Berwick St in Soho. If the knob has an "off" setting which stops the compressor from running, it is thecold control.In the absence of an "off" setting, the easiest way to tell them apart is to pull the plastic knob off the control. The idea is to keep the compartment at a different temperature from the rest of the food compartment; a more optimum temperature for the particular food that you're keeping in these compartments.
This is known as "sweating." So-called "Energy Saver" switches control small, low-wattage "mullion" heaters in the side and door panels that prevent the outside of the refrigerator from getting cool enough for sweating to occur. Air flows over it by convection; the warm air rises and is replaced by cooler air from below. Feel for a steady flow of warm air from the drain pan side; it should be obvious (see Figure 11).
It has the veryimportantjob of directing airflow beneath the fridge, assuring that the condenser fan is drawing air over the condenser and not just sucking air in through the back of the fridge.
They are sealed units and cannot be rebuilt.Replacing the condenser fan motor can be dirty and difficult. When installing a new motor with bracket mounts, it may be easier to install the brackets loosely on the motor until you can locate the mounting screws in their holes. Thus, when trouble-shooting the evaporator fan, you must depress the door switch(es).Open your freezer door, depress all door switches and listen for the evaporator fan. Look first for a separate access panel or a tower within the freezer that houses the fan (Figure 14).
Check for anything that may be blocking the fan, including ice from a backed-up defrost drain or a frost problem.
If nothing is blocking the fan and it still does not run, check for voltage across the fan motor leads (with the door switch depressed, of course.)If you have voltage across the fan motor leads, the fan motor is bad. Itcancause ice to build up in the internal ductwork.If you hear a "whistling" or "warbling" noise emanating from the fan motor itself or from the inside of the food or freezer compartment, it is probably coming from the evaporator fan motor.
They don't cost much.REPLACING THE EVAPORATOR FAN MOTORIn replacing the fan motor, you must make sure that the rotation of the new fan motor is the same as the old one. The easiest way to do this is to look for the shading poles on the old fan motor (Figure 16).If they are on opposite corners from the ones on the new fan motor core, it is a simple enough task to reverse the new rotor in its core.
Do not remove the icemaker (if installed.)Look at and feel the panel covering the bottom or back of the freezer compartment.
You will see a removable panel covering the entire back or bottom of your freezer compartment.
Make sure the power is off the refrigerator before disassembling any lighting circuit.On some bottom-evap models, you may have to remove some of the plastic moulding around the door frame to access some of the evaporator panel screws.
This can usually be accomplished by placing a pan of very hot water in various places on the panel, or by blowing warm air on it with a blow-dryer. Therefore, when you are diagnosing a defrost problem, it's a good idea to try to avoid melting the ice encasing the terminating thermostat until you've made your diagnosis. If the thermostat opens before you've had a chance to see if the heater works, you'll have to by-pass it. There are many styles, but most are variations of the three types pictured in Figure 20.Aback-evaporatormodel is one with the evaporator mounted vertically against theinside back wallof the freezer compartment.
These may be bottom freezer models, side-by-sides (Figure 17) or top freezer models (Figure 18.)Abottom-evaporatormodel is one with the evaporator mounted horizontally (flat) beneath a panel on thebottomof the freezer compartment (Figure 19). Does it have a fluffy (snowy) white consistency, or is it solid and clear-ish or slightly milky white-ish?Check the frostpattern. Or is it not frosted at all?On back-evap models, examine the drain pan directly beneath the evaporator. Is it clear, or is it filled with solid ice?Each of these symptoms indicates a different problem. If you have lots of white, snowy ice, keep reading.4-5 DEFROST SYSTEMIf the frost is snowy and white in appearance, you have a defrost problem. The three main components of the defrost system are the defrost timer, the defrost heater and the terminating thermostat.4-5(a) DEFROST TIMERS AND ADAPTIVE DEFROST CONTROLIn most older refrigerators and some newer ones, a motor-driven timer (Figure 21) is used to stop the compressor and initiate a defrost cycle. If you have a Whirlpool or Kenmore refrigerator with a flex-tray icemaker, the defrost timer is integrated into the icemaker. This is true whether you are using the icemaker to make ice or not; it is running constantly to time your defrost cycles.
If you have a defrost problem and you have one of these machines, follow the instructions in section 4-6.Nowadays, refrigerators are being made as efficient as possible, due in no small part to government energy efficiency requirements. Defrost heaters use a lot of energy, so designers are mimimizing the total amount of time that the heater is energized.

Such factors include ambient humidity and temperature, the water content and temperature of the food you put into the fridge, icemaking within the freezer, and how often the door is opened and closed.For example, if you go away on vacation for a week, the refrigerator door will obviously not be opened for a long time.
Less humid air will enter the fridge than if someone was at home, and opening and closing the door. Frost buildup will be much slower than usual, so the refrigerator will not need to be defrosted as often as normal.
It also will not need to be chilled as often, so compressor run times will be shorter and less frequent.Designers are using microprocessors (on solid state circuit boards) to adapt defrost intervals and durations to compensate for differences and changes in operating conditions. Such techniques are calledAdaptive Defrost Control, commonly abbreviated as ADC.To make decisions about the correct defrost duration and interval, the control board must have input about the conditions that the fridge is operating under. Each manufacturer uses a different logic scheme and different inputs, such as door open time, compressor run time, duration of the previous defrost cycle, and duration and intervals of door openings.Door open info is provided to the logic board by the door switch - the same one that controls the refrigerator's internal lights. For example, the ADC is programmed with a maximum amount of time that the heater can stay on; say, for 16 minutes.
Often they are mounted under a cover plate or in a bracket that hides all but the advancement pinion. The easiest way to recognize them is that the harness connection is always labelled with the compressor, defrost heater, L1 and L2. The easiest way to see the heater is to look for the heavy, rubber-coated wires leading to it; one on each end.
The element has no protective tubing and generally wraps around beneath the evaporator in a large "U" shape.You must exercise caution when handling these heaters to prevent burning yourself.
If that happens, you want to turn the heater off soon after the ice melts, to prevent the evaporator compartment from heating up too much. If theterminating thermostatsenses too high a temperature in the compartment, it opens, and cuts power to the heater. The thermostat will then stay open until the compartment again reaches a very low temperature. In other words, it waits to reset itself until the cooling cycle starts again.If the evaporator is more heavily frosted, the ice may not all melt within the time allotted by the timer. The heater will stay on until thetimerstops the defrost cycle, and restarts the cooling cycle.If you initiate defrost (turn the timer on) and the heaterdoes notheat up, then usually the heater or terminating thermostat is bad.
If you initiate defrost and the heaterdoesturn on, then usually the timer or ADC board is bad, and you must replace it.To diagnose which component is bad, you must initiate the defrost mode, or test continuity through the defrost heater and terminating thermostat. Within ten minutes (usually much less) you should be able to see a red glow from the defrost heater(s), which is (are) mounted beneath the evaporator.If you have an aluminum-tube heater as described in section 4-5(b), it will not glow red, but youwillsee ice melting away from its coils. Timers can get old, worn and coked up with dust, and may develop hard spots in the bearings. If youdo nothear or see indications that the defrost heater is working, then it is necessary to investigate a little further.
If you cannot tell for sure, get the information for your model fridge from your parts man. DIAGNOSIS: DEFROST HEATER AND TERMINATING THERMOSTATIf you do not hear or see indications that the defrost heater is working, you could be looking at one of several different problems.
The heatermaybe so icebound that it would takehoursfor the heater to melt enough ice for you to see the heater begin to work.
If they are not connected to a terminal block, you will need to cut the leads to test for continuity. Make sure you're not testing continuity across the terminating thermostat too; it may be wide open above 40 or 50 degrees. With glass-tube heaters, be careful that the glass is not cracked or broken and that you do not cut yourself. It's cheap.If you have an ammeter, try to determine if the heater is drawing any power before you melt any ice. In trying to find the heater leads, be careful that you do not melt so much ice that the terminating thermostat opens.
If you suspect that the terminating thermostat might be open, temporarily bypass the terminating thermostat with an alligator jumper as described below.If you cannot find the heater leads, an alternativeis to check the current in one lead of the main power cord.
Double-check this diagnosis by jumping across (shorting) the terminating thermostat with your alligator jumpers.
If the two thermostat leads are not on a terminal block, you will have to cut the leads to jump the thermostat. Remember that it's a wet environment.LIFTING THE EVAPORATORIf you have a bottom-evap model fridge, replacing the heater will involve the delicate task of lifting the evaporator up to get to the heater.
If you break or puncture one of those tubes, you're looking at a potentially expensive sealed system repair.Thaw out the evaporator as thoroughly as is humanly possible.
Remove the evaporator mounting screws (if there are any) and gently lift up the end of the evaporator opposite the tubes. Prop up the evaporator with a blunt instrument (I use my electrical pliers or a flashlight) and change the heater. Do what you went in there to do, but as much as possible, avoid moving the evaporator around too much.When you finish, gently lower the evaporator back into place. The hard tray is finished in a dark gray or black color and has rotating fingers that eject the cubes from the unit; the flex-tray has a white plastic, flexible tray that inverts and twists to eject, much the same as a manual ice cube tray would work. The hard-tray and separate defrost timer is by far the more common arrangement.This defrost system has the same components described in the defrost system in section 4-5, except that the defrost timer is integrated into the icemaker.
However, the actual switch that controls the heater is accessible.Remove the icemaker and the evaporator panel as described in section 4-4. Take the plastic cover off the face of the icemaker and remove the three screws holding the metal faceplate to the icemaker head.
Plug the icemaker back into its electrical socket and observe the drive motor in the upper lefthand corner of the icemaker head. The defrost switch is the small, rectangular switch in the upper righthand corner of the icemaker head. Using electrical tape, tape it out of the way so it does not touch any other metal object in the icemaker head.
Using your resistance meter, you should see continuity (and no resistance) between the empty terminal (where the BLACK lead was) and the PINK terminal.You should see NO continuity between the empty (BLACK) and ORANGE terminal.
When the switch toggle is depressed, continuity will be just the opposite: BLACK-ORANGE-CONTINUITY, BLACK-PINK-NO CONTINUITY. If the switch is okay, the problem is probably your defrost heater or terminating thermostat. Alignment of the gears is critical; follow the instructions that come with the gear sets carefully. If you replace the motor, you will have to re-align the defrost timing gear mechanism.RE-ASSEMBLYIf you have not removed the defrost timing gear housing from the back of the icemaker head or the motor from the front of the head, you will not need to re-align thedefrost timinggear mechanism. However, youwillneed to realign thedrivegear mechanism.Align the hole in the small drive gear with the alignment hole in the icemaker head and install the gear. If they do not line up perfectly, momentarily plug the icemaker in or apply 110 volt power to the two center leads of the plug This will turn the drive motor slightly. Lift the spring-loaded shut-off arm (ice level sensor) as you install the cam and let it rest in the cam hollow. Carefully install the metal cover plate, making sure the end of the wire shut-off arm (ice level sensor) is in its pivot hole in the metal cover plate. Make sure the icemaker is turned on (ice level sensor arm is down) or it won't make ice.4-7 HOT GAS DEFROST PROBLEMSIf you have a refrigerator with a hot gas defrost system, the defrost mechanism is somewhat different from those described in previous sections of this book. If you suspect that you might have a hot-gas defroster but you are not sure, ask your appliance parts dealer.
Most of these refrigerators were built before 1970, but not all.The main difference in a hot gas system is that there is no electrical heater or separate terminating thermostat. The defrost cycle is controlled by a defrost timer similar to the one you'll find in electric defrost systems, but the timer controls asolenoid valveinstead of aheater. These units have a temperature sensing bulb, similar to that found on the cold control (see section 4-9 and Figures 21 and 33) as a part of the timer.
Its function is to sense the temperature of the evaporator so the defrost mechanism knows when to shut off.Troubleshooting a defrost problem in this system involves two steps. Wait and watch your evaporator for 10-15 minutes.If the frost starts to melt, then your defrost timer has gone bad. Thoroughly melt the rest of the frost from your evaporator and replace the defrost timer.If the frost doesnotstart to melt, then your defrost solenoid is probably bad.
Fortunately, the defrost solenoid is usually designed so the electrical coil can be replaced without cutting into the sealed system.
Trace the Freon tubing until you find electrical wires joining the tubing at a certain point. UNEVEN FROST PATTERNS, OR NO FROST AT ALLThe evaporator should be bitterly cold to the touch.
If the evaporator is either slightly cool or not cold at all, and your compressor is runningconstantly(not short-cycling; see section 4-9) you have a more serious problem.
The same diagnosis applies if just the first coil or two in the evaporator is (are) frosted and the rest are relatively free of ice or perhaps even lukewarm.What's happening is that the Freon is not getting compressed enough in the compressor. This could be due to two causes: either the amount of Freon in the system is low, or the compressor is worn out.
Itmayonly require recharging the Freon system, which, depending on the refrigerant used, may cost you a little, or a LOT.
I have only seen one exception to this diagnosis, and this is described in section 7-2.Don't let the age of the refrigerator affect your diagnosis. Not too long ago, one of the largest appliance companies put out a series of refrigerators with compressors that were either poorly designed or poorly constructed; I never did find out which.
These were their giant, 20 to 25 cubic-foot flagship models, with techno-marvelous gadgets like digital self-diagnosis and ice and water in the door, and they were built with compressors that wore out within 2 years.Fortunately, the biggest and best companies warrant their refrigerators for five years or more, so these refrigerators were still covered under warranty.
COLD CONTROLIf your refrigerator is cold but not as cold as usual, and you cannot trace it to any of the other problems in this chapter, your cold control may be defective. To test its cut-in and cut-out temperatures, you can try putting the capillary bulb in ice water and measuring the temperature with a thermometer, but it's a wet, messy, job and it's difficult to control the temperatures.
The capillary tube is the liquid-filled temperature-sensing element of the cold control, and operates in the same manner as a thermometerbulb; in fact, the end of the capillary tube may have a bulb.
The tube and bulbmaybe coiled right next to the cold control, or they may be led away to another part of the compartment.If you are justtesting(electrically) the cold control, you can jumper directly from one wire lead to the other. By doing this, you are closing the switch manually, and assuming the machine is not in the defrost mode, the compressor should start.If you arereplacingthe cold control, it will be necessary to trace where the capillary tube goes, and remove the whole tubewiththe cold control.

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