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Chris -   So, when someone loses their hearing, what actually has gone wrong because people who complain of being hard of hearing often said they can hear some sounds, but not others. Alan -   And I think it?s a good point to come in and start talking about how we restore hearing for hearing-impaired people, we?ll come back to Owen in a second.
Soren -   Basically, it consists of a microphone which picks up the sound so the digital circuitry that processes this sound and a small loudspeaker that delivers the sound back to the ear.
I just amplified the whole thing, the quiet bit would indeed be easier to hear, but the loud part would become painfully loud.
Alan -   So that?s how we remove unwanted background noise, but why is the sound quality from a hearing aid?which sounds a little like this, not as good as a CD player for instance?
Joanne -   How does an unborn baby hear because they definitely react to different sounds? Can people with massive heads locate sounds better or more quickly than people with smaller heads? A potential new target for the treatment of eczema has been found by researchers at Boston Children?s Care Hospital. Fifteen per cent of children suffer from eczema, or atopic dermatitis, a debilitating and potentially disfiguring skin condition. In the condition, immune T cells, a type of white blood cell, invade the skin and secrete substances that produce an allergic response and itchy skin. The scientists showed that scratching the itchy skin increases the severity of the condition by encouraging an influx of other immune cells called neutrophils. The neutrophils secrete a fat, or lipid molecule called leukotriene B4, that attracts more neutrophils and the potent T cells.
Previous to this study, published in October?s Immunity, a Cell publication, little was known about the role of leukotriene B4, but scientists suspected that its production was recruiting T cells to the scratch site.
Using a mouse model of eczema, the team used a drug that blocked the leukotriene B4 and this was found to block the development of an allergic skin inflammation.
These findings suggest that the neutrophils that secrete the leukotriene B4 play a key role in skin inflammation and that a new therapy for Excema could be developed, targeting the production of or response to, these cells. A meteorite that fell to Earth in 2011 contains trapped samples of the Martian surface, interior and atmosphere.
Now scientists have published the first analyses of the material, concluding that Tissint contains material from Mars' surface, bubbles that are almost certainly filled with gas from the Martian atmosphere, and lumps of igneous rock erupted at some earlier time from the red planet's interior.
Writing in Science, Hassan II University Casablanca scientist Hasnaa Chennaoui Aoudjehane and her colleagues describe how the meteorite contains a glassy material within which is trapped these vestiges of the past on Mars. The bubbles contain an excess of a certain isotope of nitrogen, which agrees exactly with data collected about the Mars atmosphere by the Viking probes in the 1970s.
The trapped surface material also seems to contain organic matter which the team disclosed by heating tiny fragments of the meteorite, and the presence of sulphur seems to suggest that the surface material was weathered for a time before it was ejected into space. The researchers were also able to show, by looking for radioactive particles embedded into the rock's surface by the solar wind, that Tissint had been circling in space for about 750,000 years before it landed here. According to Chennaoui Aoudjehane, the findings paint a picture of a rock that started life as an erupted basalt on the surface of Mars; it was weathered for a time by fluids that imparted to it elements from the planet's surface, including sulphates, which were deposited in fissures and cracks on the surface. A subsequent impact, from outer space, caused the rock to partly melt, locking the surface material and bubbles of atmospheric gases inside.
A host of previously-unknown gut viruses contribute to the onset of AIDS, new research has revealed.
In both monkeys and humans, damage to the gastrointestinal tract is common and this contributes to activation of the immune system, progressive immune deficiency and ultimately advanced AIDS. The researchers used a gene sequencing method to obtain genetic sequences for everything in the gastrointestinal tract, from bacteria to viruses and other organisms. Compared with healthy monkeys, the faeces of monkeys with SIV-induced AIDS (SIV is the monkey equivalent of HIV), contained a large number of previously undescribed viruses. Their compromised immune systems, the team speculate, might increase the prevalence of the viruses to start with.

This, in turn, leads to greater damage to the wall of the intestine, allowing other potential pathogens and inflammatory material to enter the bloodstream where it stimulates the immune system.
Melanoma skin cancers dodge immune attack by adopting a chemical disguise, new research has revealed. In recent years, doctors have made significant progress in cancer treatment by triggering the immune system to attack tumours. Previously, this had been put down to the survival of a sub-population of malignant cells within a cancer that, by chance, were invulnerable to the therapy and could subsequently re-kindle the disease. But now new research carried out by University of Bonn scientist Jennifer Landsberg and her colleagues suggest that something altogether more cunning is taking place. Initially, the immune response was very successful, removing visible tumours from the animals. Careful examination of the tissues, however, showed that, in response to the immune attack, some of the cells in the tumour were switching off the very chemical markers that singled them out to be cancerous, rendering them invisible to the immune response. The cause, the team found, is a signalling chemical called TNF-alpha, which is used by the immune system to control its attack.
Intriguingly, human melanoma cells also respond in the same way, the scientists show in their paper, published in Nature.
Chris -   How did that turn into the work that then lead to you winning the Nobel Prize?
Chris -   So, how did you then translate with that into an interest in the work that then lead to where you are now? Chris -   And how did you progress that?  What were the big questions when you started your PhD? Chris -   How did you actually do that and how many embryos did you have to throw away before you realised what was actually going on?
Sue Nelson -    So how do you go about future proofing in terms of an experimental way?
Sue -    So you've planted some oak trees then in a specific area in northern France, what are you actually looking at then in terms of determining whether the oak trees are doing well or not?
Sue Nelson -    So who is going to be most interested in the result of your research? Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health, publishing in Science, mapped the locations of calls and texts from 15 million mobile phones in Kenya over a 12 month period. New features of stellar evolution have been observed by astronomers at the University of Bonn, using the ALMA Array telescope in Chile.
The radio telescope is made up of many smaller telescopes working together, giving vastly more detailed images of stellar objects than previously available. Medical engineers have designed a device that can not only keep donor lungs alive for longer, outside of the donor?s body, but also enable more thorough checks and even some improvement for partially damaged lungs for transplant. Work published this week in PLoS ONE by researchers at the Duke University Medical Centre, have found parts of the brain in mice that controls copying a sound, a behaviour thought to be unique to humans and songbirds. Alan -   Tinnitus is the experience of sound in the absence of any real noise and it?s estimated to affect 1 person in 5 and can have a devastating effect on some people?s lives.
Alan -   So, is it possible to cure tinnitus?  Is there any treatment available for tinnitus? Alan -   Thelma?s problem at the beginning there which she described in her tinnitus, what kind of tinnitus is that?  Is that the same as what you?ve been describing or is that different? If someone isn?t hearing you because they're wrapped up in a task or they're being stubborn, what's the best sound that will bypass this and get their immediate attention? I've experienced a few times where I've been in total silence and this induces a sensation of an annoying high pitch noise.
Will we ever be able to have a conversation with animals?Alan -   And now, with a question of a completely different type, here's Hannah Critchlow with our Question of the Week. Hannah -   But if we think about the first type of communication that we humans have, so vocal intelligence reciprocal communication, is this possible with animals?

George -   Hello I'm George Cotcher-Riley from Wirral and my question for the Naked Scientists is, was prehistoric art like cave paintings only done in caves or is that the only place untouched enough for it to be preserved?
Information presented on this website is the opinion of the individual contributors and does not reflect the general views of the administrators, editors, moderators, sponsors, Cambridge University or the public at large. This week we explore the workings of the auditory system, discover the causes of deafness, hear how hearing aids work and probe the origins of tinnitus.
And in my day-job, I'm a hearing aid researcher and so, I decided to talk about hearing aids and here is someone who has just been fitted with hearing aids, talking about why they wanted them. Instead, the compressor circuit in the hearing aid makes the quiet bits louder, but leaves loud sounds untouched so the overall sound is a consistent volume. By blocking these cells from entering the affected area, the disease can be slowed down or even stopped entirely. In addition, they found that deleting the receptors for leukotriene B4 on the immune cells themselves had a similar effect. Unlike previous Martian meteorites, this one was watched as it fell and was recovered quickly for analysis before it could be significantly contaminated by material from Earth. Now researchers at the Harvard Medical Centre at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical centre in Boston may have found the source.
Paradoxically, this also has the side-effect of promoting the replication of SIV, causing accelerated loss of immune cells and accelerating the rate at which AIDS, when the immune system finally fails, sets in.
But these strategies, while often successful in the short term, are often blighted by relapse and the later return of the cancer. Using animals with the mouse equivalent of melanoma, the German team administered immune cells pre-programmed to attack the tumours. But just like in humans receiving these sorts of treatments, the animals usually later relapsed. When the onslaught was over, however, the cells re-upregulated their original markers and re-established the disease. So, the question is whether current planting strategies to source the seed material locally is actually the best strategy there is.
These are hardwood trees and there is a particularly interest to grow these trees for the timber industry; it was also THE tree in Europe which supports the highest biodiversity. It's a million trees in four locations and we work in one of them, so 250,000 of them and we looked at trees which come from 20 different locations in Europe as far away as Ireland and the west, Denmark in the north and Georgia and Turkey in the south. So second then was whether we can take the phenotypes of all the different rose parameters and the time when they come into bud and to leaf would determine the insect communities which are associated with them, and that seems to be true as well, in fact we can take a step out, we can take the climate variables from the places where these seeds came from and we can predict how different these insect communities might be. Using the telescope, the researchers were able to study the outer shell of dust and gas a star throws off in its later life, during a so-called ?thermal pulse?.
Peyman Adjamian researches tinnitus at the MRC Institute of Hearing Research in Nottingham.  So Peyman, what exactly causes tinnitus?
Future proofing might mean to go to areas where the range of the plant they are interested in which today experience a climate which we expect here in the future. On oak trees we would find across Europe possibly 700 different species of insects which is by far more than any other tree species that we have. Our colleagues at INRA look at every single tree and scored them for the time of the year when they come into leaf, they scored them for the growth, for the form they grow in, how many branches they have. The more complicated part of all this is to predict exactly how the communities differ and too possibly make a prediction about actual species of insects and whether they might become more or less abundant when they are feeding on these foreign povenors as we call them, oak trees.
The team unexpectedly found a spiral structure of dust and gas connecting the star to its shell, which allowed the team to find far out more about how the star behaved before, during and after the creation of the outer shell than they previously expected.

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