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Yes I have a couple of others dotted around too, think this one must be in a really sheltered spot as it always does much better than the rest, can't believe the flowers are opening already, usually springtime. Beautiful, have two but have never seen so many flowers on one bush before, mind you I do prune ours. Jiffy put a question on here on 31 Dec regarding nasty smelling V tinus hedge, turns out its this Viburnum beetle that eats the leaves which gives off this smell.
Non metto assolutamente in dubbio quello che dite e, quindi, da ora in poi so di avere un altro V. Io direi che a questo punto un quadro un po' piu ampio ce lo siamo fatti, non resta che vedere se e quando fiorira ma dal fogliame che vediamo adesso in foto, mi sento di poter dire che la tua pianta (quella della prima foto) sia un tinus.

Quelques exemples illustres de troenes et autres vegetaux pour bien comprendre l'importance d'une coupe reguliere et precoce. Ces jeunes Photinia n'ayant pas subi de taille de formation ne pourront jamais constituer une haie epaisse ; les rameaux seront trop peu nombreux. S'ils sont frequemment tailles depuis leur plus jeune age, des vegetaux vigoureux sont capables de former des haies denses, compactes. La reduction d'epaisseur d'une haie permet de mettre en evidence la succession des niveaux de coupe.
Le choix d'une essence a croissance lente et a petit developpement limite la necessite d'intervention.

D'un naturel tres aere, Abelia x grandiflora est capable de constituer une belle haie pour peu qu'il soit correctement forme et regulierement taille. Doesn't flower as prolifically, but makes up for it with lovely colour in the leaves.

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