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Great deals still availableThe sale is now over but we still have some great deals available on a select range of stock. Indian Summer White Crepe MyrtleFlowering in Summer the Crepe Myrtle is a great addition to any garden. Viburnum (Viburnum Tinus) is a delightful evergreen hedge with white flowers produced from late winter to early spring turning to dark berries in summer.  Viburnum hedging tolerates most soils although thrives in damp situations and suitable in a coastal situation. Our Viburnum hedging stocks are continually changing so please contact us for sizes and plants not listed here.

InformationHedge plants and shrubs can be bagged and despatched Nationwide by carrier and are supplied with planting instructions. Our plants are produced to the highest standard with emphasis on plant quality and root development. This commitment gives all our hedging plants, shrubs and trees a high survival rate and assists in establishment. However, should any complaint arise notification must be received within 7 days of receipt of goods.

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