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When I was a little girl I always thought the word “Hospitality” meant something about going to the hospital. Now, many years later, having many successful parties under my belt, I have taken the word “hospitality” out of my vocabulary I have come up with a new, better sounding term for festive and stress -free entertaining. I made the place cards simply by writing the names of my guests on card stock.  I used a magic marker around the edge to create the colorful border. Sign up to get my latest posts delivered to your inbox alongwith monthly insider tips, tricks and DIY inspiration. 25% Buyers Premium + 7.0% Sales Tax + Shipping and Handling will be added to final bid price.

My thoughts were re-enforced by the fact that every time my parents entertained, my mom got very uptight and sick with worry. It is a way of entertaining that doesn’t require anti-anxiety pills or hours of preparation – Just fun, simple, imaginative, yet elegant ways for having a good time with family and friends.
Now that I am older, I laugh at that childhood notion, but wonder why a lot of people hesitate to entertain and suspect that I wasn’t the only one who had those scary thoughts.
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