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I acquired a necklace with a tag that has a 4 point star in the middle of a capital C the top of the C curls in a little, above it is a sliver moon or crescent moon on the bottom outside the C is a round stamp but can't see what it is. There are many people who collect vintage jewelry from all eras, and I have to say it is a pretty addictive hobby.
Going online to look is a natural first choice for many, and you can get a good start on educating yourself simply by browsing around. There are many that sell vintage jewelry on the internet, but the multitude of choices can be overwhelming. As long as you do your research and make sure to buy from a reputable seller, buying online is a great way to add to your vintage collection.
In the modern tradition, the birthstone for March is the gorgeous Aquamarine (in the mystical tradition it’s Jade and in all others Bloodstone – more on those in separate posts). Aquamarine is a member of the Beryl family, which also includes Emeralds (green), Morganite (pink – purple), Heliodor (yellow), Goshenite (Clear) and Bixbite (red, very rare).
The word Aquamarine comes from the Latin aqua (water) and mare (sea) and it certainly is an apt description of the colors of these stones, which range from a pale light blue to deep greenish hues. The stones can come in huge sizes and it is not unusual to see large cut aquamarines of 40 – 50ct.
Aquamarines are said to protect seafarers, enhance communication, help you stick to your goals in life, become less self-centered, alleviate depression and anxiety, calm fears, promote tranquility and a light heart and boost creativity and intuition.
In addition to being the birthstone of March, it is the planetary stone for Pisces, the state gem for Colorado, the birthstone for October in the Roman, Hebrew and Arabic tradition, and the 19th wedding anniversary stone. I love aquamarine and always carry a small rondelle with me when I’m not wearing aquamarine jewelry – I find it calms and centers me, especially when I hold it in my hand. Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana recently revealed their new fine jewelry collection, and it is stunning. The new 80-piece collection is all handmade 18k gold – white, rose and yellow -embellished with rubies, sapphires, black jade and freshwater pearls.
The collection includes charm bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings, and is indeed loaded with imagery that is classic Italian, both religious and superstitious. Trees have held a special meaning for people since ancient times, and bringing evergreens indoors during winter is something that has long been practiced in many cultures. The Christmas tree as we know it is thought to have begun in the southern parts of 15th century Germany, where people brought fir trees indoors and decorated them with apples. There is also an interesting variation on the story on how the Christmas tree came to be: the story of St. Today, a Christmas tree is an essential part of the holiday in many countries across the world, even some that are not mainly Christian. Ducas started the company together with her husband John Ayton in 1991, and it became a huge success and recipient of many awards.
The Sweetie line consists mostly of bracelets (but there are also a few necklaces, earrings, ringsand a watch) and the signature look here is rings stacked to form a bracelet or as part of one. As you would assume, this line consists of friendship bracelets, made from sterling silver and threads in various colors.
This collection is made up of silver and gold “bubbles” and includes some really substantial bracelets, a few friendship ‘bubble bracelets” (my favorites), rings, earrings and necklaces. The Hope collection is designed to emulate stone shapes and includes earrings, rings, pendants, a charm, and bracelets. Camden is all about skulls – woven into bracelets, as pendants, charms and cufflinks.
The signature collection is one of the most understated and consists of charms, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and a ring in shiny silver with moonstones in gorgeous shades of orange and grey. Love note features hearts, hearts and more hearts in white, yellow and rose gold, and the charms have amethysts and amazonites.
As you would expect from a company that got started thanks to a pair of cufflinks, the men’s jewelry include a quite extensive cufflink collection in fun, unusual and manly designs such as skulls, moustaches, barbells, etc.
The Men’s collection also include several friendship bracelets, rings, necklaces, watches and accessories (wallets, collar bones, etc.). And last, but not least, there is of course their extensive collection of charms – which currently consists of around 350 designs. We are all trying to be good about recycling, re-using and upcycling these days, and some designers have taken this to new levels.
Chicago artist Betsy Treacy creates necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets from colorful vintage postage stamps from all over the world.
The husband and wife artist team behind The Cottage Path Boutique make beautiful bracelets from old silverplate spoons. Michigan-based Joy of Joy’s Jewels turns old typewriter keys (as well as old cash register and pay phone keys) into bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, watch bands and cufflinks.
These stunning pieces by award-winning Turkish architect Gulnur Ozdaglar are made from recycled PET bottles. Puffy (or puffed) hearts are also known as repousse hearts (more on that later) and first became popular in the late 1800s. Puffy hearts have hollow cores and are made either from two halves put together, or one piece of metal folded over. Victorian puffy hearts were mostly made from silver (or gold filled), sometimes with beaded edges, gypsy set (= flush with the surface of the charm) with precious, semi-precious or glass stones (cabochons or rose cut) vitreous enameled (the “lucky color” turquoise was especially popular and these gorgeous charms are some of my favorites), and often beautifully engraved. Hearts from the 1930s, 40s are usually silver (the other precious metals were used for products needed in the war), and in the 50s silver or gold. 30s-50s hearts are often more “puffy” than the Victorian ones, and have glass or rhinestones, either gypsy set or simply glued in, sometimes engravings (hand or machine), vitreous or cold enamel, and guilloche. The most prolific charm designer in the 40s and 50s was Walter Lampl, whose catalog at one point consisted of over 750 charms. You can also find reproduction puffy hearts from the 70s and on, made with old molds (or molds created from old charms, or just plain copies) but these have little or no value from a collector’s standpoint (yet…). Also, if you are buying an entire assembled vintage charm bracelet, be sure to inspect each charm, as well as the chain, closely.
Vintage fashion jewelry (also known as costume jewellery) pieces have become increasingly popular collectors’ items over the past few years.
For those who are just starting out collecting, the safest bet is to go with signed items (at least for pricier pieces). The best way to learn to recognize vintage designer jewelry is to study designs online, in museums, and in books.
Once you start exploring the world of vintage fashion jewelry, you will come across certain terms again and again, and it is good to know what they mean. Bakelite – a type of moldable but sturdy plastic (made from formaldehyde and carbolic acid)invented by Dr. Having said that, I would like to mention that an inexpensive piece presented to you as designer vintage costume jewelry does not necessarily have to be a fake. Always make sure to examine each piece closely (with a magnifying glass) and be on the lookout for cracks, scratches, missing pieces, fading, and obvious repairs. When wearing your vintage jewelry, be careful with it and avoid it coming in contact with lotions, hair spray, soap, perfume, etc. Some good sources for finding vintage jewellery include antique and consignment stores, flea markets, estate sales, auctions, yard sales, online, and older relatives’ attics.

You may find a vintage piece you love to wear just the way it is, but you may also find jewelry you only like certain elements of. Perfect examples of this are the stunning vintage cluster earring bracelets from Auckland-based designer DotStitch. She also makes rings and necklaces, and I asked her how she came up with the idea for the bracelets and where she finds her supplies. At the time I only had about 30 or 40 vintage earrings that came from my Mother’s costume jewelry collection and various charity shops. Another great example is the charm bracelets by Michigan artist Pamela Ball of Curly Girl Boutique. If your going all vintage, you need to find a chain of some sort, vintage jewelry findings (a clasp, head pins and jump rings), and trinkets to use as charms.
Once you have all your components, lay out the chain and position the charms along it (do not attach them yet). For more detailed instructions on tools and how to attach charms, see my “Putting together a traditional charm bracelet” and Make a charm bracelet from silver rings posts. In the beginning, it was used for magical protection, good luck, and warding off evils, but also for aesthetic purposes – we humans have been vain since the dawn of time! For those just starting out (or even just shopping for a single piece), knowing where to begin can be tough. Vintage jewelry is hugely popular both among collectors and “regular shoppers” and there are plenty of forums online where you can learn a lot just from reading old threads, and of course also ask questions.
There are many fakes and “faux vintage” pieces out there, and sometimes not even the seller knows if what they have is the real deal or not. If you find a piece of jewelry you want to buy but are unsure about when it comes to authenticity, ask in a forum.
That way you are protected and there is a record of the transaction (and your money can be refunded). And if you happen to end up with a fake piece that the seller refuses to take back, consider it a learning experience (as long as you didn’t pay a ton of money for it – in that case I would suggest contacting a lawyer).
Pure beryl has no color – these stones get their different hues from impurities, and in the case of Aquamarine it comes from iron. They are fairly abundant and are mainly mined in Brazil, but also in Madagascar, India, Nigeria, Russia, China and the US.
Handmade sterling silver and aquamarine Tree of Life pendant by Florida-based artist Miss M. We have seen charms from Dolce & Gabbana many times before, not least in this amazing wool clutch, but nothing quite like this.
The designers say they were inspired by their heritage, and Sicily in particular (one of the lines in the new collection is even called “Sicily”), and wanted to create jewelry that had the look and feel of heirlooms that have been passed down for generations. There are both gold and handpainted ceramic charms with pictures of the Madonna, bejeweled crosses, charm necklaces that resemble rosaries, as well as hearts, beautiful filigree, and lots of good luck charms such as horseshoes, four leaf clovers, cornicellos, etc.
The trees were an important part of the Winter Solstice celebration, and they were believed to keep evil spirits away (who were supposed to be particularly active on Christmas eve). They certainly add an unmatched coziness to the celebrations, and every time I walk into a home with a decorated and lit Christmas tree, I feel like a child again – that happy excitement and expectation you always had for weeks (or even months) leading up to the big event. The company got started on what can best be described as a whim: in 1990, founder Annoushka Ducas designed some fish-shaped cuff links to be given as Christmas presents to the top customers of her Mothers’ fish business. In 2006, the couple sold Links of London for ?50 million to Greek jewelry company Folli Follie, and in 2009, Annoushka Ducas started a new jewelry business – “Annoushka”. There are single and double-wrap versions, most have silver “pins”, some have other silver designs like hearts, strawberries, and a tad startling, skulls. The bracelets are made from different colored cords with a single sterling silver bead in various shapes (water drop, dove, heart, etc.), each supporting a different hunger-fighting program through the FEED foundation.
The moustache cufflinks were created specifically for “Movember” – a yearly worldwide charity event that help raise money for research specific to men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, etc.
The charms are made from sterling silver and 18k gold, many are enameled, some have precious stones (diamonds, topaz, sapphires, etc.) and the designs range from cheeky to chic.
Gulnur started making jewelry (and home decor items) from PET bottles in 2008, and her aim was to create beautiful objects from discarded products, thereby encouraging others to do the same. They stayed in vogue until around 1910 when for some reason they lost their popularity, only to re-gain it in the 1930s – 1950s.
They are priced accordingly, and you can expect to pay quite a bit for a pristine Victorian heart charm or an enameled heart from the 1940s in perfect condition. The designs are either repousse (aka repoussage – a technique where the design has been hammered into the metal on the reverse, the side that eventually ends up as the interior of the heart, and shows up in relief on the front) or chasing (the design is impressed into the front of the heart, creating depressions). They were hung on rigid bangles or substantial link chains with adorable heart and key padlock clasps. They are most often hung on chain bracelets (thinner than the Victorian ones), sometimes with heart padlocks, sometimes with other clasps. This term is often used as a name for a certain style of enamel, but it is in fact the name of the process itself, and describes a pattern or design machine-carved into the metal (and then covered with enamel). The charms came in huge variety of designs and were made from sterling silver and 14k gold, often set with pearls, precious and semi-precious stones.
If you see WL in a shield (or the more obvious WALTER LAMPL, or LAMPL), you’re looking at a Walter Lampl charm. Puffy hearts are wonderful little pieces of art, and the more you educate yourself, the more likely you are to end up with a true vintage treasure. It is easy to see why – there is a huge variety of styles to choose from, many are quite affordable, and it’s a collection you can wear and enjoy every day. There is lots of gorgeous unsigned vintage designer fashion jewelry on the market (many pieces are even made by the most well-known and collectible designers), and they can often turn out to be your most valuable finds, but until you have developed an eye for a designer’s style and know that what you are looking at is in fact an unsigned designer piece, investing a lot of money in it can be risky (this advice can obviously be ignored if you have completely fallen in love with the item and don’t care if it’s the real deal or not!). Also make sure to visit antique and vintage shops (ideally ones that specialize in vintage fashion jewelry) and ask questions about the pieces. With the vast amount of vintage fashion jewelry on the internet, it is tempting (and easy) to buy online.
Many stunning pieces are surprisingly affordable, especially those that were mass-produced. Even if you don’t want to turn into a full-blown collector, it is a lot of fun browsing for it, testing your knowledge and see if you can pick out a certain designer’s work, and finding a gorgeous item to be enjoyed for decades. Prices vary widely; you can find old buttons for pennies and end up spending thousands of dollars for designer vintage fashion jewelry. Or you may find you want to use old pieces in a new way – for example, old sparkly earrings can be re-made into pendants, vintage buttons and beads can become charms, antique watch faces can be hooked together into a bracelet.
I have always loved vintage and antique costume jewelry and I was first inspired to make something using these pieces by the gorgeous statement necklaces I had seen that used vintage components. The chain does not necessarily have to be an old bracelet – it can be a necklace, fob or pocket watch chain, anything you find and like.
If you’re like me, you’re probably always keeping an eye out for pieces that can be used as charms, and it really is an ongoing process. I was told that there were a couple of missing pearls and she added rhinestones in their place. Considering how long jewelry has been around and the popularity it has enjoyed through the centuries, there is plenty of it on the market (although you won’t find any 75,000 year old beads on eBay…).

If the seller won’t accept either of these payment methods, I would not do business with them.
Greenish-blue ones with lots of inclusions are at the lowest end of the price scale, while clear (no inclusions), intensely sky and dark blue stones usually fetch the highest prices. It is also believed to help with the immune system (allergies), the thymus gland, spleen, heart, throat, lymph nodes, eye inflammation, arthritis, and varicose veins. Italian supermodel Bianca Balti stars in the sultry ad campaign, and the pieces will retail for just under $1,000 to around $25,000.
Apples later turned into ornaments, and Martin Luther (the Protestant reformer) is credited with contributing the tradition of adding lights. St Boniface was Christian missionary in Germany in the 600-700s, everyone agrees to that, but the thoughts on his impact on the Christmas tree tradition varies.
After the holidays, she still had a number of them left, so she went into the luxury London department store Harvey Nichols and asked if they would be interested in selling them.
One really fun one that caught my attention is the Wimbledon Tennis Ball Friendship bracelet, which is made from tiny silver tennis balls woven together by thread in that neon yellow-greenish color of tennis balls.
Unfortunately, there are many fakes out there, some so good that there are times when even the experts are fooled, so if you are shopping for a vintage puffy heart bracelet, it pays to do a little bit of reading and research first. Puffy heart locket charms (and pendants) were also very popular, and held pictures or a piece of hair. It is important to understand this distinction, because you will see many painted and enameled charms erroneously described as guilloche.
There is nothing wrong with that of course, as long as the seller is up front about it, and you don’t pay premium price for something that is misrepresented to you. But beware – there are lots of fakes out there, and many are even stamped with the supposed designer’s name. Clean it with a soft cloth and use a q-tip or very soft toothbrush to get dirt out of hard to reach places. Stores and flea market vendors mark their products up, and at auctions, prices can escalate quickly as the bidding begins. We are all trying to be good about recycling, re-using and upcycling these days, and it’s not only fun to create jewelry this way, but also a great way to give old, forgotten pieces new life. Then one Saturday I went to an artisan market and a lady was selling cute button bracelets using a bracelet base and stacks of buttons and beads.
You know the little feeling of excitement you get when you create something that you know is right?
I have already had several commissions for wedding jewelry and more recently a lady has asked me to make a bracelet out of a special pair of her Mother’s earrings that her Mom used to wear when she went dancing with her Dad. The clasp can also come from any type of old jewelry piece, as long as it hooks together somehow. Say you want to create a blue and silver charm bracelet – in my case, I would dig through my collected trinkets to see what I have that would work, and then supplement them with new (vintage) purchases.
Or, if you prefer items that attach with a lobster clasp, Thomas Sabo charm style, put a small clasp on each charm and then attach them to the bracelet (make sure the chain you have works for this before you start though – the chain openings can’t be too narrow). Learn about materials, marks, signed and unsigned pieces, telltale signs, common fakes, etc.
Are the photos on their site clear and crisp, and are there closeups of each part of the piece (including hallmarks)? Having said that, beryl sometimes have inclusions that produce rare asterism (star) and cat’s eye effects, and aquamarines with either of those can be quite costly.
The custom spread through Europe, but did not reach the US until the early 1800s, and even then, many here regarded them as pagan symbols. Some say he cut down fir trees in the woods of Thuringen and used their triangular shape to demonstrate the trinity, and the people in the area started bringing the trees indoors, although they hung them upside down from the ceiling. They said yes, but only if she designed an entire collection, and Links of London was born. If they don’t have that machine-cut pattern underneath the enameling, they are NOT guilloche. Each charm features a guilloche background, enamel, a painted flower and the birthstone of the month set above the flower. When starting out, I recommend buying pieces in person rather than online, Find a reputable, well-renowned dealer in your area (and in places you are traveling to – do your research well ahead of time).
Store the pieces in jewelry boxes (one item per box, unless you have set, in which case I prefer to keep them together) lined with acid-free paper. At a yard sale on the other hand, the seller wants to get rid of the stuff and not have to pack it up again at the end of the day, and if you arrive close to the end of the sale, you may be able to negotiate even better prices (although you also risk missing something that sold earlier in the day).
Or, maybe you find that you have 4 equestrian-related pieces that can be re-worked into charms, and decide to do an entire horse-inspired bracelet with those pieces as your starting point.
Using vintage US coins, she sands one side, create designs by hammering and forging, and shapes the coin into a dome. The machines used for this type of carving are not made anymore, and you won’t find any guilloche charms produced today. The Lampl Company also made amazing movable charms, and the charm bracelets celebrities were given at the end of each episode of “This is your life”.
Buying “live” gives you a chance to closely inspect each item, and learn more about it from the seller.
Prong-set stones are preferable to glued, because the glue can dry over time, causing the stones to come lose. It took several tries before I got the technique right, so that the earrings were not damaged and sat flat on the base and that the bracelets were robust. If you don’t have jewelry boxes full of charms already, start searching for items that would be perfect for the bracelet. If the seller doesn’t get back to you, or doesn’t answer your questions directly, it is best to stay away. Boniface returned to Germany after an absence, he found that the locals had revered to their pagan winter celebrations, which included the sacrifice of a young man under Odin’s oak tree.
Enraged, he cut down the oak with a single blow of an axe, which impressed and scared the people. She creates charm bracelets (both loaded and with just one charm), bracelets without charms, necklaces, earrings, pendants, and key rings. As the oak fell, it had narrowly missed a small fir tree, and when the frightened people asked St.
Victorian ones are crisper, more detailed and deeper than those from the 40s, and modern day reproductions are even less so.
Boniface how they should celebrate, he pointed to the fir and told them to bring such a tree, which symbolized immortality and peace, into their homes.
Also, many contemporary charms are treated with chemicals to give them that vintage tarnished look. This is not a foolproof method however, since you can also tarnish silver with the help of eggs (thanks to the sulphur), which leaves no residue.

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