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Vintage jewelry in Toronto can be difficult to come across, but once found, it can put a classic - or if you prefer, quirky - touch to any contemporary look unmatched by modern designs. If competitive eBay bidding or hours of scouring in grimy markets cramps your style, here's where to find vintage jewelry in Toronto. Boasting amazing customer service parallel to personal shopping, Cynthia Findlay's beautiful antiques are backed up by her extensive knowledge on every piece in the shop. Van Rijk Jewellers has been a known buyer, seller, and trader of high quality estate jewelry for over 25 years.
Unlike other vintage clothing boutiques in the same 'hood, Magwood on Dundas West carries a copious amount of both fine and costume jewelry, all of which is handpicked by owner Sarah Magwood. Courage My Love is one of those stores in Kensington Market with a dark atmosphere that's much less Hollister and much more bohemian. Located in Leslieville, Gadabout is an attic-like space, famous for having so many doodads to spend hours looking at. Primarily a vintage boutique that specializes in designer clothing, I Miss You's jewelry collection is often overlooked when trying to compete with the plethora of Chanel dresses stealing the spotlight. Pete, I sincerely hope you don't come on BlogTO for their attention to detail when it comes to proper grammar. BlogTO's incompetence with grammar and spelling is getting so distracting that it's keeping me away from the site. We have a large selection of Vintage, Antique and New costume jewellery, Sterling Silver jewellery and Estate gold and diamond jewellery.
We are located at 676 Yonge Street, South of Bloor at Isabella Street on the west side of the Street.
The other great store in Cabbagetown is Eclectisaurus on Gerrard - 1 street west of Parliament. If you have Questions about Antique Jewelry I have over 40 Years experience, and have served the Los Angeles region, I am now here in Toronto.

Our product range includes Polki, Kundan, Victorian, Gold Plated, Designer, Party Wear, Bollywood jewelry.
All the tables have a board on spyro's adventure pack darklight crypt them, the toys come to virtual life! Same spyro's adventure pack darklight crypt moves, actually; he plays exactly the same stats aand apopear the same in this game. If you are looking to biu some jewelry, here is the place that has all the greatfashion Jewelry to buy! Any thing antique or vintage always excites me and when it comes to jewelry my happiness knows no bound. Vintage Artificial Gold Plated Drop Dangle Chumka Earrings ****EXCLUSIVE to Etsy**** THESE ARE NOT REAL GOLD! There's just something about being adorned by an era much before our own that puts value into these little trinklets. While she carries other items including home decor, smoking paraphernalia, and ink wells, she is best known for her large selection of meticulously crafted antique engagement rings. Their showroom is located at Yonge and Eglinton, and displays their full collection of vintage pieces, containing elegant diamond rings of the Georgian era and Victorian pocket watches among many others. Not one for dainty or simple jewelry, every piece in her selection - including triple-strand necklaces, drop earrings and enormous cocktail rings - is loud and eye catching. Consequently, the jewelry found amidst their collection of vintage clothing includes all things Navajo and enough semi-precious stone rings to decorate every one of your fingers. The glass case, doubling as the cashier area, is filled with costume jewelry and an impressive assortment of fine jewelry, including detailed jade bracelets to die for.
Every clothing article and bag displayed is exquisite, in perfect condition, and obviously at a much higher price point.
I admit that it's a little run down and all over the place (being a shop that sells everything from furniture and home decor to costume jewelry for any and all budgets) but it's worth taking a gander because the jewelry is always intriguing and oftentimes really affordable.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you our store Reflections Vintage & Antiques.
Vintage jewellery is our passion; helping people find their perfect engagement ring brings us happiness.
We cater to wholesalers and retailers in India, USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, Australia, Europe and Middle East. We have an ever increasing collection of Earrings, Bridal Jewelry, Bangles, Kadas, Necklace Sets etc. Infact in jewelry stores like these, I feel like a kid lost in candy store.I am definitely going to visit each one of them! When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated. Anything from extravagant costume jewelry to antique engagement rings to Art Deco pieces can be found in antique, vintage, and consignment stores all over Toronto. So helpful and patient as ring-after-ring was tried on and then discarded only to be tried on again 10 minutes later!
I know it has been handed down through 3 or 4 generations in my family' The white cameo setting is on rectangular green jade. Visit if you've got money to blow, and otherwise beware of the temptation I promise you'll feel to blow money you don't have.
Though I have researched and found many pieces of Wedgewood I have not been able to reference this particular piece leading me to think it is quite rare.

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