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Writing is thought to be a solitary enterprise: Picture Ernest Hemingway, sleeves rolled up, banging out manly sentences at his desk against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains. In this occasional series, Collaborators, we'll talk to writers about projects they tackled with a partner.This one started in Philadelphia. Ulin (whom Times readers will recognize as our former book critic) was an editor at the alternative weekly the Los Angeles Reader.
The story of earthquake scientist Charlie Richter and the Hollywood players who want to maximize his earthquake predictions - including his attractive neighbor, Grace - is part satire, part screwball comedy and part social novel.
We were hoping that the Reader was going to allow us to present it as though it were the truth.

We were going to do three big cover story installments, and everything else would be 900 to 1,000 words, a weekly column but as a work of fiction. Each of us would write a draft of a chapter, then we would edit and work back and forth, and that would sort of take the heat off. If I hit a wall, or wrote myself into a corner, I could call up Paul and say, I don't know what to do with this. We would throw out a couple of suggestions, and maybe they would work or maybe they wouldn't, but they would trigger something. He wrote that daily for a newspaper, weaving things into the fiction that were speaking to the moment.

In terms of thinking about a serialized novel in a newspaper, that was one of the charms of doing the project. I liked the idea of the serial novel as social novel in the sense that it reflected life in the city.

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