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The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments?
Intravenous Micronutrient therapy is extremely powerful due to the ability to administer exactly what your body needs straight into your bloodstream.
IV Micronutrient therapy begins with a consult and testing to determine exactly what your body needs to achieve optimal health.
Houston Wellness Clinic believes very strongly in the proven results IV Therapy has shown in patients. An increase in cancer patients continues to rise, taking the second spot on the leading causes of death in the U.S.
Chelation is a very specific type of IV Therapy used primarily for the removal of heavy metals from the body including the most prominent; iron, lead, mercury, cadmium, and zinc. Poly MVA is an alternative protocol management for cancer either by itself or alongside traditional cancer therapy.
The Meyer's Cocktail is a nutrient based protocol that replenishes the body with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
If we fill our hours with regrets of yesterday and with worries of tomorrow, we have no today in which to enjoy our existence. One of the primary methods it is used for is to administer medication which results in a faster absorption and many times, better outcomes compared to traditional ingestion.

Not only are the nutrients absorbed more quickly but also they do not have to be broken down in the stomach or liver therefore your body can handle a much more potent and effective dose. From there, a management plan is constructed individually and administered by professionals trained specifically in this field. In summary, it works by administering a man-made chelation ingredient called EDTA as well as potent vitamins and minerals through the vein. This complex, antioxidant-rich formula includes; minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, among other ingredients. Mainly used as an energy booster, this intravenous management can safely deliver very high doses of nutrients that could otherwise not be absorbed by the body. In contrast, extremely high doses of many vitamins through oral ingestion are not safe because the liver and stomach have to break them down which can cause diarrhea and gastrointestinal symptoms.
This management is so unique because the doctor can mix together the appropriate ingredients based on exactly what each body needs to heal itself. EDTA bonds with heavy metals forming a compound that goes through the kidney and is excreted through the urine therefore removing the harmful metal.
One of Hydrogen Peroxide's best attributes is the ability to restore the body by increasing tissue oxygen levels. In essence, Poly MVA strengthens the body at a cellular level by supporting cellular energy production as well as protecting DNA and RNA.

However, by administering these high doses of nutrients by IV, causes it to go straight into the bloodstream, therefore the liver and stomach are not negatively affected. Using this specialized management allows the clinic to help patients reach the path of optimal health.
One of the managements getting a great amount of attention is IV therapy using extremely high doses Vitamin C. However, new studies reveal this exciting therapy may help many more conditions specifically vascular disease.
Supplying your body with Hydrogen Peroxide Intravenously can help a huge list of conditions including; Pulmonary Diseases, Acute Infections, Vascular Diseases, Immune Disorders, Infectious Diseases, and various other ailments. Furthermore, due to the natural, unaltered nutrients and the method of delivery, very minimal or zero side affects occur. Allibone has seen amazing results by using natural means and has successfully managed many patients who were thought to be incurable according to traditional medicine. This potent vitamin kills the cancer cells but does absolutely no harm to healthy cells in the body.

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